Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 814

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Melissa sat on the side, watching Vivian finish recording the entire show.

Vivian&39;s comeback suddenly opened the audience&39;s field of vision. In addition, herprevious popularity
had always been good, and she frequently appeared in the sight of several anchors, which refreshed
the impression.

The Dewar family saw the various videos of Vivian Swanson&39;s comeback and the public&39;s likes, and
they were even more dissatisfied.

&34;Isn&39;t that the entertainer that was injured? Why did Melissa bring her back? This is a slap in the face,”
Arno&39;s father said.

&34;I can&39;t believe she dares to show her face again. I&39;ll make sure this time to get rid of her,” Sileas said.
She had always been hostile to Vivian. The two discussed plans to get rid of Vivian.

Melissa went back to the company to have a meeting with the entertainers. Seeing everyone with
smiles on their faces, she couldn&39;t be happier, and she felt very comfortable.

&34;Vivian, have you finished recording all your shows?&34; These few days are enough for him to run. He
has made five shows before and after, and all of them are blockbusters.

The audience&39;s favorability for her had also risen again, and even

Renita has received a lot more invitations.

After such an injury, Vivian matured a lot and was not as reckless as before.

&34;It&39;s all over, don&39;t worry,” Vivian responded.

&34;Boss, there&39;s a group of troublemakers outside, &34;The security guard rushed over to report.

“Let&39;s go and have a look!&34; Melissa followed.

&34;I&39;m going too!&34; Vivian Swanson also wanted to follow, but was rejected by Melissa. These entertainers
could only be protected and hidden, and could not appear in this situation.

Going downstairs, Melissa saw two people in the hall. She knew who they were just by hearing their

In the crowd, there was a tall man, Arno Dewar.

Melissa stepped forward, and the security guards were scattered to both sides to protect Melissa.

The Dewarparentsscolded, &34;Where is that shameless woman? How many scandals will there be until
she learns to stop showing her face?&34;

The security guard approached and ordered them to leave. The Dewar couple did not leave and began
scuffling with the security guard. Arno watched from the side and kept looking at Melissa.

&34;Stop!&34; Melissa yelled at them.

Melissa pulled the Dewar couple to the parlor, and the security guards and Arno followed.

&34;Vivian Swanson is our company&39;s entertainer. I am the head of the company. If you are dissatisfied,
you speak to me instead of causing a scene,” Melissa clarified angrily.

&34;What do you mean? You are not the boss here.&34;&34;


Before the Dewar parents could finish speaking, they were interrupted by Arno who looked at Melissa&39;s
pale complexion.

&34;Sorry, we didn&39;t mean it,” Arno apologized. He didn&39;t care about offending, but he did care about the
people that were backing Melissa. Arno didn&39;t want to incur the wrath of the Eugen and Gibson family.

&34;Why are you apologizing?!” The Dewar father became more and more aggrieved the more they
thought about it.

Melissa snorted softly, &34;Arno Dewar is more sensible than you. Go home and don&39;t pull this stunt

&34;Don&39;t worry, I will definitely persuade my parents to accept Vivian Swanson well.” Arno promised.

&34;I don&39;t know how much your words are worth, but I choose to believe you, and I hope you won&39;t let me
down, let alone Vivian Swanson.”

This was Melissa&39;s last warning.

&34;Disrespectful, filthy woman. You don&39;t over talk your elders,”.”

The parents of the Dewar family watched Melissa leave and dared to continue insulting Melissa. you
not know who Melissa is?&34;

Melissa went upstairs and saw Vivian waiting at the door, gave her a look and told her to go back.

&34;Meili, I&39;m sorry.” Vivian apologized.

&34;No need. It&39;s not your fault. If you encounter this kind of thing in the future, don&39;t be afraid of them.
Conduct yourself professionally and if anything happens, I will take care of everything.”

Melissa said this not only to Vivian, but to the other entertainers as well..

&34;You&39;ll take care of everything?&34; Murray asked entering the room, hearing the end of Melissa&39;s
statement. He was, holding a bouquet of flowers in front of him.

Seeing this, Vivian and the other entertainers left Melissa and Murray alone.

&34;Don&39;t you have to go to work? The dignified Mr. Gibson has time to come around so leisurely?&34;
Melissa teased him and took the flowers, which were her favorite, lilies.

“I&39;m here to share the joy with you, Do you want to listen?” Murray sold off.

&34;Yes, what&39;s going on?&34;

&34;Kiss me and I&39;ll tell you!&34; Murray leaned forward with his eyes closed.

After waiting for a long time without for Melissa&39;s response, he opened his eyes and saw that he was
already working, and a look of unhappiness flashed on his face.

&34;Can you put your work aside for once?&34;

&34;Mr. Gibson, there are hundreds of people helping you in your company. My small company can only
rely on itself.&34; Melissa couldn&39;t help but complain.

&34;Then I&39;ll buy your company.” Murray took out his phone and was about to call.

He was frightened by Melissa&39;s angry eyes and hissed, Don&39;t you dare!”

&34;What&39;s the good news?&34;

Murray took out a letter and placed it in front of her. Melissa opened it and saw that the was
handwritten by the British princess. The letter was her asking Melissa to help her design a dress.

If it wasn&39;t for this letter, Melissa would have almost forgotten that she was once a designer and a top

&34;Shouldn&39;t the princess contact me directly? She has my contact information, why did she send it to
you?&34; Melissa asked, a little puzzled.

&34;Why, is it so difficult for your husband to be your Renita for once?&34; Murray muttered, staring at her in
disappointment. Melissa hurriedly kissed him and apologized.

&34;I sent several emails to your mailbox, but no one replied. So I just sent them directly to me. It just so
happened that she has been in our country for the past few days.&34;

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