Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 829

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Adela was sitting alone in a room with only one computer.

Seeing that it was almost time to leave, Adela quickly packed up her things and went to the front desk
downstairs. Originally, Adela was waiting for Mrs. Gibson to help her, but unfortunately she received no
response from the old woman.

“I’m checking out,” Adela said, wearing a mask and covered herself so tightly that no one could tell who
she was.

Fortunately, the hotel did not have an ID card registered, otherwise she would have been exposed.

“Hello, a total of 3,000 yuan is still needed.” The front desk staff provided a bill and put it in front of her.

Just now, the cleaning staff went to check the room and found that the door was broken and the items
were damaged. They reported back to the front desk and additional charges were added to her bill.

Adela knew she didn’t have enough to cover the bill. She had been in a bad mood since Mrs. Gibson
did not respond back to her and she took it out on the room.

“This is ridiculous! You can’t ask for so much money!” Adela hissed. Hervoice was low, for fear of
others finding out who she was.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Gibson, we have details. You lived for about two weeks. During these two weeks, you
have a lot of disturbances to the people and damaged official business. Please compensate according
to the price. ”

“Can I make an IOU for you, and I’ll send you the money in two days!”

Adela spoke in a much lower voice and looked very humble.

The front desk sneered and brought in a few more staff members, who stood in a row and looked Adela
over in disgust.

“We are a business, not a charity.. If you don’t want to pay compensation, then you shouldn’t break
things in the first place.”

In desperation, Adela gave them her remaining money and then her debit card.

“I really don’t have it anymore. If you don’t believe me, you can try my card.”

The staff member ran the card and it was declined. He did it multiple times and the card continued to
be declined.

After discussing with the staff at the front desk, they said to her, “You’re lucky we don’t call the police.
From this day forward, you are banned. Leave the premises before we change our mind!”

Adela quickly fled the hotel. She had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn to. It was all because of Melissa.

Adela wandered for two days and decided to sleep in a hole of a tree that was covered by a bush at
night. No one knew she was there since she would go into the bush when no one was looking. She
would die of shame if anyone knew she was living in a bush.

Adela hated Melissa for putting her in this state.

Adela went to a mall and went to a bathroom in one of the department stores, thinking to wash up since
she hadn’t in such a long time. She removed all the gauze and mask from her face, revealing a pale,
shallow face. Even if she wasn’t wrapped, no one would recognize her now due to how poorly she

Adela washed his face hastily and when the cleaning staff walked in, looking at Adela with concern,
she yelled, “What are you looking at?” She didn’t want their pity.

“What happened to you? Are you okay?” The cleaning woman asked, ignoring Adela’s rudeness.

It was the only word of concern that Adela Yale had heard for so

long, and it came from a stranger.

Adela’s inner last line of defense was broken, squatting on the ground holding her pile of clothes, she
cried and sobbed.

The cleaning woman went up to her and comforted her gently, “No matter what kind of problem you
encounter, you will have to endure and find your way out of it. Move forward no matter what and don’t
look back.”

Hearing this, Adela nodded.

At this time, some teenage girls came in, and when they saw Adela, they pointed at her.

So she stood up, wiped her tears, and quickly put on the mask.

“You’re the one…” One of the girls said as she began to recognize Hayley.

“I remember now. You are the pop star Hayley, well used to be pop star.”

When Adela heard this, she subconsciously shook his head, and hurriedly prepared to run out of the

One of the girls blocked her way.

“It’s you who made Melissa so miserable and pretended to be another person. You’re a creep. Who the
hell even thinks to do that?”

“What do you know? Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand what happened,” Adela couldn’t help
but say.

“Melissa made it clear at the press conference a long time ago. I didn’t expect you to be so shameless
and take advantage of other people’s sympathy to do such a thing.”

“What do you want? Now that you’ve pushed me to this point, what else do you want?” Adela asked
before bursting into tears.

“We want you to to Melissa.”

The cleaning woman couldn’t handle the situation anymore, feeling pity for Adela, she said, “You girls
need to learn some manners and leave adult matters to the adults. Now, step aside before I call

Adela bowed deeply to the cleaning woman, and hurriedly left.

She quickly found a place to hide. It had been awhile now. Why were people still so upset? Why
wouldn’t they just leave her alone? Thinking of how Mrs. Gibson hadn’t contacted her in days, made

Adela angrier. She called her again, but once again, there was still no response. In desperation, Adela
called a friend and asked them to see if they could find Mrs. Gibson for her.

Adela made her way back to the park to wait to hear back from her friend. She waited all afternoon to
be told: Mrs. Gibson could not be found at all.

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