Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 858

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These results were there for all to see. The audience were all proud of the three of them. The
competition trophies are mailed directly to their homes.

Melissa quit as soon as the results were announced. Then her phone rang; Marion was calling.

&34;This time I actually lost to you again, but I am convinced that I lost,&34; Marion teased.

Melissa heard this, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. &34;Your recent operations have
also improved by leaps and bounds. It seems that you have accelerated training a lot. Do you want to
beat me that much?&34;

Marion on the other end of the phone couldn&39;t help laughing, “Among so many hackers, it is estimated
that everyone&39;s common desire is to win you.”

Melissa was kind of surprised that everyone rated her so highly. The competition felt to her as
something she would successfully handle on any given day. Anthony came into the study and Melissa
turned on the loudspeaker.

&34;Congratulations, congratulations, Marion, it&39;s still a solo match with you. I&39;m very happy. I know where
my skills are different from yours. I&39;ll practice more in the future,” Anthony said, smiling.

The three of them spoke like old friends reunited after a long absence, although they had never met.
They only knew each other from the few times they had messaged themselves online. After the
competition, Anthony announced his desire to return home.

After all, his mission to come here has been completed, and there was no need to continue his stay.

Melissa offered him a driver to take him to the airport and was going to send for Jill, but Jill was not

&34;If you don&39;t mind waiting, she&39;ll be here in a while,&34; Melissa offered, ending her call with Jill.

Anthony waved his hand, &34;Forget it, Melissa. I don&39;t want her to wander with me. She is made for a
stable life. This kind of life of mine is not suitable for her.&34;

Only two people who trust and care for each other will think about each other&39;s future, Melissa thought
to herself.

Melissa didn&39;t know how to persuade him anymore, so she could only watch him leave.

The driver took Anthony to the airport. He looked at the blue sky and white clouds, and his heart was
filled with sadness. Anthony took a deep sigh and made to walk inside when a familiar voice stopped
him in his tracks.

&34;You&39;re standing, did you forget something?&34;

A voice came from behind him, causing Anthony to turn back suddenly, and saw Jill holding the
suitcase and glaring at him. At this moment, Anthony suddenly laughed, and his cute dimples were

&34;Why did you come here? This is not the place you would want to stay.&34;

Jill ran towards him with the suitcase in hand. “My life has always been smooth and it has never been
so intense. I don&39;t want to go on living a dull life. I finally met the person who looked right at me, and I
don&39;t want him to leave me alone.&34;

This is the first time that Jill had been brave enough to express her feelings.

&34;Don&39;t you regret it?&34;

Jill shook her head violently “I wouldn&39;t have come here if I regretted it.&34;

The two held each other tightly, and at this moment they seemed to have forgotten everything else;
identity, status, and power.

The only thing that mattered was how they held each other and stared affectionately into each other&39;s

Melissa received a text message from Jill, and when she saw the photo of the two of them, a smile
crossed her lips. It gladdened her heart. Her mind drifted to Jill&39;s flower shop which Melissa had been
helping her look after.

Walking out of her room, Melissa only felt that Emma Bruzik was empty, and it seemed that a lot of
things were missing, not even the laughter that once rippled through the room. Murray walked in
through the door holding a large bouquet and looked at her affectionately.

&34;Congratulations on your win,” Murray said.

Melissa hummed softly and walked straight past him.

&34;I don&39;t need your congratulations.&34; With that said, Melissa got into the car and drove away. Murray was
not in a hurry, so he got in his car and went after her.

Melissa stopped at the entrance of a school, and two rows of people stood at the entrance of the
school to greet her.

&34;You&39;re finally here. This time, you have to help us preside over this sports meeting,&34; The Headmaster
stepped forward and said, holding Melissa&39;s hand tightly.

&34;You are the principal of this school. The Games should find people with high morals. I don’t I am
suitable,” Melissa said, shying away from the responsibility.

&34;When this school was about to go bankrupt, it was you that gave us an idea that saved us from closing
down. You have always been the one carrying this school on your back but you are low- key and never
want to reveal it.”

The principal was right. This school had a very high rating in the city and was one of the top three
schools in the country. When the school was about to go bankrupt, Melissa had bought it and sinisterly
controlled the entire school, otherwise, it would not have gone from a mediocre elementary school to
the top three in the city today. That was no small achievement, and Melissa always kept it under wraps.

&34;There is a person who is more suitable to be the host of these games,&34; Melissa suggested.

&34;Who is it?&34; The principal quickly asked.

Melissa looked behind him, a sports car parked in front of the school and she knew it was Murray. So
she pointed in his direction

&34;There he is!&34;

When the principal saw who she was pointing at, he immediately ran over with his crowd towards
Murray. Melissa just giggled and continued walking.

Murray stared blankly at those people around him. &34;What&39;s going on?&34;

&34;Our principal asked you to be the host.&34; The man pointed to Melissa. Murray understood it
immediately, so he could only quickly agree.

Melissa was placed in the VIP room and watched the games on the screen. While Murray was out in
the scorching sun and was forced to preside over the Games. He felt uncomfortable, but he didn&39;t dare
to speak out for fear that Melissa would not be happy.

As the heat was not enough, those students that had heard of

Murray&39;s reputation were very happy to see him. A bunch of little girls gathered around Murray.

&34;Are you Mr. Gibson of the Gibson Corporation Group? Why did you come to our school?&34;

Murray glanced at the camera and replied calmly, &34;It&39;s because my wife is the owner of the school.&34;

They all knew the relationship between the two of them. They were all amazed.

&34;Then you came to be the host, also arranged by Melissa?&34; One of the children continued to ask.

&34;Of course.&34;

The little girls chattered happily among themselves. While Murray looked at the camera affectionately,
&34;Wife, can you forgive me?”

Melissa saw this in the viewing room, and she couldn&39;t help but gasp. Then Murray was taken into the
viewing room.

&34;Why did you come here when the Games aren&39;t over?” Melissa asked immediately.

The principal next to him said, “It&39;s over, you don&39;t have to worry.&34;

Melissa nodded slowly upon hearing this, before turning to Murray.

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