Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 825

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Melissa’s Plan

Star Entertainment’s website crashed due to the traffic.

The manager of the PR department hurried over to Melissa’s office.

“Boss, you didn’t say this to her, did you?” the manager asked.

Melissa knew that it was synthesized as soon as she listened to the recording. She didn’t expect
Hayley to be such a conniving person who recorded every conversation.

Too bad, Melissa was also very careful and recorded everything as well.

“Notify the PR department of a meeting in ten minutes,” Melissa said. She looked at Shayna on the
sofa, with a hint of teasing in her eyes, “The show is about to begin.”

Several people from the public relations department sat in the conference room one after another, and
everyone frowned, and the whole atmosphere was very depressing.

After Melissa came in, she first made everyone a cup of coffee, and then placed the small cakes she
ordered in front of everyone.

This move made them very puzzled.

“Boss, why are you doing this?” one asked.

“Yes, boss, we need to be working to correct this situation,” another said.

“Calling all of you here is not for scolding, nor for you to come up with a solution. What you have to do
now is to see how things develop and what kind of false evidence that Hayley has, so we know how to
combat her,” Melissa explained.

There was no chance for Hayley to back out of this now. She would keep escalating to get Melissa to
respond and then it would backfire on her.

Melissa ate and drank with her employees and even watched a movie to ease and calm their nerves.
The atmosphere finally eased a lot.

When Hayley saw that the company didn’t respond at all, Hayley wondered what Melissa was doing.
Was she really not going to respond? Then Hayley posted a bitter history of how Melissa had wronged

With another fabricated recording, the post achieved the expected results, and more people began to
turn on Melissa. More people were becoming more sympathetic to Hayley.

What made her even more puzzled was that it had been two hours since the article was published, and
Melissa was very quiet.

When they finally finished watching the movie, Melissa’s assistant was waiting anxiously at the door.

“Boss, she’s starting to post again, and more people trust her now.”

After hearing this, the public relations department immediately became tense.

Melissa smiled and said to them, “Relax, I ordered food for noon. It will be delivered in a while, let’s eat
it, and work in the afternoon.”

Melissa’s series of actions left them confused. Melissa never allowed them to eat in the conference
room before. Was Melissa losing her mind?

The manager couldn’t bear it anymore, and walked up to Melissa to admit their mistake, “I’m sorry, the
boss is that we didn’t do a good job. If you want to fire us, just give us a word.

“Why should I fire you? You did what you could. Why should I be angry about that?” After Melissa
finished speaking, they began to eat. Even though they were laughing and chatting, the employees
were still worried about the situation.

“There are more and more reporters around downstairs,” Shayna told her as she sat down to eat with

Melissa still didn’t care. Everyone ate food peacefully in the morning while the reporters downstairs
could only stand in the hot sun. They could not get passed the gate. As for those unreasonable, unruly
fans of Hayley, they were stopped before they could even enter the parking lot.

“Now everyone let’s get to work,” Melissa said as she checked the time.

As people of the public relations department, they all knew that they would have to deal with the
situation as soon as possible, otherwise, they will not be able to end the event if the situation becomes
more and more serious and caused unexpected results.

It has been half a day since the last incident. The original direction of public opinion has always been to
support their side. However, due to their failure to response, public opinion was now in favor of Hayley.

Melissa looked at an email in her mailbox and smirked. She forwarded the email to everyone in the PR

“Please use this information and act accordingly,” Melissa instructed.

In the email, it was revealed that Hayley was a sham. It listed all the plastic surgery procedures she
had done, her work history, and all the aliases she used.

After the public relations copy was released, people still were in favor of Hayley.

“You revealed this because you felt threatened. How pathetic!”

“Melissa is really despicable to bully Hayley by such a nasty method. Isn’t she her manager? Why
would her manager try to tear down her own entertainer?”

“How much money did you pay to have someone frame Hayley? You have wronged a good person for
no reason. Is this the work of a big company?”

The heated debate continued.

The manager of the public relations department was a little afraid to look Melissa in the eyes and said,
“I am sorry. This did not turn out the way I expected”

Melissa was still very calm. She could not allow this to get to her. Melissa had the baby in her belly to
think about.

Shayna hurried over, blanket and medicine in hand, for fear that

Melissa would be the same as last time.

“What are you doing? I am not that sick, ” Melissa accused her with a smile.

Shayna can only smile awkwardly and sit quietly waiting.

At this time Calvin also came, “Did Murray send you here?”

Melissa saw Calvin and guessed his purpose.

“You can’t be alone with how things are right now. Mr. Gibson couldn’t be with you just yet, but he said
don’t be afraid. Release everything. Make them see what Hayley is really about.”

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