Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 786

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Men are unreliable

&34;Nina! I&39;m just trying to help you! Even if you don&39;t want to be with me anymore, that&39;s fine.But think of
the baby!&34; Harley said.

&34;Your physical condition is still fragile, so come home with me to rest for two days.You can leave when
everything is fine.I will not stop you after that!&34;

If Harley got Nina home first, he could use the, time to investigate whether Sylvia&39;s pregnancy had
anything to do with him.

&34;You speak so nicely!&34; Nina snorted.

With what she knew about Harley, as long as she returned to that villa, Harley would definitely try to
find excuses and not let her leave for various reasons.

&34;No, I can go back to my home to raise the baby.My parents will helo me take care of the baby, so I
don&39;t need your concern,&34; Nina said.

Harley had absolutely no way to deal with Nina’s stubbornness.

Seeing her walking towards the elevator, Harley wanted to give up, but after some thought, he chased
after her again.

The two came out of the elevator at the same time, and Nina deliberately ignored him and hurried out
of the hospital.

Standing on the side of the road, she looked at the approaching taxi, and was about to wave, but was
blocked by Harley&39;s car.

Immediately, Nina was in a state of panic, and angrily said, &34;You asshole, get out of the way.Stay away
from me.&34;

Harley did not give in, opened the passenger&39;s door and begged, &34;Honey, get in the car first;if you don&39;t
want to go back with me, I can take you to your parents’ house.&34;

&34;Thank you, but I can take a taxi by myself!&34;

Nina bypassed his car and tried to call for the next taxi.

Harley turned off the car and jumped out to accompany Nina.

This move made startled Nina and asked suspiciously, &34;What game are you playing?&34;&34;

Harley did not answer, and began blocking Nina from calling for a car.

After missing several taxis in a row, Nina gave up.

If she had her phone, she would have just called a Lyft or an Uber, but now she was stuck at the mercy
of Harley.

Forget it.

I will just walk, Nina thought as she began walking up the sidewalk.

Harley followed behind Nina leisurely jingling his car keys.

After walking a short distance, Nina couldn&39;t take it anymore and yelled, &34;Mr.Timothy, please let me go!
I beg you!&34;

Nina made a pleading gesture, clasping his hands on his chest, hoping that he would stop pestering

But Harley was determined to take care of Nina, and continued to negotiate, &34;I can let you go, as long
as you let me give you a ride.&34;

Nina asked tentatively: &34;Really? You&39;re just taking me home.You won&39;t lie to me, will you?&34;

&34;Of course.I swear.You doubt my character?&34;

Harley nodded firmly.

Nina frowned.

Based on how the past few days, Harley had the audacity to question her about her disbelief in him.

That was ridiculous.

Harley hid his relationship with Sylvia.

Nina had begun to doubt his character.She already doubted almost everything he told her.

&34;Are you serious? After everything that has been revealed in the past few days? Nevermind.I&39;ll keep

Nina scoffed as she continued walking along the sidewalk..When she didn&39;t hear the jingling of car
keys, Nina turned around to see Harley was gone.

Even though Nina couldn&39;t forgive Harley, she still loved him.

Did that sentence hurt Harley&39;s self-esteem? Nina thought to herself and stopped suddenly.He is really

Nina was somewhat disappointed.

But thinking about what happened between Harley and Sylvia behind her back, Nina wouldn&39;t go after
him and continue walking.

Not long after, Nina came to the crossroads.

The traffic signal light turned red, and she waited patiently to be able to walk across safely.

&34;Nina, get in the car!&34;

Just as the lights flashed, the gentle voice of Harley floated from the car behind her.

Turns out Harley just went back to pick up the car! In an instant, Nina felt disgusted that she even felt
an ounce of guilt for potentially hurting his feelings.He didn&39;t deserve kindness.He didn&39;t deserve
anything from her, but her cold shoulder.

&34;Nina, trust me please!&34;

Harley opened the passenger door and said, &34;If you feel like I am keeping you from leaving at any
point, you can call the police at any time.&34;

As much as she wanted to be separated from Harley, a ride was actually looking good right now due to
her swollen ankles.

&34;Well, I hope you keep your word..&34;

Nina&39;s face was serious as she got into the car and fastened her seat belt, but Harley was delighted..

&34;Sit tight!&34;

He reminded calmly, stepping on the accelerator to cross the road.The two of them didn&39;t talk much on
the way, and Nina spent most of the time looking out the car window.

&34;We&39;re almost there.&34;

“Would you like me to accompany you upstairs to make sure your parents don&39;t catch on to what&39;s
going on?&34; Harley said, breaking the silence.

Harley was a thoughtful and thoughtful individual even if he did scandalous things.

Nina hadn&39;t considered whether or not to inform her parents that the two were getting ready to separate
ways.Her parents would be concerned about their single daughter if they learned that she had broken
up with Harley.

Nina didn&39;t want to give them unnecessary worry.

Nina accepted Harley&39;s proposal, adding, &34;Okay.I&39;ll start looking for a house as soon as I can, and I&39;ll
leave when I&39;m certain I can rent the house.&34;

Nina had intended to temporarily conceal what had transpired from her father while making
preparations for the baby&39;s arrival.

Harley nodded obediently, &34;Okay, I&39;ll do my best to help you sort things out.&34;

A half-hour later, their slowly entered a quaint neighborhood and parked at a home in a cul-de-sac.

Harley and Nina exited the vehicle and made their way up to the porch.

Nina gave the door a brief, soft knock before waiting a bit for a response.

Harley rang the doorbell multiple times but received no answer.

Harley stated indifferently, &34;They don&39;t seem to be home.You should probably call them.&34;

Nina spoke with her parents over the phone.

Her parents had joined a tour group that was going on a hike.

This was perfect because they wouldn&39;t be home for another two days.

She would stay at their house and take the time to prepare.

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