Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 821

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Why should I help you?

“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” Hayley responded. To get ahead, most people worked hard
while others took shortcuts. Hayley didn’t want to work any harder than she already had been. She was
going to take a shortcut.

“Now that you’ve chosen, let’s get started.”

Hayley has been here for a long, long time, and Melissa had been unable to contact her for three days.

The variety show was also put on hiatus until Hayley returned. Melissa was in the office and was only a
few moments away from losing her temper over the situation.

At this moment, the assistant rushed into her office in a hurry, “The boss has been unable to contact
Hayley, what should I do? The director has already started asking questions.”

Melissa didn’t know what to do about the situation. Hayley was very upset when she left their home and
threatened her. She didn’t think she had the power to affect her; however, Melissa didn’t think that
Calvin would’ve been kidnapped.

“Wait, maybe there is news,” Melissa suggested.

As soon as Melissa finished speaking, the sound of her mobile phone disturbed her. When she turned
around, he saw that the director had called directly.

“I put this person in because I trusted you. Where is this girl?” the director said.

“Yes, I know. I apologize. I’ll find someone to replace her and send her right over,” Melissa apologized.

The director snorted and hung up the phone. Melissa frowned and squeezed her phone tightly in anger.
She tossed her phone back on the table.

“What now?” the assistant inquired.

Melissa’s cold eyes filled with anger and ordered, “We will wait!”

Three hours passed without an appearance from Hayley. Hayley did not pick up Melissa’s phone calls
either which further enraged Melissa.

“Boss, why don’t we give up on her.” Usually, people they can’t get in touch with will choose to give up
and have no hope for this person.

Melissa wanted to find her, but it was as if she vanished without a trace. It wasn’t until the evening that
Melissa got a call from Hayley.

“I’m sorry. I have already explained it to the director. Don’t arrange new variety shows for me recently. I
picked up a TV series myself, and I will join the group in a few days,” Hayley explained. There was not
even a hint of remorse in Hayley’s words, and it was not Melissa who was informed by the command.

“Even if you want to take on a TV series, you need to discuss this with me first,” Melissa responded.
She calmed herself for fear that his anger would affect the child in his womb.

“I want to be more popular. You said you can’t give that to me, so I am figuring it out on my own,”
Hayley said nonchalantly. Hayley believed Melissa shouldn’t be upset. She brought this on herself.

“Since you want to choose your own path, I will give you contacts. I will not allow you to develop
through improper channels. That would tarnish the reputation that you already have built,” Melissa

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Hayley said. Seeing Hayley was indifferent to her, Melissa didn’t
say anything else. She would let Hayley learn the hard way.

After a week, Melissa immediately canceled every show that she obtained for Hayley. All kinds of
scandalous news came out about Hayley but Melissa didn’t care. She was no longer tied to her. Hayley
chose this path and would have to walk it.

“Boss, this is bad, really bad,” The assistant stated, rushed over to her with with the tablet.

“Don’t do that! You’re going to give me a heart attack with your dramatics,” Melissa scolded, rolling her
eyes at her assistant’s panic.

The assistant put the tablet in front of her and pointed out, “Now there are all kinds of negative news on
the Internet about Hayley. Her reputation has plummeted.”

Melissa watched the news and said, “I warned her, but she wanted to go this route.”

There were sexually explicit pictures of Hayley. Her face was clear. It was definitely her.

“Boss, what should I do? The reporters are already here asking for a statement,” The assistant asked

“You do nothing,” Melissa instructed. “Let them stay downstairs and contact Hayley for me.”

Sure enough, on Melissa’s phone call, Hayley had already appeared in the company building not long
after the call.

“Are you going to do PR as my manager?” Hayley was already familiar with the routine of this line, and
began to order, starting with Melissa.

Melissa scoffed and said, “If I was your manager, yes I would be able to. However, you wanted to go
solo. If you my public relations department to handle this, you will need to pay PR fees.”

“How much?” Hayley asked.

Melissa wrote a number on a piece of paper and showed it to her.

“Are you crazy? Why would it be this damn expensive? ” Hayley asked as she stood up and pointed to
Melissa’s nose. Melissa chuckled and explained to her calmly, “Don’t forget that this is your fault. You
decided to do this after I warned you.”

“It was me who was photographed, but it wasn’t all because I didn’t have…” Hayley’s explanation was
a little pale, and his body trembled with anger.

“Since you have admitted it, I have warned you before that you should not use such improper means to
ascend to the position, but you won’t listen!” Melissa hissed.

“I didn’t do it out of urgency! It’s not sincere, why should you hold on to this trivial matter?”

There are only the two of them in the office now, and Hayley seemed to be so unscrupulous.

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