Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 782

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The reporter without bottom line

The woman shouted loudly as she struggled against the security guards, but they held her in place.

&34;What kind of person are you to harass a woman in broad daylight?&34; the woman exclaimed.

&34;I have no ill intentions toward you.I came here to have a good talk with you and get some information,&34;
Melissa responded calmly, waving her hand.

The security guard let go of the woman and backed up.He was still close enough if he needed to catch
her again if she tried to run.

&34;Let’s go to a more private setting.We don’t need anyone eavesdropping on our conversation,&34; Melissa
said firmly.

Her tone was stern meaning that she was not asking, but telling.

The woman swallowed hard, knowing that she had no other choice but to follow Melissa.

Melissa led her to a coffee shop in the same office building.

&34;Where did you find this video?&34; Melissa asked, showing the video of the supposed Calvin smoking.

The woman hesitated to speak and just stared at Melissa.

&34;Please think carefully.This is a serious matter that I am trying to resolve without getting lawyers
involved, but if you don&39;t tell me, I&39;m going to have to and charge you with defamation and slander,&34;
Melissa said coldly.

As expected, the woman paled and trembled slightly in fear.

&34;Are you threatening me?&34;

&34;No, no, no, of course not.I am just discussing the matter with you.Woman to woman,&34; Melissa said.

&34;But, if causing bodily harm will sway you to speak, I can make that happen,&34; she whispered low
enough for only the woman could hear.

The woman, obviously frightened, picked up the phone to show that the page she originally got the
video was no longer available.

&34;The video was sent to me via an e-mail, but the e-mail is no longer in my inbox.I don’t have the source

Something didn&39;t sit right with Melissa.

The woman gave up the information too quickly.

This woman was hiding something.

Melissa rubbed her temples and asked, &34;Where&39;s Calvin Burton?&34;

Hearing this question, the woman laughed instead.

&34;Wait, wait.You&39;re with the company with the missing drug addict employee.You must be Ms.Eugen
right?&34; the woman asked.

As soon as she finished speaking, the security guards left the coffee shop.

Melissa didn’t bother to respond.

This had been a waste of time.She would have to find Calvin on her own.

Melissa stood and left the woman in the coffee shop.

On the way back to her office, Melissa checked her phone again and Calvin still had not responded
back to her previous message.

She opened Twitter, and unexpectedly, there was a new trending news report.

&34;Start Entertainment Melissa Eugen Seen Harrassing People&34;

Melissa&39;s eyes widened as she clicked on the tweet.

Again, there was a video of the woman she just spoke with. and clicked in to see that it was the woman
she saw in the afternoon.

Someone must have taken a screenshot of the security footage of her security guards bringing her
back from trying to run away.

The video showed Melissa with a stern expression.

However, because the footage had no sound, it looked as if Melissa was threatening her.

Melissa bit her lip as she pondered over the situation.

Again, her opponent had outsmarted her.

Whoever was doing this was hellbent on damaging the company’s reputation.

She would have to be even more careful now and not underestimate her enemy again.

Melissa called the security department and asked them to find the footage of the woman from this

&34;Ms.Eugen, we don’t know how the footage was leaked, but we will find out..&34;

The security captain explained.

Melissa nodded and said, &34;Please do&34;

The security captain began to go through the surveillance footage on both sides of the company, on the
road, and the lobby where the security guard caught the woman and brought her back.

There had to be someone else there watching everything play out.

&34;Ms.Eugen,I&39;ve found something.&34;

The security captain said as he pointed at an unfamiliar woman on the screen, The woman had a
camera in her hand as she exited a black sedan, but based on the leaked video, the woman would
have been following them as well.

Melissa carefully watched the woman closely and observed that the black sedan remained parked in
the same spot.It appeared as though the driver was waiting for the woman&39;s return.

Melissa&39;s mouth curved into a small smile when she realized that everything made sense now.

Her phone rang and Melissa briefly glanced at the caller ID before sending the call to voicemail.

&34;Run a search on the license plate and find out who owns that vehicle,&34; Melissa ordered coldly.

