Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 831

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Playing Pathetic

“Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid I’ll ruin your company’s reputation?” Adela asked.

“Not at all. Everyone has dark secrets. In any case, your scandal could boost our ratings.”.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. I got mixed up in something like this which led to my downfall.” Adela said.
She was desperate, but not that desperate to deal with a company that thrived on promoting
scandalous propaganda.”

“Look at our contract first.”

The person in charge provided her with a contract and began to go through everything with her.

“We mainly rely on the revenue and sales of live broadcasts. As for you in the early stage, there are not
many customers. You can only rely on your own traffic to improve. All our shares are five or five points.”

“It’s like this for others, but you’re the one I personally found. If we divide it, we’ll be four or six!”

Adela had heard others talk about live broadcasting before.

She never got involved because she was busy doing variety shows and TV series.

It’s just that this industry’s income is indeed much higher than theirs.

Adela slowly became excited.

“All the proceeds from the first three days are yours.” The person in charge increased the stakes again.

“You can take some time to think about whether you want to join us.”

Adela didn’t have time to think. She didn’t have the luxury. She needed income and this was all she
had right now.

So, she resolutely signed the contract..

The person in charge led her to a small house, which was well decorated.

“This will be your live broadcast room in the future. I have an assistant for you. This assistant is in
charge of handling emergencies during your live broadcast.”

The person in charge arranged everything very thoughtfully.

“What about where I live?” Adela asked.

“The place to live, we have also arranged, it is on the second floor. Live broadcast on the first floor and
he host’s dormitory on the second floor.”

Adela nodded.

When Melissa got home, she and Jill first wrapped the flowers that were supposed to be prepared.

It was midnight when everything was packed and Murray had not returned.

His company has been a little busy lately.

Knowing Melissa was worried, Jill said, “Let’s go check on him.”

They drove over to Murray’s company and parked, waiting for Murray to come out. When he did, he
looked utterly exhausted. The secretary supported him and helped him to the car.

Melissa looked distressed and Jill told her, “Go with him. I’ll meet you at the house. I’ll prepare it.”

Melissa nodded and left the car to get into Murray’s car. Jill quickly left.

“What’s the matter, is there something wrong with the company?” Melissa asked, but Murray didn’t
answer. He was lying asleep as soon as he got in the car, his face very tired.

The secretary explained, “Mrs. Gibson, Mr. Marc came over just now, and with Mr. Gibson in the room.
We talked for a while.”

Every time Mr. Marc comes, they end up working way past closing time.

Melissa personally drove them home, helped him out of the car, and into the house. Seeing him so
stressed, made Melissa worry. As she was pulling off his shoes, Murray grabbed her hand in confusion
and muttered, “My child…”


Adela was arranged in the room early in the morning. The make-up artist finished her make-up with
only 10 minutes to spare. Her assistant walked into the room with a clipboard.

“I’m your assistant, we still have 10 minutes to start the live broadcast.” The assistant said. “Remember
to breath and don’t allow your emotions to overtake you. Be honest and you’ll be fine.”

Adela nodded. This was her first time being in the public eye willingly in a very long time. It felt as if it
was her first time all over again.

As soon as the live broadcast started, a large number of people joined.

Within seconds, the 5-minute live broadcast room attendee list of 20,000 was exceeded. Adela sat
quietly, not saying a word. Her assistant gave her a thumbs up and Adela took another calming breath.

Adela looked at the messages below. People were asking her to explain what happened between she
and Melissa.

“Hello everyone. I want to first say that I am truly sorry for not making a statement for so long. I’ve been
trying to adjust to my new life. I know you all have so many questions. Be patient and I’ll answer them
all.” Adela said. ”

The chat was moving at an incredible speed that it was hard to keep up with the questions.

“Why did you frame Melissa?”

“Why did you have plastic surgery?”

“I didn’t expect a woman like you to start a live broadcast. Are you doing this to make money?”

“I’m not trying to make money; I’m trying to explain why I did the things that I did. I have always been
the least favored person in my family. My parents have been very prejudiced against me since I was a
child. I finally found someone I like, but that person never noticed me.”

Adela’s acting skills were very good. With snot and tears, the audience’s heart is drawn.

“I thought the business marriage could bring us closer, but I didn’t expect to destroy my home with my
own hands.”

The Yale family and Murray had been making a lot of noise before, and they had all heard it more or

“What are you talking about to get our forgiveness?”

“Neither are these reasons your tool for framing Melissa.”

No one was buying Adela’s sob story.

“I just want to make it clear to everyone that I’m in a difficult situation. In fact, these are not my
intentions. The plastic surgery was what Mrs. Gibson, Murray’s mother, asked me to do it.”

As soon as she said that, the chat was once again flooded with messages.

“How is this possible? Why would his mother do this to him?”

“You’re lying for views. How pathetic!”

“When Mrs. Gibson found me, she told me to get close to Murray, but I didn’t dare. She also threatened
if I didn’t do this, she would ruin my family’s business. I never had any attention of trying to steal Murray
from Melissa. How could I?”

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