Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 822

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The wall has fallen

“Is this a trivial matter? In your opinion, it is an inconspicuous thing, and for any entertainer, this is a
fatal blow,” Melissa exclaimed. “You think you are smarter than everyone else. You don’t even know
how to properly conduct yourself. If you know so much, why don’t you handle this situation yourself?”

Hayley shouted back, “I don’t care. You’re my manager. You have to settle it for me. Our contract has
not expired yet.”

“Sweetie, you haven’t paid me for my services. You won’t get anything from me for free!” Melissa
snapped. She pointed to the number on the paper and tapped it repeatedly. “You transfer the money to
my account now and I will help you settle this. If not, we have nothing else to talk about!”

Hearing this, Hayley was completely dumbfounded. She never thought that Melissa would be so

“2 million dollars?! That is an astronomical amount. I just debuted and it’s only a month. How could it
cost this much?!” Hayley exclaimed.

Melissa leaned back in her chair and then pointed to the door. “Well, I’ll be happy to help you once you
have the money.”

Hayley left angrily and said, “I’ll be back.”

A lot of people have said this to Melissa, but in the end, most never came back.

The news about Hayley became even more scandalous. Although in some news articles, Melissa’s
company was mentioned, but Melissa didn’t care. It was the principle at this point. She would not help
Hayley since she wanted to do things her way and cut her out.

Murray came to pick Melissa up after work. Reporters swarmed him, asking various questions.

“What you see on the internet. There is no other comment,” Murray said simply.

When he saw Melissa approaching, he immediately went to put his arms around her waist.

And those reporters stayed for a day and finally saw Melissa, how could they miss this opportunity?

So, they all stepped forward and pointed the microphone at Melissa, “What do you think about the
developments with Hayley, Melissa?”

“This is something that suddenly affected your company’s image. As her manager, do you want to say
something?” another reporter asked.

Melissa continued to maintain her gentle smirk, and waved at the press, “Hayley wanted to go her own
way. As of right now, I am not managing any of her contracts. I have organized catering for you all.
Make sure to drink and eat up, so you can be well rested for tomorrow.”

These reporters never dreamed of Melissa telling them that she had nothing to do with Hayley. All they
could do is admire her tenacity.

After her car drove away, the reporters continued discussing amongst themselves.

“You said we should send this report out?”

“Post it yourself, I don’t want to offend Melissa. What does the entertainer’s own affairs have to do with
their manager?”

These reporters also saw it very openly, and they all felt that it was Hayley’s fault that her reputation

Melissa was in a good mood today and couldn’t help laughing while sitting in the car.

Looking at the news on her phone, people were going after Hayley and even posting more about her

Hayley knew very well that Melissa could no longer help her, and now only Sam could help him.

So, she continued back to the villa.

As soon as she arrived at the door, she saw the lights in the villa turned on, which made her very

When she walked into the villa, Hayley found that there was no one there, not even the furniture
originally placed in the living room.

The whole house was empty.

Hayley was dumbfounded, and her last hope was dashed.

Unwilling to give up, she went to a few places where Sam often went, and found no one. Even now,
she would be recognized by others as soon as she went out.

In desperation, she could only hide at home.

Then the doorbell rang suddenly.

Hayley saw through the peephole that it was an unfamiliar man and hurriedly opened the door in

“You finally came to me. Do you know how much the news has affected me? Quickly help me think of a
way to get out of this,” Hayley begged coquettishly at the man, holding on to his arm.

The man shook off her hand in disgust and looked at her blankly, “I’m sorry Hayley. You are mistaken.
You haven’t made your rent payments for some time. So, the landlord asked me to come to remove
you from his home.”

“Isn’t there still a period of time for in the contract? Why are you coming here now? Is it because I’m
down and out?” Hayley, remember that it was still a while before the house was handed over to him.
Unexpectedly, as soon as she fell down, she was pushed against the wall by everyone.

“Sorry, these are not within my jurisdiction. I am only responsible for collecting the house. The landlord
said that the liquidated damages will not be repaid by you. He does not want people with your
reputation living in his home. You’ll decrease the property value of the homes in this neighborhood. He
hopes that you will move out as soon as possible since he already terminated your contract two weeks

“Where am I to go? I wanted to continue renting,”

“I’m sorry Hayley. The landlord made it very clear he doesn’t want to renew the contract with you. If you
do not move out, we will have to inform the police and get you escorted out.” There was no emotion left
by this man’s words.

The house was found by Melissa for her, and now the person who asked her to move out turned out to
be the landlord.

She remembered how the landlord had been abroad all the time how could she have known about it?

Hayley suddenly thought of Melissa and dialed her phone in a hurry.

“Did you get the landlord to throw me out?” Hayley demanded.

Melissa was also reluctant to talk to her, directly admitting, “Of course not. I just terminated all contracts
that I made on your behalf since you wanted to go solo.”

“Why do you treat me like this? I have been paying my rent on time this entire time. Where the hell am I
supposed to live?” Hayley lost his temper on the phone.

“I’m sorry. I’m the landlord, I’ll let whomever I want to live there, and I choose to not let you live there,”
Melissa answered. Hayley couldn’t believe her ears. She had been tricked by Melissa from the
beginning. Seeing that she showed no signs of leaving, police and movers were called and arrived at
her home.

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