Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 846

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Let it be

Harley didn’t want to believe the truth. He grabbed the phone and stared at the two people in the photo,
“Impossible! It’s impossible!”

Seeing Tom wrapping around Nina’s waist and holding her arm tightly, their demeanor was so intimate
that they looked like a loving couple.

Harley’s eyes were dark and sullen, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Seeing his emotions, Sylvia smiled smugly and couldn’t help but fan the flames of Harley’s anger.

“Forget her. Nina is not worth your sadness. Now that she is with another man, she doesn’t even care
about you.”

This sentence deeply bothered Harley. His breathing became more rapid, and his fists clenched

At this time, he was very conflicted. On one hand, he could not accept that Nina and Tom were
together, and on the other hand, he was full of self-blame and remorse.

If it weren’t for that drunken sex, it wouldn’t have even gotten to this point.

Harley gritted his teeth, returned the phone to Sylvia, and said, “I want to be alone.”


Sylvia whispered his name softly.

“Don’t talk, I need quiet.”

Harley went back to his bedroom with a gloomy face.

Watching his lonely back drift away, Sylvia achieved her goal, and naturally, she was not in a hurry to
catch up.

At this moment, Carlee walked in and saw Sylvia sitting by the bed in a daze. She frowned and asked,
“Did you two get into a fight? Just now I saw that Harley seemed very unhappy.”

“No, it’s not me who upset Harley,” Sylvia explained innocently.

Hearing the sound, Carlee’s expression became even more confused. “What’s the matter?”

Sylvia got up and went to Carlee to show the picture on her phone.

“I was looking at my phone just now, and I came across a photo of Nina and a man on the Internet. It
happened that Harley came in and saw it.”

Carlee was surprised to hear Sylvia say that.

She widened her eyes and hurriedly reached out her hand. “Really? Show me!”

Anyway, Sylvia didn’t think it was a big deal. She pretended hesitantly and asked, “Mrs. Timothy, do
you really want to watch it? I’m afraid it will affect your mood.”

Carlee nodded and said solemnly, “I need to see this since Nina and Harley have not properly broken

Seeing her firm attitude, Sylvia handed over the phone.

Carlee looked down and saw that the pregnant woman in the photo was indeed Nina.

As for the man guarding the side, he was very unfamiliar, but the two were of the same age and their
manners were so close. If there was no relationship between men and women, I’m afraid ghosts
wouldn’t believe it.

After seeing the photo, Carlee’s color also sank, and she hissed, “I knew Nina was not good enough for
Harley and I was right!”

Seeing the anger on Carlee’s face, Sylvia hurriedly stood up and persuaded, “Mrs. Timothy, don’t get
too worked up. She’s not worth it.”

“How can I not? She’s a disgrace to our family!”

Carlee shook off Sylvia’s hand and angrily took her phone to find Harley.

Carlee slammed the door open and saw Harley sitting on the chair with his head down.

“Harley, now you know where Nina is. Do you still need to worry about this kind of woman in the

Carlee once again raised the photo to Harley’s eyes.

Now Harley is upset, he turned to face the wall, and responded, “Mom, don’t worry about my business!”

“How can you say this?!”

Carlee’s voice was like a volcanic eruption, standing beside Harley and shouting, “You brought home a
slut! I knew she wasn’t a good woman!”

“Now she is pregnant and ran away with others. I think the child may not be yours, she is just using
you. Just dump her and marry Sylvia as soon as possible!”

Carlee got so excited that she almost dropped her phone on the ground.

Thanks to Sylvia’s quick eyes and quick hands, she took back her phone in time and pretended to
comfort her. “Mrs. Timothy, please calm down. Harley will take care of this matter properly.” But Harley
didn’t follow his mother’s wishes. He took a deep breath to prepare himself and a wry smile suddenly
appeared on his face.

“Mom, have you scolded enough?” He asked in a cold voice, and said with a sad smile, “Don’t forget
that this is your fault too. You always were critical of her. You were always looking for something,
anything to treat her horribly.”

“What do you mean? I am not to blame here,” Carlee said in disbelief. Harley was still defending Nina.

“I’m stating a fact. Because of you, she was less inclined to come home with me.” Harley said,
shrugging. “No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I will not break up with Nina let alone
marry another woman that you of all people approve of.” Harley walked out of his room and past his
mother and Sylvia. He was used to his mother’s badgering. There was nothing she could do to change
his mind.

Meanwhile, Nina walked into the hospital accompanied by Tom.

More pregnant women came to the hospital today than usual and

Nina had to sit on a bench and wait.

“Nina, are you thirsty? I’ll buy you water.”

Tom asked, caring for her in every possible way.

Thinking of her inability to move, Nina said, “Sure.”

Before getting up, Tom smiled lightly, rubbing Nina’s back. “Wait for me for ten minutes and call me if
something comes up.”

Watching Tom walk away, Nina stroked her pregnant belly, feeling heavy and weak.

Nina has been feeling a dull ache in his stomach since he fell in the bathroom this morning.

What worries her most is that the baby’s fetal movements are not as frequent as before.

Looking at the former and more than ten people waiting to be examined, Nina was very anxious and
fidgeted in her chair.

After a while, Tom came back with two bottles of water, and after helping Nina unscrew the cap, he
gently urged, “Drink slowly, don’t choke.”

“Ok, I know.”

Nina took two gulps of water and was about to take a walk in the hospital corridor when suddenly the
heart-wrenching abdominal pain struck again.

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