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Chapter 847

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You are not qualified to drive me away

“Tom, my stomach hurts again!” Nina exclaimed.

She hunched over her, holding her stomach in pain.

Tom squatted down and asked, “Is the pain so bad? Just bear with me, shall I go to the nurse?”

At this time, Nina’s forehead was covered with thin sweat, her breathing was rapid, and she labored to
respond. “Yes, please,” she managed to say.

Immediately Tom hurriedly called the nurse over.

The nurse briefly checked Nina’s condition and found that her uterine contractions were severe, and
immediately took her to be checked.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, Nina was currently showing signs of premature birth, but because the
fetus was only six months old, the doctor recommended hospitalization for observation.

During this time, Tom became very busy, first helping Nina go through the hospitalization procedures,
and then accompanying her into the ward.

Considering that Nina is emotionally unstable now, he took out his savings and put her in an advanced
care ward.

After settling in, Nina’s contractions eased, and the analgesia disappeared temporarily.

But according to the doctor’s advice, the child may be born prematurely at any time, and she must stay
in the hospital until the delivery.

“I’m sorry Tom, I’ve troubled you again…” Nina apologized and motioned to the cabinet beside the
hospital bed. “Help me get the leather bag.”

She explained to Tom, “I will give you the card. You go to the ATM and take out what I need. I know that
hospitalization will cost a lot of money.”

But Tom refused, with a bit of anger in his words. “I also have savings myself, and I don’t need to
withdraw your money. Can you not believe in me?”


Nina showed embarrassment.

She understood Tom has no obligation to take care of her and therefore did not want him to pay for her
medical bills.

“Okay, let’s not worry about money. Besides, I’m willing to spend money for you.”

Tom interrupted Nina’s words, took her hand, and comforted her. “You just rest and not worry. You must
get better for the baby.”

“Well, when the child is born, I will return the money to you.”

Nina responded quietly, loneliness and helplessness lingering in her heart.

Despite having Tom by her side, Nina’s heart started to churn at the thought of his child’s father being
Harley. It caused her to go into a restless sleep.

In the morning, Tom was by her side as he had slept on the sofa the entire night.

“Good morning, Nina!”

His smile was clear and warm, and he asked pleasantly, “What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you
right away.”

This excessive care made Nina often feel uncomfortable. She bit her lips lightly, and after thinking
about it, she replied: “Oatmeal is fine, I want to eat something light.”

“No problem! Then I’ll go get you water and wash your face first.”

Doctors did not advise Nina to get out of bed and move around, so Tom had to be there to take care of

Not long after, Tom returned to the ward with a hot bowl of oatmeal.

Although Nina only wanted to eat oatmeal, he still bought fruit and some breakfast sausage. Tom knew
she needed more nutrients that the oatmeal could not provide.

While Nina was eating, Tom and Nina overheard a commotion from outside of Nina’s room. Tom
ignored it while he fed prepared another spoonful of oatmeal for Nina.

“Nina! I finally found you!”

Before Nina could eat, Harley suddenly barged in.

Nina, shocked, stared at Harley while Tom glared at him in disgust.

Harley, who saw Tom feeding Nina, yelled, “Who are you? Stay away from her!”

Harley guessed that this man was Nina’s ex-boyfriend, and intense anger and shame took over him.

“Nina is my fiancée. Now leave!”

Harley rushed forward to go sit by Nina’s side but he was stopped by Tom.

“Nina wants nothing to do with you. Why don’t you understand that? Stop pestering her,” Tom firmly
stated as he loomed over Harley. His tall frame was like a wall, blocking him from Nina.

He gritted his teeth and waved his fist to warn. “We haven’t broken up yet. She is still my fiancée, and
she is also carrying my child in her belly. If you don’t get out, I’ll throw you out myself.”

Hearing Harley’s stern words, Tom scoffed and said, “You talk about her like she’s an object and not
someone you love.”

Tom pushed Harley back toward the door.

Tom sneered and angrily scolded him, “Nina was forced away by your mother and your cheating ways.
Now there are other women living in your home. You’re ridiculous. Do you even hear yourself? You are
not qualified to drive me away, the one who should get out of the ward is you!”

Nina didn’t have the heart to eat breakfast anymore. The appearance of Harley made her gloomy mood
even worse.

Nina’s breathing became urgent again, she stared at Harley coldly, and said, “You go! I don’t want to
see you!” These were the first words Nina had said to him in days.

Harley suddenly couldn’t hold back his rage. He pushed Tom away suddenly and approached angrily.
“Are you serious right now Nina? You’re leaving me for this guy?” Harley demanded to know.

This stopped Nina, she didn’t know how to explain to Harley and didn’t want to tell him that she was
only temporarily taken in by Tom. In order to maintain her self-esteem, Nina said, “I don’t need to
explain to you what our relationship is, but you and I have been strangers since the day I left your

“You’re going to treat me like a stranger?! After everything?” Harley said before laughing bitterly. “What
about the child in your belly? Is it even mine?”

Even though Harley didn’t promise his mother to marry Sylvia,

Carlee’s idea that the child may not be his took root in his mind since he left to find Nina.

Hearing this question, Nina laughed. She laughed at the absurdity of the situation. Harley was the one
cheating. It turned out that Harley was truly as awful as his mother. He believed she tried to use him to
find a father for the child in her womb and yet, she wanted nothing to do with him. Harley was crazy.

“Well you tell me. Is my baby yours? Or is it not? Is Sylvia’s baby yours? Hmm? You tell me.”

Nina’s voice was particularly stubborn, and she gave an ambiguous answer.

Harley was also stunned for a while and was extremely annoyed by Nina’s vague response.

Tom attempted to remove Harley but Harley caught him off guard, kicking Tom harshly and pummeling
him to the ground.

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