Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 800

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Don&39;t want to give up on this

The night was quiet and Harley was still pacing back and forth in front of the Paul residence.He looked
up at Nina&39;s room and saw that she had left a dim light on.

The curtains were closed, and he couldn&39;t even see the shadow of Nina.

Hours passed, and although Harley was beginning to feel tired, he still didn’t want to give up.

Suddenly the phone in his pocket rang.

It was hid mother The phone was connected, and Harley heard her mother’s worried voice, &34;Harley, it&39;s
almost one in the morning.Are you still out drinking?&34;

&34;Yes, I&39;m staying at a friend’s house tonight, and I&39;ll be back tomorrow morning.&34;

Harleylied, hung up the phone and continued to wait downstairs.

As long as he stays here, maybe he could speak with Nina tomorrow.

The Next Morning Nina was tossing and turning in bed last night.

The appearance of Harley made her confused, and she lay for a long time without sleep.

She rolled up her long hair and came out of the bedroom after washing up.

At this time, Ariana Paul was preparing breakfast.

When she saw her daughter, she stepped forward with a smile and asked, &34;Nina, why don&39;t you sleep
more? What do you want to eat in the morning?&34;

She yawned and replied lazily, &34;I woke up and was going to go out for a walk to buy breakfast.&34;

When she heard that she was going out, Ariana Paul became worried, and hurriedly went to her
husband,Kasen Paul, who was watering flowers on the balcony.

&34;Don&39;t water the flowers for now.Nina wants to eat ’s breakfast.Put on your clothes and come inside.&34;

Ariana Paul hurriedly urged, just hoping that her daughter could raise the baby at home with peace of

But Nina just wanted to find a reason to go out to get internal energy.

She hadn&39;t went out for a few days, and was inevitable bored after staying in the room for a long time.

&34;I&39;ll go buy breakfast.I feel good today, and it’s good for my baby to exercise more.&34;

Nina smiled gently.

Seeing her daughter&39;s insistence, Ariana Paul had to let her go, but repeatedly told her to be careful
when going out.

Soon she came downstairs, and as soon as she breathed in fresh empty internal energy, she saw a
familiar car parked in front of her.

Nina was stunned for a moment, carefully observed the license plate number and determined that this
was the car of Harley.

&34;Why is he here again?&34;

Nina frowned, muttering to herself.Her first reaction was to go out another way, but noticed movement
in Harley&39;s car.

That&39;s when Nina realized that perhaps Harley hadn&39;t left the community at all last night.

Thinking of this, Nina walked over out of curiosity.

Through the tinted window, she saw Harley sitting in the driver&39;s seat, his head tilted back in a deep

Looking at Harley&39;s sleeping appearance, Nina didn’t know how to feel.

She couldn&39;t understand the motives of Harley, since he and Sylvia had a child.

Why was he still pursuing her? Did he want a wife and a mistress? Nina couldn&39;t guess what Harley
was thinking, and was even more disgusted with his behavior of squatting downstairs in his house.

Taking a note from her bag, she quickly wrote a few words and clipped it to the windshield.

An hour later, Harley woke up from his sleep.

At about four or five in the morning, he was really sleepy and tired, so he went back to the car to rest.

Originally, Harley only planned to take a nap, but he opened his eyes at 8:30 in the morning.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Harley first looked out the car window and found that there was no Nina.

It&39;s still early, she shouldn&39;t go out, right? Harley got out of the car to continue to wait, when he
suddenly saw the note on his windshield.

&34;Harley, go home and don’t come back here.You need to move on.Leave me in peace.&34;

Although there was no inscription on the note, he recognized it was written by Nina by the content and

Harley was annoyed at the thought of missing out on Nina&39;s chance to meet .

The misunderstanding between the two deepened, and Harley understood that Nina wanted to break
up with him.

He strode up the stairs and knocked impatiently on Nina’s door.

This time, Ariana Paul seemed to be well prepared, even omitting the question and opening the door.

&34;You still want to find Nina?&34;

Looking at Harley&39;s anxious look, Ariana Paul&39;s reaction was cold.

&34;Yes, I really have something to tell her, please let me in...&34;

Harley begs Ariana Paul, is flushed with impatience.

At this time, Kasen Paul also walked to the door and told with a cold face, &34;It’s no use letting you in,
because Nina moved out.&34;

&34;What did you say?&34;

Harley&39;s expression was incredulous, and he asked &34;Where did Nina go? Can you tell me?&34;

Kasen Paul shook his head at the same time.

&34;We don&39;t know this either.Nina just said that she doesn’t want to see you, and she doesn’t want you to
affect our lives.&34;

&34;Harley, stop stalking, you have caused so much harm to my daughter, and I, as a mother, want you to
go away!&34;

Harley sighed and apologized..

&34;I’m sorry, I&39;ll prove it to Nina one day, and I&39;ll come to visit then.&34;

Having said that, he left the Paul family and drove around aimlessly.

During this period, the crew director called Harley several times, urging him to come to the set as soon
as possible.

However, in the current state of Harley, he knew that he could not act, so he simply took sick leave to
stop work.

The next day, Harley tried his best to make countless phone calls to ask friends to help him find and the
whereabouts of Nina.

On the other side, Sylvia was still in the Timothy family villa.

Twenty-four hours have passed since Harley left the house last night.

Thinking Harley was avoiding her on purpose, she ‘I packed up and came to Carlee with tears in her

&34;Mrs.Burton, I don’t think I want to live here anymore Harley has been avoiding me.Rather than
annoying him, I will leave.&34;

As she spoke, she pretended to wipe away tears, and turned away decisively.

Seeing that her prospective daughter-in-law was leaving, Carlee quickly stood up to stop her.

&34;Sylvia, don&39;t worry, I have a way to call Harley home!&34;

A sly look flashed across Carlee’s eyes as she pulledSylvia to sit on the sofa.

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