Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 802

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I will definitely chase you back Hospital ward.

The hallway was silent, and Sylvia craned her neck to listen to the outside.

&34;Mrs.Timothy, it’s been almost an hour, and Harley isn&39;t here yet.Why don’t I call him again?&34; Sylvia

&34;Sylvia looked thoughtful, always feeling that Harley wasn&39;t telling the truth.A whole day passed, she
called the crew and heard that Harley had asked the director to be on leave.

As an entertainer, if you don’t film, you can’t make make money.

So, what was Harley thinking? She had guessed that Harley went to Nina, but pretended to know
nothing before Carlee.

At this moment, Carlee was leaning on the hospital bed, shaking her feet while gesturing to
Sylvia,&34;Don&39;t worry, just wait, if Harley really misses me, he will come.&34;

Sylvia nodded and asked , &34;Mrs.Timothy, are you thirsty? I&39;ll go out and buy you water...&34;

Just as she was talking, she heard a hurried sound from outside the door.

Sylvia&39;s eyes suddenly lit up, &34;Harley seems to be here!&34;

Hearing her reminder, Carlee hurriedly lay down, deliberately pretending to be sick.


The next moment, Harley walked quickly into the ward, his color was very anxious, and his breathing
was also panting from .

Seeing his mother lying on the hospital bed, Harley ignored Sylvia next to her and asked with concern,
&34;Mom, are you okay? What&39;s wrong with your heart?&34;

Although Carlee&39;s expression was tight, she was relieved to see that her son was concerned about her

She did not provide a response to Harley&39;s question; instead, she frowned and asked, &34;You haven&39;t
been home all day and night; where were you?&34;

Harley frowned when he heard his mother’s question and said, &34;There is something wrong with the
scene I am shooting, and many scenes need to be re-shot.&34;

There&39;s a good reason for that, or at the very least Carlee has no justification for objecting to him

However, Sylvia was aware that Harley was lying.

But Sylvia knew that Harley was lying, and without waiting for Carlee to speak, she asked,&34;Harley, is
the crew really busy?&34;

Harley&39;s eyes narrows upon hearing her speak, and he glanced coldly at Sylvia, seeing a hint of
meaning in her eyes.

Did Sylvia know his whereabouts? It didn’t matter.

This woman shouldn&39;t be questioning his whereabouts period.She was nothing to Harley and he would
eventually get her to understand that no matter what his mother did.

Harley responded vaguely, &34;Yes, these two days have been very busy.&34;

After saying that, he quickly ended the topic, holding Carlee’s hand and asking warmly, &34;Mom, what
else is wrong with you? What did the doctor say?&34;

Carlee’s purpose was to get Harley back.

She pretended to be hurt by his question and asked with a sneer, &34;What do you mean? You want me to
be sick?&34;

Harley was stunned by his mother’s scolding and explain,: &34;Don’t get me wrong, I’m just worried about
you; otherwise why would I rush to the hospital in such a hurry?&34;

He could feel that his mother had resentment towards him.

As for the reason, it must have something to do with neglecting Sylvia.

Sure enough, Carlee disapproved and complained with a long sigh, &34;Hey, what is wrong with me
wanting my son home with me?Now, that you&39;re grown you must not care about me anymore.If you
don’t want to go home, then fine don&39;t go home.&34;

Seeing Carlee complaining, Sylvia added fuel to her by saying, &34;Harley, the doctor said that
Mrs.Timothy has an irregular heart beat and elevated blood pressure.You shouldn&39;t stress you mother
out, so you should spend more time with her.&34;

&34;Forget it! I can&39;t count on this son!&34;

Carlee snorted coldly, interrupting Sylvia&39;s words and continued to sigh dramatically.

Harley was embarrassed to stand by his mother’s hospital bed while his mother and Sylvia complained
together.He wish he didn’t have to be there.

But regardless of what happened, his mother was currently being treated in a hospital, and Harley
didn&39;t dare to let her be stimulated any longer, so he is only able to act in accordance with her whims.

&34;Okay, mom, you can stop with the theatrics.It&39;s not that I don&39;t care about you.I&39;ve just been really busy
these days,&34; Harley explained.

Harley shook his head helplessly before pulling over a chair and sitting down to offer his sincere

&34;But your body is the most important thing, and I will take a leave of absence to keep you company in
the hospital tomorrow.&34;

After persuading him, Carlee finally smiled and asked Harley to stop contacting Nina.

As for the child in Nina’s womb, Carlee had her own plans on how to deal with that.

Although she could not accept this daughter-in-law, ifNina gave birth to a boy, she would naturally bring
her grandson back.

After Carlee went to the sleep for the night, Harley left the ward weary.

Sylvia also followed, and said in a low voice, &34;Harley, I&39;ll take care of Mrs.Timotthy.You should go home
and rest first.&34;

In order to win the favor of Carlee, she would have to play the part of a doting future daughter-in-
lawfrom time to time.

But Harley didn&39;t appreciate it.

In fact, he was sick of seeing her.

&34;No need, I&39;ll take care of my mother myself,&34; Harley replied coldly, &34;It’s better for you to go back.You
wouldn&39;t want anything to happen to your body..&34;

The words sounded both like caring and like Harley didn’t want to get himself into trouble.

, Sylvia knew that it would be difficult to warm his heart in a short time, so she simply didn’t insist.

&34;Well, I&39;ll come back tomorrow morning.If you have something to do, you can call.&34;

Sylvia pursed her lips and smiled.She wanted to talk more with Harley, but she watched him turn and
walk out of the ward.

Moments later, not long after Sylvia left the hospital, Harley was back in the hallway again.

The reason why he was guarding Carlee in his sleep just now was to avoid Sylvia.

He knew that he didn&39;t love this woman, even if he was alone with her for a long time, he would feel

Standing by the window, Harley looked out at the dark night sky, feeling empty inside.He began to miss
Nina again, recalling their exchange in the hotel, he felt sick to his stomach that she still would not be
with him.

Her attitude was so cold and decisive, as if she wasn&39;t going to give him any more chances.

&34;Nina, I will definitely chase you back!&34;

Taking a deep breath of , Harley muttered to himself wistfully.

He didn&39;t know that Carlee’s hospitalization was just a scheme, and even the doctor who attended to
Carlee was arranged by Sylvia.

Therefore, Harley was ready to wait for his mother to recover and be discharged from the hospital, and
then start to resolve the entanglement between the three.

Nina had packed up and checked out as Harley sat dozing off beside his mother’s hospital bed the next

Nina’s parents were worried about her living alone in the hotel, and came early to persuade her to go
home and have a baby.

At first Nina thought about going home in a few days, but considering Harley rushed to the hospital last
night, she guessed that he should not have time to take care of himself.

He&39;s got to take care of Carlee and Sylvia, and he’s going to be very busy from morning to night.

On the way back, Kasen Paul asked while driving, &34;Nina, you stayed in a hotel yesterday, did Harley
harass you again?&34;

Nina was shocked by the question and she shook her head in denial.

&34;No, but he shouldn&39;t come to me again,&34; she said.

At this point, Nina smiled bitterly, thinking that Sylvia was living in the Timothy family villa now, and
there was an indescribable sadness in his heart.

It’s just that she didn’t want to tell her parents about it, so that they wouldn&39;t further worry about her.

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