Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 839

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Sylvia woke up dazedly to hear Carlee talking to the servant outside the door.

“Mrs. Barns, remember to buy more food when you go out. The more nutritious the better, and the
more abundant the ingredients, the better.”

“Also, if Mr. Timothy wakes up, remember to remind him not to go out. I’ll take them for a wedding
photo shoot today.”

Sylvia was overjoyed when she learned about Carlee’s arrangement.

It’s good to have her forcing Harley Timothy to marry, but the baby in the womb is always a big

Right now, Sylvia is eager to deceive Carlee. Only by avoiding going to the hospital for a pregnancy
test can she continue to hide the truth of the fake pregnancy.

“Mrs. Timothy…”

She called softly, and Carlee heard the voice and walked in quickly.

“Sylvia, you woke up, how are you feeling today?”

Carlee walked into the bedroom with a smile, and looked at Sylvia as soon as she entered.

Sylvia smiled and said, “I feel much better, thank you Mrs. Timothy for your concern.”

The room was full of sunlight, and in the morning light, Sylvia’s cheeks were rosy and shiny.

“Well, it’s not bad. After a night’s rest, the color is much better.”

Carlee looked relieved

Last night she spent the whole night worrying about Sylvia’s miscarrying when she was less than three
months pregnant.

“Yeah, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, Mrs. Timothy don’t worry. I want to go out for a walk after

“I’ll go with you, and then call Harley, and take the wedding photos by the way.” Carlee agreed.

“A wedding photo?” Sylvia pretended to be surprised, and asked back in embarrassment: “Harlery
definitely won’t agree. I think it’s better not to force him.”

Carlee said firmly: “It’s not Harley’s turn to decide this matter, I have already said it last night, between
me and Nina, he must make a choice!”

“Well, if Harley wants to, I naturally have no opinion.”

Sylvia lowered her eyes shyly, with an attitude of letting Carlee dictate.

Carlee was indescribably satisfied with this obedient and sensible daughter-in-law.

She had a few chats with Sylvia and couldn’t wait to wake Harley.

At the same time, Sylvia went to wash, and while waiting for breakfast, picked up the phone and
opened the chat software. In the past, she knew all kinds of friends and friends, and the wide range of

Sylvia sent red envelopes to two friends asking them to find out the whereabouts of Nina.

At the same time, she was still planning in her mind that once there was news of Nina, she would
immediately find an opportunity to contact her.

She intends to use the illusion of Nina to cause miscarriage to protect herself and at the same time be
able to frame her for it.

As a result, Carlee would hate Nina even more, and maybe Harley would hate her too.

Making a plan, Sylvia went to find Carlee, just out of the bedroom when she heard arguing ahead.

At the moment, Harley, dressed in a casual outfit for going out, stood indignant in front of his mother.

“Mom, don’t make trouble anymore. I said I won’t marry Sylvia. What’s the matter with you forcing me
to take a wedding photo with her?”

In order to promote the marriage of the two, Carlee tried her best, and aggressively asked: “You refuse
to marry Sylvia, what will happen to the child in her belly? Do you want the child to be born

Harley had thought about it, but even the baby was his, Harley was not going to marry Sylvia.

“The child will be a bastard. I don’t need to marry Sylvia to care of my child if the child really is mine.”

Harley responded before brushing Carlee out of his way and hurried downstairs.

Carlee was going to chase after Harley but Sylvia stopped her.

“Forget it Mrs. Timothy. Since Harley doesn’t agree, why bother?”

Sylvia once again used complacency to resolve the argument between mother and son.

Now she was waiting for the whereabouts of Nina and was not in a hurry to marry Harley.

That day, Carlee accompanied Sylvia for a walk, chatting non-stop along the way.

And just as Sylvia was listening, as usual, she suddenly received a message from a friend.

“I found it. Nina is currently with her ex-boyfriend. I will send you the location I found!” Knowing the
whereabouts of Nina, Sylvia was very excited for a while.

But in front of Carlee, she had to maintain her composure

It was not yet the time to reveal Nina’s relationship with her ex- boyfriend, and Sylvia needed to make a
rigorous plan to ensure that the overall situation is safe.

“Mrs. Timothy, I’m going to the bathroom, wait for me outside,” Sylvia said.

“Okay, then be careful yourself.” Carlee stated.

Walking into the public restroom, Sylvia immediately responded to her friend’s message.

“Beautiful job! I’ll send you more money if you help me take a picture of Nina and her ex-boyfriend.”

After the confession, Sylvia stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes before slowly returning to Carlee.

Seeing that Sylvia looked a little tired, Carlee hurriedly asked, “Sylvia, are you all right? Why do you
look so pale?”

Sylvia wiped her mouth and replied softly, “I vomited again just now, and I have been feeling nauseous
recently, and I often want to eat sour things.”

Carlee was overjoyed when she heard that she was pregnant.

“It’s good if you want to eat sour! As the saying goes, sour son and spicy girl, it seems that I must be
hugging my grandson!”

Carlee explained excitedly, seeing that Sylvia was unwell, she brought her back home and immediately
ordered the servant to stew the tonic.


Nina had been at Tom’s house for three days now and seldom went out. She would walk around the
house in the evening.

In order to take care of Nina, Tom quit his job and planned to stay with her until she finished her
confinement period.

As for the child to be born, Tom never blamed Nina, nor did he dislike it at all.

He felt that Nina’s misfortune was mostly self-inflicted. If she hadn’t abandoned her in the first place,
she wouldn’t have been deceived by Harley.

In the humble bedroom, Nina was sitting by the window looking at the blue sky in a daze, when Tom
came in, holding the freshly stewed Tremella lotus seed soup in his hand.

“It’s time for lunch.”

Tom put the stew pot on the table and sat down with her arm.

“Thank you, in fact, you don’t use it as a snack for me. Three meals a day are already very good.”

Nina had no appetite, but he didn’t want to disappoint Tom’s kindness, so he picked up the spoon and
took a few sips.

If only the man before was Harley… Thinking of the current situation, Nina felt even more

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