Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 844

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The Peak Showdown

Melissa was very stoic as she observed everyone. She noticed Anthony’s rival. He didn’t look like much
and he paid her no attention.

Jill and Melissa sat in the audience to support Anthony. They ignored the people trying to fawn over.
Melissa was more interested in seeing Marion, who finally made an appearance after hiding for many

“When did you meet so many handsome guys and why didn’t you introduce me?!” Jill questioned,
looking at Marion.

Jill in the past was not interested in these things at all.

Melissa deliberately joked, “Aren’t you afraid that Anthony will become jealous?”

Jill leaned shyly on her shoulder.

“How did you find out?”

“I’m not blind yet, you two are so blatant. I’d be blind not to notice!”

Jill was like a different person after seeing Anthony. She seemed to glow when she was around him.

Melissa used to think she would never settle down, but now it seems that she just hasn’t met the
person who belongs to her.

At the beginning of the game, Marion was very fair and did not give the newcomer any chance to refute
at all. It was completely from an objective standpoint.

This made the audience applaud.

The two started at the same time, but Anthony finished before him. The newcomer hadn’t even opened
one program on Anthony’s computer.

In this way, it was announced by Marion that Anthony was the final winner, and there was no possibility
for newcomers to interject at all.

The newcomer could only stare at Anthony angrily at the side, unable to say a word, and could only
look at the honor that originally belonged to him and re-issue it to another person.

And Anthony, after accepting the award, did not step down directly, but looked at Marion and seemed
to have something to say.

Marion stood in front of Anthony and held the microphone, speaking to the full audience.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for making sure that such shady behavior was identified and
stopped immediately. We must uphold the honor and fairness of our competitions.”

Melissa walked backstage and greeted Anthony.

“Did you agree to have a match with her?”

Melissa remembers that it was Anthony who insisted on it.

Anthony put the trophy in Jill’s hands and said, “Because when the organizer found me, they already
told me that Marion would come, so I decided to come.”

Otherwise, according to his temperament, he would completely ignore these unwarranted little games.

“Finally won, congratulations.”

Anthony didn’t look so happy, and he won the match as expected.

It just made him look forward to a rematch with Marion.

“The organizer told you that Marion is here to participate in the competition, but today Marion was only
a referee!”

This puzzled Melissa.

“That’s what the organizer told me.”

Melissa asked him to find out all the chat records with the organizer.

When she got home, she forwarded the chat records to Marion.

“I don’t know what the organizer was trying to do. I just wanted to be a referee because I didn’t trust
him to not try something shady again,” Marion explained.

In fact, in each of their three matches, Melissa was first, Marion was second, and Anthony was third,
which has been the case for the past three years.

“I would like to play against Anthony, but there is no profit in this match!”

Melissa was very happy when he saw this and told Anthony quickly.

“I thank you for Anthony!”

Marion sent a smiley face and said, “I’m more looking forward to a game with you, I don’t know if this is

If the three of them participate at the same time, it would shock the entire hacker circle.

Melissa had not participated in the competition for a long time.

“I promise we will.”

As a result, the news of the new competition was posted on the hacker’s official website. It was to be a
special competition.

The three of them would compete against each other for three days.

This made many hackers very excited, after all, it was the first time they saw such a strong lineup.

As soon as the statement was made public, Marion immediately publicized it on the hacker’s official
website, and the organizer then initiated its own legal action.

This time, the entire organizer was deadlocked, and Melissa believed that the game might be able to
save some losses this time.

But she didn’t anticipate the loss to be as severe as it was.

Unknown hackers directly destroyed even their systems.

The employers intended to approach Melissa to seek her intervention, but they weren’t prepared to be
shoved out the door by her assistant before they had even seen anyone.

There are also some people who, once seeing Melissa in person, immediately became admirers of her
and contacted her to express their admiration.

“Ada, you are my idol and goddess.”

The organizers intended to reach an agreement with them after watching their game three days later.

They decided to find Anthony after being rejected by Melissa, who anticipated a more brutal attitude
from Anthony.

Additionally, Marion’s lawsuit had not been dropped, which makes things more challenging for the

This time, the incident not only alarmed the hackers but increased Melissa’s earnings.

The organizers immediately went home and confronted Melissa with their complaints.

Over the course of this time, more and more people joined forces with them, and a succession of even
more notable individuals arrived.

Melissa invited Jill over with her to speak to the organizers. “How does the newcomer look now? Was
he worth all this trouble?”

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