Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 807

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The means are too low

“Thankyou for telling me. I&39;m very fortunate that Shayna convinced me to come or I wouldn&39;t have
found out about this,” Melissa said after calming down.

When Melissa turned back, she saw Shayna entertaining the children, and the minute the sun entered
through the window and shone on Shayna&39;s body, Melissa felt very warm. Shayna was laughing and
smiling the whole time.

Shayna waved at her and said, “Meli, come here.”

Melissa spent the whole day with them in the orphanage.She had a very happy day on this day, and
even felt that she hadn&39;t been this happy in a long time.

“Public relations copy, I have already written Renita, and I will contact you tonight. If you are ready to
send it, just have a talk with Renita! ” Melissa said. She believed she had solved the turmoil in her heart
and now she was no longer depressed.

Shayna smiled and said, “Meli, you are the best for me.”

Melissa asked the driver to send Calvin and Shayna back first. Her driver drove her to the front of the
Murray Company. She looked up and saw that the lights upstairs were still on and knew that Murray
had not left. Maybe for his company, things have been busy. Melissa chose to go back to her office
instead of disturbing him.

Again, Murray spent another night in his office. Just like Melissa he chose to stay at his office as well.
He didn’t want to go home since he knew Melissa would not be there.

“Mr. Gibson, Lina is here, saying she wants to see you! ” his secretary stated.

Murray had expected that she would come, so he was here waiting for her early.

“Let her in.”

Lina walked in with a dull look and threw her bag on the sofa.

“What do you think you&39;re doing? Are you trying to knock me out of power?” Lina demanded.

Murray heard this and did not respond in a hurry, but leisurely helped her pour a cup of coffee on the
table, and said very calmly,

“Isn&39;t this the result you want?” “I can’t understand what you&39;re saying! Do you know how hard it is for
me to enter this department? It wasn&39;t easy and you&39;re trying to destroy everything I have built up,” Lina
exclaimed before slamming down a report on his desk.

In the report, facts were provided that showed she used her official position to collude with outsiders to
suppress the Gibson Corporation group. Because of the evidence provided, the judicial department
directly came to investigate. Even though this was not a major blow to her, it made people wonder how
much money did she pay to get into the position she holds right now.

“If you&39;re innocent, no matter how I report it, I shouldn&39;t have pulled you down so quickly,” Murray said
as he gave her a light glance. He saw through her scheme as soon as she showed up. “You! ” Lina
couldn&39;t understand what he said. “I was sent by your Grandfather!”

Murray snorted lightly. He had been waiting for her to admit it and she finally did. “And?” Murray said

Lina panicked and asked, “You already knew that, didn’t you?”

In fact, he already knew who this person was when Murray found out that someone was doing
something wrong, but he couldn&39;t act rashly now, he wanted to see what the person behind him wanted

to do.

Until that day, Mr. Marc came over suddenly talking about the branch having issues.

“You are also very good. You ordered flowers for me, helped me celebrate my birthday, and followed
me to my house to anger my wife. What is your motive?” Murray continued. “Oh, I forgot one more
thing. You bribed the private detective that Melissa hired to talk nonsense. You also misappropriated
the name Lily. So, what is your motive?”

Lina was dumbfounded when she heard it. She thought her plan was flawless. How had he figured
everything out that fast?

“Can you delete that anonymous letter?” Lina asked.

“Why should I withdraw? The achievements that our company has finally made have been interfered
with by you, directly destroying the company&39;s economy. I believe that Mr. Marc did help you do this,
right?” Murray angrily stated. He noticed Lina’s bag on the sofa and threw it off in disgust.

“It was Mr. Marc who told me to stop you from communicating with Melissa and let me intervene
between the two of you because Melissa can&39;t give birth to a child.” Lina finally explained the whole

At that time, when Mr. Marc found her, Lina refused in every possible way. Unfortunately, when she
heard that the other partywas Murray, she agreed immediately. She admitted that she liked Murray very
much and was bitter that he married Melissa.

She also knows that the position he has achieved now is all brought to her by Mr. Marc.

Hearing this, Murray burst out laughing. When did his family become like this?

“Mr. Marc, where is he now?” Murray asked.

“I don&39;t know, I really don&39;t know.” Lina shook her head subconsciously.

Murray walked up to Lina and gripped her face angrily.

“Tell me! ” he yelled at her.

Lina was terrified and said hesitantly, “At the hotel!”

Then, Murray took her to the hotel where Mr. Marc was at.He knocked on the door vigorously, and soon
Mr. Marc came over and opened it. When he saw Murray standing at the door, Mr.Mare glared at

“Have you finally resolved the company’s problems?” Mr. Marc asked coldly.

“Don&39;t you know the best way to resolve issues?” Murray asked rhetorically as he pushed past his
father to enter his room. Lina followed behind.

“I&39;m sorry Mr. Marc, I didn’t do what you told me.” Lina bowed her head and apologized!

Mr. Marc frowned as he shoved her out of the room yelling, “Get out!”

Lina stumbled out of the room and the door slammed shut in her face.

“Grandpa, are you that dissatisfied with that you would do something so underhanded?”

Murray really didn’t understand why he had to do such immoral things repeatedly.

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