Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 811

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Paternity Test

When she saw the two of them, Melissa laughed and said, &34;Hello, boss.&34;

The office was filled with their laughter.

The influence of public opinion on the Internet iswas growing, although it was focused more on the the
elderly couple than on the twin sisters.

Some people even tracked them down and revealed their address.

When they got home, they saw the door of their house had been vandalized with the word &34;Shameless&34;
painted across it.

The elderly couple hurriedly cleaned the door. While cleaning, a group of people arrived at their home
to mock and harass them.

&34;You are terrible people. You&39;re torturing those women and refuse to do a paternity test!&34;

&34;What are you hiding?”

&34;I bet they aren&39;t even their parents!&34;

The group of people continued to accuse them and launch things at them and their home.

The elderly couple have lived for most of their lives and have never suffered such grievances. This
time, they were suddenly dealt with like this, making them both feel unsafe

&34;You have no idea what you&39;re talking about! Get away from us before we call the police!”

The elderly couple had no choice but to take the initiative and contact Jill.

&34;We are willing to do a paternity test,&34; the elderly man said, &34;You can arrange a time and place.&34;

Hearing this, Jill was not too surprised, and after discussing with Melissa, she arranged a very private
agency, and even sent a car to pick them up.

When she saw the two old people again after many days, theywere a lot more haggard than before.

Melissa took the initiative to step forward and said, &34;I have also had to deal with social media effecting
my personal life, but it&39;ll get better.” &34;

The words were light and airy, but Jill didn&39;t approve of Melissa comforting them. They brought this on
themselves by making a statement about her and her sister in the first place.

The old man just smiled awkwardly and followed them in.

The whole process was very fast, just draw a blood, and the blood samples would be sent off for

&34;It will take a week for the results to come in and I will notify you when we get the results,&34; Melissa said
before sending the elderly couple on their way.

Melissa did not go back to the office but went to the healthcare center that would be doing the paternity
test. As soon as she walked in, the doctor on staff greeted her after being alerted by the receptionist.

&34;Mrs. Gibson...&34; The doctor greeted.

&34;When can I get the results?&34; Melissa asked.

&34;The fastest, tomorrow afternoon.”

Melissa nodded and walked out of the hospital. Seeing Murray waiting at the door, his heart was very

“Today is the day of the maternity check, did you forget??&34; Murry said.

Melissa tilted her head and thought, she had forgotten and said, &34;I really forgot, there have been too
many things going on recently.”

The two did not take a car after leaving the hospital. Instead, they strolled hand in hand around the
neighborhood park while taking in the sounds of chirping birds and people walking.

Now that she was pregnant, Melissa felt more at ease. Melissa and Murray held hands tightly.

&34;You should consider what you want to name your son,&34; Melissa said with a grin.

“Peanut will be his nickname.&34;

Murray frowned slightly. &34;Peanut, isn&39;t that name a little feminine?”

&34;Maybe I am pregnant with a girl?&34; Melissa deliberately contradicted him.

“Then, Peanut will be just fine,&34; Murray responded with a smile.

The paternity test results came in a day later, and the doctor called

Melissa in person.

Murray came with her.

&34;Mr. Gibson is here too. It&39;s really an honor for our hospital!” The doctor&39;s eyes lit up when he saw

After all, more than half of the hospital&39;s investment came from Murray&39;s pocket.

&34;What happened?&34; Melissa asked.

The doctor opened a file bag, took out a report sheet, put it on the table, and explained, &34;From the test
results, the two people are indeed related by blood, but this blood relationship is not between father
and daughter, but kinship.”

Melissa was confused. So, Jill and Jennifer&39;s biological parents were someone else?

Suddenly Melissa had a bold thought. Would the couple know who Jill&39;s biological parents were?

Melissa went to visit the parents with Murray after leaving the hospital.

They left an address at the police station before and followed the address to find it.

The two lived in a bungalow with a small yard.

When they arrived, the elderly couple were cleaning the yard again after it had been vandalized once

After seeing Melissa, the old man was stunned for a moment, but still invited her into his home.

Murray was by her side the whole time.

&34;The paternity test results came in and unfortunately, you two are not Jill&39;s biological parents.&34;

When the two old people heard this, they were not so disappointed, but they were expected.

&34;Do you know who her biological parents are?&34; Melissa asked.

&34;We don&39;t know, and we didn&39;t expect such a result,&34; The old man responded.

&34;You have to know that there was a lot of uproar on the Internet before. Everyone knows what
happened to between you two and Jill. Once this result is revealed, you&39;ll be criticized even more.&34;
Melissa explained, hoping that the couple would speak.

However, the old couple still refused to say anything else. Melissa frowned and shrugged before

&34;It doesn&39;t matter, you don&39;t have to say anything. I will hand over the result to the police. If the police
hold you accountable, that&39;s your own fault.&34;

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Chapter 811

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