Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 840

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News from Nina

“Tom, why are you being so nice to me?”

Nina looked sad, knowing that the two could never go back to the past.

Even though she lives in Tom’s rental house, she just wants to escape from her family and the
entanglement of Harley.

Finding that Nina began to be sentimental again, Tom gradually got used to her Melissa mood in the
past few days, and at the same time felt more distressed for her.

“Fool, I should treat you well.”

Tom’s voice is very gentle, picking up the spoon and feeding Nina himself.

But when he saw that the ingredients in the bowl were cheap, he felt wronged Nina.

“It’s my fault. You are about to have a baby, but you can only eat these things.”

Tom smiled apologetically, shook his head and sighed: “Actually, I want to buy bird’s nest for you, but I
found out that the price is too expensive. I want to save the money and use it in the hospital.”

Hearing his tone full of remorse, Nina was even more embarrassed.

The person who should be taking care of her should be Harley, but now it was Tom’s responsibility.

“It’s okay, it’s all the same to me.”

Nina smiled tenderly, and agreed to everything he wanted. She ate any nutritional meal he wanted.
Luckily, Tom cooked very well.

Despite this, Tom still felt ashamed, especially seeing Nina’s thin body, thinking about how to make her

“Okay, then you lie down and rest first, and I’ll go out to buy more food.”

He didn’t have much money in his pocket, but for the sake of Nina’s body, he still planned to buy her
some nutritious food.

Leaving the rental house, Tom was thinking about whether to buy a fish or a pound of beef at night.

Just then, the voice of Nina came from behind him.

“Tom, did you go out without your phone?”

Tom heard the sound and turned around, looking at Nina’s potbellied figure, and the maternity dress
made her figure even more bloated.

But her limbs are extremely slender, and her cheeks are not as round as other expectant mothers.

“Sorry, I forgot to take it when I charged it just now.”

Tom explained lightly, he took the phone and stuffed it in his pocket and helped Nina to walk back.

“I have cash in my pocket. Now you can’t walk easily, so you don’t need to come out to give your
mobile phone.”

“It’s okay, I think it’s more necessary to exercise before giving birth.”

The two returned to the rental house while talking, and no one noticed that there was a man staring at
them in the corner.

Pressing the shutter, the man snaps a few close-ups, which he quickly sent to Sylvia.

When the man quietly slipped out of the community, Tom took Nina back to the rental house and went
out again with shopping bags.

Not long after, Tom returned home with a large bag of vegetables and fish.He was going to make a fish
soup for Nina in the evening, and then cook two side dishes of roast beef and stir-fry.

“Nina, let’s improve the food tonight!”

Tom entered the door excitedly. He put the shopping bag on the table and was about to wash some
fruit to send to Nina when he heard painful voices from the bathroom.

“Tom, come and help me…”

Tom immediately ran into the bathroom to find Nina sitting on the ground clutching her stomach.

“Nina, what’s wrong with you? Is your stomach upset?” Tom asked anxiously.

At this moment, Nina was struggling to speak. She is sweating all over her face and panting,
explaining: “Before you came back, I went to the toilet, but I accidentally slipped.”

Hearing this, Tom was also flustered. He didn’t dare to move Nina easily, clenched her hand and
suggested, “Why don’t I call the ambulance, what if you give birth on the way?”

“It shouldn’t, the baby is not full term yet.”

Nina answered him with difficulty, gritted his teeth and insisted on the request: “You help me up first, I
want to go to the bed and lie down.”

“Okay, then hold my hand.”

Although Nina was underweight, Tom had difficulty lifting a pregnant woman from the ground.

After finally helping Nina to lie down on the bed, Tom watched her gradually stabilize, and finally felt

“In the future, unless I am at home, don’t walk around casually, even if you go to the toilet.”

Tom warned uneasy, the false alarm just now made him worry.

Nina knew that Tom cared about him, and agreed: “Okay, will you accompany me to the hospital for a
checkup this afternoon? I’m afraid that I fell today, and the baby will be in trouble.”

“No problem, then I’ll cook a bowl of food for you to eat first.”

Tom spoke in a hurry, and immediately ran to the kitchen to start coking.

After two o’clock in the afternoon, Nina took a short rest after eating, and went to the hospital for a
pregnancy check accompanied by Tom.

Harley breached his contract asked the crew to leave indefinitely.He pushed back countless
announcements and advertising cooperation, just to find Nina.

Harley was driving around searching for her again when he received a call from Sylvia. At first, he
ignored her, but Sylvia called three times in a row. When he was about to turn off his phone, Sylvia sent
a text: “Harley, I know you’re looking for Nina. I happen to have news about her. If you want to know
more, come home and find me.”

Harley was stunned after reading these short sentences.

Could Sylvia be lying? He thought.

Harley first suspected Sylvia of bad intentions.

After all, he searched for several days without any clue, how could

Sylvia randomly find her?

After thinking for a moment, Harley couldn’t bear not know what

Sylvia found. Even though he thought Sylvia was joking, he drove home.

The living room was now quiet, Carlee sitting on the sofa watching

TV and dozing off.

Harley walked lightly and quickly came to Sylvia’s room.

“Do you really have news of Nina?”

Harley got straight to the point, while being a little wary of the woman in front of him.

Sylvia observed Harley’s distrust, raised her eyebrows, and smiled and replied, “Of course.”

“Where is Nina? Hurry up and tell me!”

Hearing Sylvia’s affirmative response, Harley was instantly overjoyed.

However, Nina could not reveal the traces of his secret investigation, but just turned on her cell phone
and logged on to Twitter to show a photo in front of his eyes.

“I also happened to see that Nina was photographed by an entertainment media with a man and said
that the man was her ex.”

“How is this possible?!”

Taking Sylvia’s phone, he saw Nina being supported by a strange man.

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