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Chapter 835

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Nina is missing

Harley never really criticized Nina when he was turned down at the hotel.

The idea that Nina would soon give birth to their kid caused Harley to feel guilty as well as anxious.

Without a father, a child would not grow up properly, and Nina also requires his care.

However, there was currently no progress in their relationship. Harley couldn’t leave Nina alone, even
though Carlee, his mother, was still in the hospital.

One day he went to the hospital to see his mother, but when he saw Sylvia there, he turned around and

Harley drove to Nina’s parents’ house, knocked on the door despite knowing he wasn’t welcome and
bit the bullet.

“Why are you here? Why can’t you understand your presence harms my daughter?” Kasen asked
angrily when he realized it was Harley standing outside his door.

When Ariana heard Kasen’s raised voice, she hurried over to support her husband.

“It’s all your fault! My daughter has since vanished, and you still show your face here?!” Ariana

Hearing that Nina vanished startled Harley.

“How is this possible? Nina said she returned home to care for the newborn,” Harley said.

He vividly recalled Nina telling Harley not to knock on the door again before he left the hotel that day,
as well as that he simply wanted to give birth to the child in safety by his parents’ side.

“We brought my daughter back, but she vanished once more. A few days ago, she left the house
without eating lunch, and she has still not been seen since ”

Indignant, Kasen shoved Harley off the front porch.

Ariana spun around, grabbed the broom, and dashed forward to frighten Harley: “If you don’t leave, I
will beat some sense into you! We won’t allow you to see our daughter, even if she returns! ”

In the end, Harley ultimately left in sadness. He was distraught, an emotional wreck.

“Nina, where are you?” Harley murmured to himself repeatedly as he groaned.

He answered his ringing cell phone on the dashboard with repressed annoyance after seeing that it
was his mother who had called.

“Mom, I’ll have to wait until later to visit you at the hospital today because I’m in a hurry.”

“Harley, you should arrive sooner. Mrs. Timothy stated she wanted to discuss something with you.”

Instead of hearing his mother’s voice, he heard Sylvia. She purposefully pressured Carlee to contact
Harley back even though she was aware that he wasn’t on set.

Harley, however, remained unconvinced and firmly declined, saying, “Now I can’t find time, I have
something else to do.” He then hung up before Sylvia could say anything.

After giving it some thought, he came to the conclusion that Nina’s broken heart was the result of his
long-term disregard for her feelings.

Harley attempted to call Nina. He hung up the phone after realizing Nina had already blocked him, and
he turned off his phone to avoid being bothered.

Harley proceeded to frantically drove through the neighborhood looking for Nina.

Harley didn’t get his desire, sadly. He searched all night to no avail.

Harley was unable to hold it together any longer because his body was exhausted and his mind was
numb. He left the automobile parked by the side of the road and passed out.

When Harley awoke from his slumber two hours later, he gazed out at the busy streets but Nina was
still missing.

“You won’t ever forgive me again, Nina, will you?”

Knowing that Nina was probably hiding to avoid him made Harley feel guilty and depressed, and his
disposition deteriorated further.

He then arrived at the hospital and dragged his bulky body inside.

Harley noticed that the hospital bed was vacant but refrained from opening the door.


The initial assumption was that Carlee had been injured because Harley was too worried about Nina.

He hurried into the consultation room in a panic, and it wasn’t until he asked the doctor that he learned
Carlee had been sent home with Sylvia this morning.

After hearing that his mother was fine, Harley decided to look for Nina again. He wasted another day
searching. Harley finally made the decision to stop his fruitless search and sped home in a fog.

Sylvia was currently consoling Carlee in the living room while acting sympathetic and calmly while
allowing her to vent. Carlee could not believe that Harley would forget about her. Since that first night,
he not once checked on her. She hadn’t seen him for two days. It was simply absurd.

“He has a lot on his plate. He didn’t forget about you,” Sylvia said.

Carlee abruptly said, “Don’t try to convince me I’ll just pretend that I never gave birth to this son!”

Sylvia caressed Carlee’s back as she carefully persuaded her with nice words, “Mrs. Timoth, Harley
cares about you; he’s just busy these past two days, and then he’ll get to you….”

“Stop falling for his bullshit! They are all merely defenses! I know better. I know where he went these
two days!” Carlee glared angrily and declared with indignant fury.

Carlee was upset for her future daughter-in-law.

The two knew in their subconscious that Nina had to be somehow connected to Harley’s prolonged

“It’s okay, Mrs. Timothy; I’ve always been to blame for breaking up Harley and Nina,” Sylvia bent her
head and spoke softly while acting embarrassed.

“Silly girl, don’t think like that, love doesn’t come first. Harley will learn to love you,” Carlee said. She
was even more irate because of Sylvia’s generosity.

Even though Nina was pregnant with Harley child as well, Carlee never approved of Nina. She didn’t
care about her or the unborn child.

Carlee would unquestionably prefer Sylvia’s future offspring, whether they were male or female, if she
had her way.

When Harley entered the house in a condition of shame, the two were chatting on the sofa.

Carlee was first overjoyed to see her son again, but she quickly scolded him by asking, “What kind of
son are you to not check on his injured mother for two days?”

Carlee didn’t even notice how awful Harley looked.

His eyes were bloodshot and crimson, and he had a disheveled appearance.

“I’ll go upstairs and sleep first,” he said expressionlessly in response to his mother’s reprimand.

Having stated that, Harley strode up the stairs while ignoring Sylvia who was sitting on the sofa.

“Stop! I have a question for you.” Harley was abruptly halted by

Carlee, who questioned him angrily, “Have you been with Nina these two days?”

After a brief moment of stillness, Harley noticed his mother’s irate expression and grinned sardonically
at himself, saying, “As you desire, Nina has left, she will never bother your eyes again, now are you

Carlee’s eyes widened in shock as she heard this information, “She disappeared? What time did it

Harley was irritated by Carlee’s persistent probing. He was aware that his mother would only revel in
Nina’s sorrow and long for her demise.

“I don’t have to explain anything to you,”

Harley hurried back into the room while speaking in a grief- and despair-filled tone.

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