Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 799

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Playing emotional cards with children

Sylvia nodded and asked softly, &34;Can I come in?.&34;

Harley just wanted to talk to Sylvia alone, so she was allowed into his bedroom.

The two sat on each side, and Harley&39;s attitude did not change, and he still looked angry..

&34;Just say what you want to say and then, get out.&34;

Harley spoke indifferently, hoping that Sylvia had better be out out of his home tomorrow morning.

Looking at Harley’s cold eyes, Sylvia realized he had no feelings for her.

However, even so, it does not mean that she will surrender Harley to Nina.

Holding the air of a lady, Sylvia smiled, &34;Actually, Mrs.Burton didn’t mean to force you.She just thought
that I was pregnant and had nowhere to go, so she brought me over to live temporarily.&34;

&34;And?&34; Harley said.

Sylvia nodded affirmatively and said earnestly, &34;I know you don&39;t like me, but the accident has already
happened.I don’t ask for anything else, just ask you to be in this baby’s life.&34;&34;

After saying this, she lowered her head deliberately, trying to win Harley&39;s sympathy by pretending to
be pitiful.

Even if Harley didn’t love her, he would never be cold- blooded to his own flesh and blood, right? Sylvia
has already planned, in the next month, either the fake pregnancy would become a real pregnancy, or
she would find a chance to fake a miscarriage.

The choice was dependent on how things developed next.

Harley saw straight through her act and was not in the mood to play games with her.

&34;I will consider this matter.Before I give you an answer, I have a question to ask you.&34; Harley finally

Sylvia sat upright, waiting for him to continue.

&34;I want to know, what&39;s your purpose in making your pregnancy public?&34;

Harley glanced at her coldly, and asked with a taunting corner of his mouth, &34;Did you think that if you
put pressure on me, I would marry you?&34;

Hearing this, Sylvia rolled her eyes.He could see that Harley was dissatisfied with the matter and could
only explain the reason in a euphemistic manner.

&34;No, Harley, don&39;t get me wrong...&34;

Sylvia pretended to be innocent and responded quietly.

&34;Mrs.Burton asked me to do this.I didn’t want to make it public at first, but Mrs.Burton said she wanted
the world to know about her future grandchild.&34;

Although it was planned by Sylvia,Carlee played a hand in this by persuading her to release the
information.It would&39;ve have been released to the media whether she paid for it or not.

In order for the two to get married as soon as possible, Sylvia confessed in front of Carlee , saying that
she just wanted to get everyone’s blessing.

Carlee believed it, so she let her put the blame on herself.

But Harley didn’t buy it, and was even more unhappy because the his mother and Sylvia were both
trying to control him.

&34;Sure, you can live her.But, I want nothing to do with you.You stay away from me,&34; Harley stated coldly.

After explaining everything that should be explained, Harley opened the bedroom door and said,&34;Now
get out of my room.&34;

Sylvia felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head.

Harley truly did not care about her or even the idea of a potential baby.She frowned slightly.She wanted
to curse him, but kept her composure. immediately, Sylvia pursed her lips and smiled,&34;Well, I won&39;t
disturb you.&34;

Harley stood in the door expressionless as he watched Sylvia leave his room and slammed the door
behind her.

After a moment, Harley felt increasingly unwilling to stay at the villa.He paced back and forth in the
bedroom, suddenly desperate to see Nina.

Dressing quickly, Harley hurried down the stairs.

At this time, Carlee was talking to the servant when she noticed that Harley was about to go out, and
trotted after him.

&34;It&39;s getting dark.Where are you going?&34;

Harley was extremely disgusted by his mother’s intrusion on his life.

He suppressed his irritability and responded,: &34;My friend asked me out for a drink.&34;

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Carlee to react, and slammed the door behind him without looking

Leaving the villa in his car, Harley stepped on the gas and headed straight for Nina’s residence.

Forty minutes later, jumping out of the car, Harley rushed to Nina’s front door after seeing the lights on
in Nina’s room.

The two hadn&39;t seen each other for a few days, and Harley was worried about her, especially their
unborn baby.

Harley mustered the courage and knocked on the door twice.

Soon, Ariana Paul&39;s voice came from inside asking who was it at this time of night .

Harley didn&39;t know if he would be driven away, so he bravely replied, &34;It&39;s me, please open the door.&34;

At this time, the Paul family had just finished dinner, and Ariana Paul, who was washing the dishes,
wiped his hands and reminded the husband on the sofa with a hoarse voice, &34;Harley came over you want to open the door for him?&34;

Hearing that Harley was outside the door, Kasen Paul put down the remote in his hand, frowning

If he refused to open the door, maybe Harley would leave but if he stayed the neighbors would notice
and gossip.

Concerned about his daughter&39;s reputation, he said, &34;Let him in, I won&39;t leave him outside.&34;.&34;

&34;Mom, what are you talking about?&34; Nina asked as she came out of her room.

These days Nina couldn&39;t eat or sleep well and looked very thin.

Except for the round pregnant belly, her whole person was in a state of weakness.

Ariana Paul had a look of embarrassment on his face and lowered his voice to respond, &34;Harley is
outside , I&39;ll open the door for him.&34;

Upon hearing this, the smile on Nina’s face disappeared.She glanced at the door with an uneasy look,
and then shook her head to stop.

&34;Mom, don’t let him in.I don’t want to see Harley.&34;.&34;

After Nina finished speaking, he turned back to the room, and Kasen heard the sound of him knocking
the door at the same time.

The old couple looked at each other, both helpless and embarrassed.

&34;What about this? Do you want to open the door?&34; Ariana Paul asked in trouble.

Kasen Paul didn&39;t know what to do, so he had to convey the meaning of Nina to Harley.

Opening the door, he saw Harley waiting in the hallway.

&34;Nina doesn’t want to see you.I think you should go back.&34;

With that alone, Kasen Paul was about to close the door.

But Harley was quick-witted, and suddenly stepped forward and blocked the crack of the door with his

&34;Mr.Paul, I know Nina is still upset, but will you let me see her for a moment?&34;

Harley has never been so distressed as he is now,.He didn’t know how to get rid of Sylvia and how to
win back Nina&39;s heart.

At this time, Ariana Paul also came over.: &34;Nina has more than enough on her plate than to be
reminded constantly that you broke her heart.Stop pestering my daughter and get off my property!&34;

Ariana Paul said and pushed Harley out, closing the door at the same time.

Staring at the closed door in front of him, Harley shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Before he came, he thought that Nina would come out to see him.But Harley would not give up easily,
even if he waited here for days, he would see Nina.

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Chapter 799

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