Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 810

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Making the Headlines Again

Melissa clicked on a news article and looked at the photos taken by the reporter. She frowned at the

“Why does this photo make me so ugly and so fat?” Melissa pouted.

Hearing this, Jill gave her a stern look. Was she really worrying about her looking fact while she was
going through a crisis?

“This reporter is blind. What angle were these shot from?”

Melissa complained again, not taking Jill’s situation to heart at all Jill left in frustration.

When Melissa got home, she couldn’t help but continue to stare at the photos. Melissa was lying on the
bed and admiring the photo again, feeling the power of life from time to time to touch her already
bulging belly.

Just then, another piece of news was sent to her mobile phone.

“The wife of the owner of Gibson Corporation is suspected of being pregnant..”

Murray came back from the shower, looked at Melissa scowling at her phone, and couldn&39;t help but
ask, “What are you looking at? What are you so focused on?”

Melissa held up the phone for him to see.

“These pictures make me look so ugly.”

Melissa pouted coquettishly.

Murray pouted, “It’s because the photographer is terrible at his job!”

Hearing this, Melissa smiled happily.

“Do we want to get ahead of this?” Murray asked proactively.

Melissa followed by shaking his head and decided subconsciously, “Themore you try to clarify the
situation, the easier it is to get into trouble in the end. It’s better to pretend that we didn’t see anything
and let them keep guessing.”

Murry agreed with Meliisa. With what Melissa just went through, Murray knew that it would be better to
just not engage. Over time, no one would pay attention to Melissa.

Unfortunately, the news about Jill had intensified.

Melissa hurried back to the company the next morning to deal with these matters. As soon as she
arrived, Jill was making her way to her. She entered Melissa’s office and slammed a heavy stack of

“Do these people have no morals?” Jill said anxiously, “I thought that this kind of thing would not attract
too much attention if I didn’t explain it, but I didn’t think that it would give them more space to write
nonsense! ”

Melissa went through the newspapers, looking at the headlines that talked about what Jill would do
after finding her biological parents, why she wasn&39;t accepting her biological parents, and how she was
a terrible person.

As soon as Melissa finished speaking, the door was opened again, and it was Jennifer who walked in.

Melissa had forgotten to tell Jennifer what was going on and from how angry Jennifer looked, she
assumed Jill didn&39;t tell her either.

“Who can tell me if this is true or not?” Jennifer questioned the two as soon as they came up.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded.

“Police found an elderly couple that is claiming to be Jill&39;s biological parents but they refuse to take a
paternity test,” Melissa explained.

“What should I do now? I am not used to social media talking about me. People can point me out on
the street. I don&39;t need people judging me because they think I abandoned my parents,” Jennifer

Melissa and Jill looked at each other and couldn&39;t help but laugh.

“Actually, this matter is easy to solve.” Melissa responded after she stopped laughing. She had already
thought of a countermeasure, but she just wanted to discuss it with them.

Jill and Jennifer looked at Melissa with interest. Jennifer said “Well, what is the solution?” “You make a
statement about the situation and then, you don&39;t say anything else,” Melissa explained. “That elderly
couple will eventually show their true intentions and social media will turn on them. All you two have to
do is wait.” .”

For a whole day, the two twin sisters waited for additional information to be made public online while
sitting in the office in an uneasy manner.

Jennifer abruptly sprang up out of impatience, stunning Melissa and almost knocking her off the stool.

“What are you doing? Don’t scare her like that or you&39;ll never hear the end of it from Murray.” Jill
warned Jennifer.

“How long do we have to wait? We&39;ve been waiting all day and I have been unable to focus on anything
else. I can&39;t keep waiting like this,” Jennifer complained.

Melissa rolled her eyes and motioned for the two sisters to come over to look at her computer, “Come
here, there is news.”

The two quickly sat down next to Melissa and read the statement that the old couple had made.

The primary focus of the statement was to lay blame on Jill and Jennifer for not believing their words
and to express frustration over how difficult it was to locate their daughters.

“Isn&39;t this nonsense? They obviously didn’t want to do a paternity test, but now it’s my fault?” Jill said

“Don&39;t worry. Look at the comments.” Melissa stated as she scrolled down to the comments section.

Jill thought the comments section would be filled with people on the elderly couple’s side, but she didn&39;t
expect that it was the complete opposite. No one believed them at all.

Some even started to accuse the elderly couple for abandoning their daughters on purpose and only
showed up now to get a paycheck.

Melissa patted Jill on the shoulder and asked, “Is this enough? Do you still think we need to intervent?”

Both twin sisters shook their heads.

“How did you expect this?” Jennifer asked.

Melissa deliberately put on the score “You will know when you get to my position and have dealt with
paparazzi as much as I have.”

When the two of them heard this, they hurriedly ushered Melissa to the sofa. Jennifer and Jill sat at
Melissa&39;s doctor with their arms crossed, looking very dominant..

“ Shouldn&39;t it be time to call us two bosses?”

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Chapter 810

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