Every minute counted.

Every minute they lost was time the adversary could have been planning another attack on
them.Melissa shut herself up in her room all night and kept staring at the tweets that were now

The popularity of the tweets had not decreased but had increased as time went on.

The shares kept rising as more people commented on the situation.

If this continued the way it was going, if Calvin was not found, she would be next to be harassed and
criticized even more than what was happening down.

This was an utter disaster.

Murray gently opened the door and walked in with a cup of tea.He was worried about Melissa because
all she did when she got home was stalk social media.

&34;Let&39;s leave it alone for tonight.Staring at it isn&39;t going to make you feel any better,&34; Murray said gently
as he offered her a cup of chamomile tea.

&34;You have to give your people time to investigate.You&39;ll get to the bottom of this, but you can&39;t run
yourself ragged with worry.&34;

Murray knew that Melissa was a perfectionist just like he was; however, reading the tabloids was a
good way to have high blood pressure and be up all night.

&34;I reached out to the Public Relations department to remove the tweet, but it keeps reappearing,&34;
Melissa said with a sigh.

She scolded the department for taking so long to remove the tweets.

Due to their delayed response, it had been copied multiple times.

&34;You&39;ll find out who is behind this.Don’t worry..&34;

Murray took her into his arms and stroked her hair tenderly.

&34;I know, but...&34; Melissa’s brows furrowed.

Never had anything been so difficult until now.

&34;Obsessing over this will not help.It’s better to rest now.You have to keep a level head.Shayna is going
to need your support during all of this,&34;&34; Murray said as he took her phone from her.

Finally, Melissa stopped frowning and smiled.

She snuggled into his chest and said, &34;Thank you.&34;

After a few days of recuperation, Nina&39;s body gradually recovered.

Nina couldn&39;t help but laugh every time she felt the baby kicking in her stomach.

At ten o’clock in the morning, she packed up her personal belongings and prepared to go through the
discharge procedures.

However, as soon as Nina walked out of her room, she saw a familiar figure approaching her.

In an instant, Nina was no longer in a good mood.

Nina took two steps back and decided she would take the other elevator to the lobby.

At a hurried pace, she tried to make it to the elevator, but Harley was right behind her.

&34;Nina, where are you going?&34; Harley asked, catching Nina by the wrist.

For the past few days, , Harley had been afraid to speak to Nina.

He didn’t want to anger her further, so he visited the hospital and get status reports from the doctors
and nurses that were on duty at the time.

Harley tightly gripped Nina’s wrist out of concern that she would flee from him if she managed to break

&34;Let go of me, please don&39;t pester me, let me go!&34;

&34;Let go of me! I don’t want to be bothered.Please let me go,&34;

Nina demanded, annoyed that Harley had grabbed her.

Nina didn&39;t care about how Harley felt.

The only thing that mattered to her was the baby.

She would’ve been out of his grip if she was pregnant, but she didn&39;t want to make any harsh
movements in case she fell and hurt the baby.

Seeing that Nina was angry with him, Harley released her wrist.

&34;Okay, but don’t run from me.When you get him, you can punish me however you see fit,&34; Harley
coaxed patiently.

&34;No, I am not leaving with you,&34; Nina declared.

She didn’t want to go with him no matter what.

Nina resolutely kept her distance from Harley and firmly said, &34;I won&39;t be going home with you.It’s best
for everyone including your father.&34;

Carlee always disliked Nina and was always ill-tempered which Harley knew about.

He talked to his mother about her attitude more than once, but Carlee still acted the same way.He
frowned, stepped forward, and begged, &34;Calm down! You shouldn&39;t be acting this way.Just come back

with me.&34;

Nina did not say anything else because she already told him that she would not be going back with

&34;I know that you&39;re still upset with me, but we can find a solution.If you don’t like living with Carlee, we
can move somewhere else and raise the baby,&34;

Harley responded.

Even with this compromise, Nina still refused to give in.

&34;I won&39;t go with you nor will I end up on the street.I&39;ll have no problem finding a place to stay,&34; she
sternly refused.

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