Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 841

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Our boss is so awesome

Anthony had been living in Melissa these days.

As for the matter he went to help investigate, there were also new clues on the hacker website.

Melissa has listed all the Anthony rankings and some of Anthony’s achievements in the past three

Melissa has sent out again, the news that this newcomer may have contact with the partner.

This suddenly made the entire hacker website boil.

It’s just that all this was posted anonymously by Melissa, and she didn’t want to with her real identity.

That afternoon, the director of the hacking site called Melissa directly.

“Hello, you have reported this anonymously, and we will deal with it as soon as possible.”

They hack the site, unlike any other site, where everyone is a first- class master.

Moreover, the people here are not divided into high and low, but whoever has the best skills, everyone
admires him.

This is also the reason why Melissa has always been involved in hacking websites.

“I trust you.”

After Melissa hung up, looked at some of the comments on the site.

Most of the hackers compared and commented on the video of the two of them, and they all felt it was

This is an authoritative hacking competition, and this kind of publicity seriously affected them.

Melissa felt a little relieved as the direction of public opinion turned towards Anthony.

At this moment, the organizers came out and issued a statement, using the official website of their
competition, to issue a false statement from Anthony.

And the various terms and items are listed very clearly as if a huge pot was placed on Anthony’s head.

Melissa couldn’t help laughing at this scene, what a nasty way to think of this.

So, the screenshot of this page continued to be posted on the hacker website.

These hackers were even more talkative.

“Could it be that there is no fair game now, only the trend of power?”

“Look for a chance, I went to hack, and their website saves them from doing bad things.”

Melissa also commented below: “The most important thing now, is we should figure it out and let the
organizers know their mistakes. We must force them to admit their mistakes.”

This method of hacking their website, Melissa has also thought about it before, but it is not a long-term
solution, after all, they want a fair truth.

If it is really estimated that the organizers will continue to impose the whole blame on Anthony, some
people will make an issue of it and think that these hackers are all bottomless people.

Melissa knew the rules of this industry and understood the moral bottom line that she should abide by
as a hacker.

Anthony saw the information on the official website at home and felt indignant.

He found that the discussions on the official website are all directed at me.

So, he decided to reveal all the truth to the public and left a message on the official website that he
would like to compete against the winner again.

The announcement caught the attention of hackers, who all came out in support of Anthony.

After all, Anthony’s operations and methods were indeed more proficient than the newcomer’s.

Melissa saw what Anthony had done and she knew it was time to reveal her true identity.

So Melissa issued a statement directly from her private account.

“I am the hacker player Ada, and Anthony is my apprentice. I was very angry and decided to
investigate the truth with him, and we will have another game with the winner.”

After the announcement, it wasn’t just Melissa’s company that exploded.

Even Murray got the message.

After all, the name Ada had a god-like existence in the hacker scene.

They would never have imagined that a master hacker who scared them was a woman, or such a wise
and beautiful woman.

This made them appreciate Melissa even more.

At her company, her employees crowded around the door of her office waiting for the boss’s signature.

“I didn’t expect our boss to be such a capable person. No wonder Mr. Gibson is so eager to pursue
anyone that bothers her.”

There were some people who were skeptical about the combination of Melissa and Murray before, and
now it seems that these two people are simply talented.

“I said, assistant, haven’t you discovered this after following our boss for so long?”

Equally shocked was the assistant, who had been with Melissa the whole time and never left.

“It never occurred to me that my boss turned out to be a first-class hacker.”

The assistant said truthfully providing another book for Melissa to sign.

Melissa looked at it and chuckled, “What’s the matter, this scared everyone?”

The assistant’s eyes showed more admiration and favor for her.

“We are so serious, we all want your autograph.”

Even Jill hurried to the company.

Jill shoved the door open, which surprised Melissa.

“What’s the matter with you?

Melissa gave her a smirk and saw right away what she wanted to say.

Before Jill could speak, she took the initiative to explain.

“I was indeed among hackers before, and I have always used the codename of Ada. Maybe everyone
knows this codename only. What you want to know has already been told to you.”

Jill’s eyes twinkled as if admiring a mascot.

“I don’t know how many surprises you have. You are hiding so many things from me, and you are still
hiding everything.” Jill said.

“This was something that no one but my husband was to know. It was never my intention to tell anyone
until I needed to help my apprentice,”

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