Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 845

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Sarah is back

They’ve all met, Jill, and the first impressions were positive.

“Please don’t make fun of me; I don’t want to work in the entertainment business.” Jill outright rejected.

Having one family member was sufficient in the entertainment industry. She continued to favor flower

The manager didn’t press the issue because she was aware of Jill’s thoughts.

“Boss, it’s high time we recruit some fresh talent. If not, we will be dependent only on our firm, and
those employees cannot handle such a heavy workload.”

While nodding, Melissa seemed to be thinking about something else as she stared at Jill.

“I’d better leave; if you keep staring at me,

She averted her head and walked away since she found Jill’s discomfort at her attention to be quite

“What do you think about Murray, do you believe he might potentially be an entertainer?” This was a
notion Melissa has long had.

The manager sipped some water, and refrained from speaking after hearing this.

“If you get the chance, go ask Murray; perhaps he will agree.”

They would be responsible for their own attraction of much good and evil if they had dared to pose this

“Please pardon us, boss. It’s not a joke, folks. Why would a major corporation like Gibson Corp decide
to get into the entertainment industry? Already, his standing exceeds that of an entertainer.”

Melissa snickered at them before promptly firing them for being incompetent. Several managers
departed after receiving the news.

And during this time, she didn’t visit her business not once. Melissa ultimately decided to visit the
Murray company after much consideration.

She didn’t let anyone see her when she emerged directly from the underground garage.

Melissa was taken to the conference room by the secretary, who forbade her from entering the office.

“Mrs. Gibson, I apologize. Mr. Gibson is in an important meeting, negotiating a contract. You will have
to wait until the meeting is over.

Melissa nodded and went to sit down.

Less than five minutes later, Murray hurriedly came sprinting out after the secretary informed him that
Melissa was there.

“Why did you come here, and why didn’t you tell me?”

“Have a kind secretary take care of you since you’re too busy at work!”

There is a note of bitterness in Melissa’s statements.

“Without you, I wouldn’t be as busy at work!” Murray responded as he helped Melissa into his office.

The secretary hurried over as soon as the two of them had seated themselves.

“Your mother is downstairs, Mr. Gibson.”

The two of them showed different reactions after hearing this. Melissa immediately let go of his hand
and inquired, “What’s the matter? He’s not coming, is he? Did you not tell your grandfather?”

“I’ve made it very clear that I won’t allow him come over,” Murray said gently. “I’m worried that Mr.
Marc’s son may get in the way this time.”

Murray had to be escorted to a small conference room first since keeping Mrs. Gibson standing
downstairs was not a long-term option.

Additionally, Melissa was in one of the conference rooms that was the furthest away when their talk
was overheard.

Mrs. Gibson appeared to be getting older now that she hasn’t seen him in a while.

“What are you doing here?” Murray asked angrily.

“You’re my son, why can’t I come here? What law prohibits a mother from visiting her son?” Mrs.
Gibson retorted haughtily. She always been a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s Mr. Marc’s son-in-law with you once more, right?” Murray could not have guessed.

“The two of you are comfortable here, leaving me alone in a strange state. Even living expenditures
have been eliminated. Do you believe I can endure? Without Mr. Marc, I’m afraid I would currently be
outside dead.

“Those are your own faults,” Murray bluntly said.

“I simply wanted to return to visit you and my grandchild.” Mrs. Gibson reduced her posture at this

Melissa listened in an uncomfortable manner before leaving early.

“You still have the audacity to ask about my grandchild, don’t you remember how I lost my first child?”
Murray snapped.

Mrs. Gibson put her anger and bitterness aside as soon as she saw Melissa’s pregnant tummy and
moved forward to provide her motherly support.

“You let me go.”

Melissa shoved her away and Murray stepped in front of Melissa, protecting her.

“I’m here to let you know that I’ve returned and will look after your kids well,” she said. ” My previous
behavior was improper. Please forgive me.” Mrs. Gibson seemed extremely sincere, but it was a little
too late.

“You don’t need to put on such a false front. Everyone is aware of your trickery. Please explain what
are you trying to achieve,”

Knowing it was all a joke, Melissa didn’t bother to trick him.

“I need you to find a new place for me, and you must accompany me to any occasion!” Mrs. Gibson
blatantly made a request that was so absurd.


Murray flatly declined.

“Go away and don’t come back. Better yet, I’ll get you a flight elsewhere,” Murray said.

Mr. Marc also arrived at this time.

He was well prepared, as Melissa anticipated; otherwise, he wouldn’t be shamelessly obstructing
himself in the company by. Murray agrees, saying that he is being forced to make a decision.

“I brought her back. I need someone to look after me because I’m elderly.”

Outsiders will be convinced by Mr. Marc’s statements, but not Melissa and Murray.

“You can handle your own family matters,” Melissa sneered, “Just give me an answer when the time

She genuinely didn’t want to take part in their family’s arguments.

Rather than setting boundaries with her son, an elderly woman embarrasses him everywhere.

Melissa was unable to comprehend what an absurd family this is.

Murray stayed away all night.

Melissa stayed up all night as well, spending it alone on the balcony staring at the night sky and

Murray returned to his house early the following morning, gave

Melissa a quick glance, and then entered the shower. Melissa attended the training by herself and kept
quiet. These days, the hotel and meals were provided by the corporation.

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