Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 776

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Melissa sat helplessly and said, reassuringly, &34;It’s okay.It’s okay.&34;

Murray sat silently on the side.

His eyes widened after seeing Malcolm&39;s hand on Melissa&39;s shoulder.

Malcolm realized he was acting too aggressively and awkwardly cleared his throat as he attempted to
calm himself again.

&34;Thank you again,&34; Melissa said again.

Fortunately for her, they were very hospitable and brought her food.

Soon, Malcom realized that something was wrong.

&34;What about Megan?&34; he asked.

Hearing Megan&39;s name made Melissa tense.She still had wounds on her hands from Megan&39;s attack.

Melissa didn’t know if Malcolm would believe her if she told him about it.But she was Malcolm’s sister,
and he still loved and trusted her.

The situation had gotten to where Melissa couldn&39;t hide this from him anymore.

&34;Malcolm, look,&34; Melissa held up her tightly bandaged arm in front of Malcolm.

Malcolm looked at her with a confused expression and said, &34;What? I know your arm is injured.&34;

&34;Ms.Gibson did this to me.Megan caused this injury,&34; Melissa explained.

Hearing this, Malcolm froze and looked at Melissa in disbelief.

&34;Megan, how could she do this?&34;

Malcolm couldn&39;t believe that Megan could do this, but if Melissa said it was her, it had to be the truth.

How could she attack his helpless sister? &34;It is fortunate that you, Malcom Clench, can understand the
language here; otherwise, we would not have known how to communicate with you about what
happened to your sister last night,&34; the police officer explained.

&34;Well, it was her,&34; Melissa continued.

&34;She was also working with Leticia Boyd.If Murray hadn&39;t come to save me, I would have died.&34;

Malcolm frowned and said, &34;Megan has always been well- behaved.I’m having a hard time believing
that she would try to kill you.&34;At the mention of Leticia Boyd, Malcolm quirked an eyebrow.

&34;Wasn&39;t Leticia the one who wanted to hurt you before?&34;

&34;Yes,&34; Melissa nodded, and then looked at the several police officers.

&34;Fortunately, they have already been arrested.If you don&39;t believe me, you can go to the police station
and see for yourself.

&34;But Megan had no hostility toward you,&34; Malcolm muttered.

&34;I don&39;t understand this.&34; Melissa felt bad for the words she was going to say next.

&34;And last night, Megan tried to seduce Murray.&34; Malcolm balked at hearing this.

This could not be true.

His eyes narrowed at Melissa for a moment before he turned his attention to the police officer.

&34;I&39;m Megan&39;s boyfriend.What did she do? Is what Melissa is saying true?&34; Malcolm asked them.

&34;Yes, Ms.Gibson is the perpetrator.What Miss Melissa Eugen has said is true,&34; one of the police officers
said, and Malcolm bowed his head in shame.

He could only blame himself for this and for not believing his sister.

Malcolm had no choice but to accept the fact that his girlfriend tried to kill his sister and attempted to
seduce another man.

Soon, after staying for a few nights, they paid the hotel for their stay and said goodbye to them.

It would not be good to stay any longer.

Melissa would need to return to China for treatment as soon as possible.

In the end, even though Melissa didn’t want to, she was forced to end their trip here and return home.

Malcolm, who was also in no mood to continue traveling because of Megan&39;s deception, and went
home with Melissa and Murray.

Fortunately, Melissa’s wound was treated in time.

After returning to the U.S., the wound was no longer open and had scabbed over, but there were still
some bruises on her back.

Murray gently applied ointment to Melissa every day, and after a few days, Melissa’s wound had
drastically improved.

The Timothy Family Villa Nina didn’t know what was going on with her upset stomach, but she felt that
it was getting worse.

Lying on the bed, she changed her position to lie on her side, but the pain in her abdomen did not


Nina muttered feebly to herself, thinking about what had happened not long ago.The very thought
made her feel exhausted, both mentally and physically.

&34;Ah, this hurts!&34;

Nina’s brow furrowed when the unrelieved abdominal pain worsened again.

Nothing will happen, she told herself.

Flustered and concerned about the baby in her belly, Nina decided to call Harley.

Picking up her phone, she quickly found Harley&39;s number, but hesitated to call.What if he is busy now?
Will I bother him? She thought.

With cold sweat on her forehead, Nina felt cold for no reason.

To relieve the pain as soon as possible, she tried to take deep breaths to relax herself.

After a while, the pain slowly eased and the tightness she felt in her belly was now gone.

Worried about the baby’s health, Nina got over her worry and called Harley to ask him when he would
be back to take her to the hospital for a checkup.

Harley was filming on set and was busy shooting a few long takes.

The phone in the lounge buzzed, and after a pause, buzzed again.

Just as Sylvia was passing by the lounge, she heard the phone vibrate and stopped unintentionally.

Following the ringing, Sylvia saw Harley&39;s cell phone on the table.

Immediately, she became curious and walked over to see that it was Nina calling.

&34;This bitch!&34;

Sylvia&39;s face turned contemptuous upon seeing Nina’s name.She closed the door of the lounge and
answered the phone.

&34;Hey Harley.Are you still filming?&34; Nina asked.

Sylvia rolled her eyes and immediately asked, &34;What is your business with Harley? He doesn’t have
time to talk to you now.

&34;After hearing the woman’s voice, Nina realized who it was.She did not expect that the person who
answered the phone was Sylvia.

Nina maintained her composure and replied calmly, &34;I’m looking for Harley.Will you please give him the

&34;Why? Who do you think you are calling him?&34; Sylvia asked in a shrill voice.

Nina didn’t know how Sylvia had Harley’s phone, and he was not around.

Could it be that he lied to her and didn&39;t go to the set at all? As her heart rate increased, Nina told
herself not to panic.She would not show that she was affected by this, especially not to Sylvia.

Nina said in a calm voice, &34;I&39;m Harley&39;s fiancee and the mother of his unborn child.&34;

Sylvia was at a loss when she heard what Nina said.

The mother of his unborn child?! Hearing this, Sylvia could not calm down.

Nina carrying Harley&39;s child meant she was even more precious to Harley, and he was already doting
on Nina.

The existence of a child meant they would be involved for life.

Unspeakable jealousy overcame Sylvia, and Sylvia’s face and ears turned red from her rage.

If she could, she would really like to kick Nina in her stomach!

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