Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 797

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Ambiguous duo

After watching the person take the elevator, Melissa walked out of her hiding spot to see , that the
elevator stopped on the top floor.

The familiar person was the woman from the flower shop: Lina.

Lina walked directly into Murray&39;s office.

Melissa didn’t dare to go in rashly and only waited at the door.

Unfortunately, the office was soundproof, so she couldn&39;t hear anything .

&34;Why are you here?&34; Murray asked as he saw her walk in.

&34;What&39;s with the attitude? Aren&39;t you happy to see me??&34; Lina said, sitting directly in front of him.,
&34;Probably not.You were really upset when I left.You still sore about that?&34;

Murray snorted, &34;You think too highly of yourself.How the hell did someone like you get into a
government position?&34;

&34;You really haven&39;t changed at all.I have already dismissed all the reporters from your company.You
should take me out to dinner to thank me.&34; Lina said coyly.

&34;Sure.&34; Murray agreed.

Melissa was anxiously waiting when she heard movement.She quickly found a place to hide and
watched Murray leave with Lina.

Melissa glared at them before waiting to call Murray.

&34;Where are you? It&39;s late,&34; she asked.

“I&39;m working overtime, and there’s something wrong with the company,&34; Murray responded.

&34;Then, make sure you focus,&34; Melissa said and hung up.

&34;Melissa followed Murray&39;s car from the restaurant and back to Gibson Corporation.The process took
three full hours.Melissa felt betrayed that Murray lied to her and was potentially cheating on her.

Melissa sat in her car, touching her belly and cried.

Jill had been sitting on the sofa waiting for Melissa.

When she returned, she noticed something was off with her.

Before she could ask, Melissa told her good night and went to her room.

Melissa drafted an agreement on her computer.

The Next Day Early in the morning, Manager Peter sent all the documents over to Murray.

Murray flipped through the documents, noting that information was missing,, and asked, &34;Is this all? &34;

Manager Peter nodded quickly.

Murray went directly to the upstairs tothe branch office and began to ask questions.

&34;I heard that you disregarded the opinions of customers and questioned raising the price?&34;

Murray said as he flipped through the documents on Manager Peter&39;s desk.

None of it was useful.It was all old information.

&34;It’s because the stock price is a bit low recently.Compared with last year, the company has already lost
a lot, so I wanted to take part of the money out of this year’s shareholders, so that the loss could be
reduced.&34; Manager Peter explained.

Murray snorted softly, &34;Why are you doing things so blindly and carelessly now?&34;

Naturally, he was aware that some losses might be recovered by such methods, but the branch&39;s
purpose is to rely on its customers’ opinions and pay attention to them when necessary rather than just
following the pack.

Murray suddenly learned that Manager Peter had some negative intentions.

&34;I truly have nothing to do with the branch, Mr.Gibson, but I just feel like I can&39;t live up to your

Manager Peter&39;s explanation appears reasonable.

&34;You have three weeks to find a solution.You will be given an assistant from the head office.You are
responsible for making the right decisions.&34;

It is simple to extricate a person, but if you want to extricate all the shadowy figures, you still needed to
hide your cards.

&34;Mr.Gibson, I appreciate your trust.&34;

On the desk, Murray saw a photo.

The person in the photo was none other than Mr.Marc.It seems that this scene is getting more and
more interesting.

After returning to the company, the secretary sorted out all the information of all branches.

&34;Mr.Gibson, this is everything you need.&34;

&34;Tomorrow you will report to the branch office, be Manager Peter&39;s assistant, and take a close look at
the branch office&39;s accounts,&34; Murray explained.

He can still trust the secretary.

If you want to catch the big fish, you still have to put a long line.

As for the reporters, Murray let the PR department deal with it.

Murray left the office after spending two days away from home, and when he arrived home, he
discovered Melissa was not there.

However, he discovered some flowers in the backyard and thought that perhaps Melissa was planning
a surprise for his birthday.

Thinking about it caused him to smile.

Melissa went to the hospital, checked it out, and found that the child was all right, but she couldn&39;t be

When she got home, she saw Murray&39;s car, turned around, and drove straight to the flower shop.

&34;What are you doing here?&34; Jill asked, She was so busy fulfilling orders that she didn&39;t even bother to
greet Melissa but pointed to the stool for her to sit.

Melissa smiled because she was happy to see that Jill&39;s business was successful.

&34;Did the woman who ordered the bouquet for her husband pick it up yet?&34; Melissa asked tentatively.

&34;No.She wanted it to be delivered straight to the house.&34; Jill said while wrapping flowers.

&34;So, you could use me to deliver the bouquet,&34; Melissa suggested.

She wanted to do this to verify if this woman sent flowers to Murray.


Jill didn’t have any suspicions and only figured that Melissa was trying help her.She put the bouquet in
her car and Melissa set off.

En route, Melissa called Lina before she came and explained that she would be delivering the flowers.

Sure enough, she was downstairs at Gibson Corporation.

After handing her the bouquet, Melissa waited in her car to watch Lina go straight upstairs.

After a while, Murray&39;s car arrived.He parked and went inside.

Melissa hurriedly got out of the car and decided to go inside through the basement.She didn&39;t want
anyone warning Murray that she was there.

When Melissa finally made it upstairs to the top floor, she saw Lina there holding the bouquet in front of
the secretary&39;s desk.

The truth came crashing down on her.

Everything made sense now.

The secretary noticed Melissa at the door and said, &34;Mrs.Gibson, Mr.Gibson is coming up.You can...&34;

&34;It&39;s okay.I&39;m not looking for him,&34;

Melissa said and quickly rushed downstairs, not knowing how she was going to deal with this betrayal.

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