Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 773

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Who are you in the end


Megan roared, opened her mouth, and wanted to bite down on Murray&39;s arm.

But Murray was quick-witted, he took out a ball of paper, and shoved it into her mouth.

This time, Megan was even more speechless, and she froze to the ground.

After a long time, Melissa came out of the elevator.

&34;What happened?&34; She asked urgently.

She saw that Megan was tied up and was thrown into the corridor at will.


Megan muttered and struggled to untie herself, and soon, Melissa helped her.

&34;Megan, how are you?&34;

Melissa gently asked, but Megan rapidly left the hotel as if she was running for her life.

&34;Megan,&34; Melissa called at her, but Megan didn&39;t look back.

Soon, Megan returned to Malcolm Clench&39;s room.

&34;Honey,&34; Malcolm said when he saw Megan.He was going to walk up to her to get cozy, when he saw
the marks on her body.

&34;Where did you go?&34; He asked.

Malcolm Clench darkened his eyes and looked at the scars on Megan&39;s body, and there were bruises
on her hands.

&34;Wow, stop talking!&34;

Megan spat angrily.She started to cry in front of Malcolm, covering her face and looking very aggrieved.

&34;What&39;s wrong?&34; Malcolm asked with a worried tone.

He was anxious.

Malcolm Clench darkened his eyes and looked at the scars on Megan&39;s body, and there were bruises
on her hands.

&34;Wow, stop talking!&34; Megan spat angrily.

She started to cry in front of Malcolm, covering her face and looking very aggrieved.

&34;What&39;s wrong?&34;

Malcolm asked with a worried tone.He was anxious.

&34;I went out tonight and met your friend&39;s boyfriend.I said hello to him, but I did not know that he will...&34;
Megan lied.

After she was done talking, she started to cry again.

&34;What? You...&34;

Malcolm muttered and pointed at Megan suspiciously.

&34;Murray has the worst temper ever.Why did you go and provoke him?&34; He asked.

Malcolm Clench not only did not comfort Megan, but he also accused her.

Speaking of which, Megan became even more angry.

&34;What did you say? How was I supposed to know that he is such a person?&34; She asked.

&34;No matter what, you shouldn&39;t provoke Murray!&34; Malcolm insisted.

Thinking of Murray, Malcolm hissed..

&34;Are you looking at his wealth and despising me for being poor?&34; He asked Megan.

&34;What?, what did you say?&34; Megan asked.

She gritted her teeth and was blatantly upset with Malcolm Clench.

They broke up, and Megan had to book another room to sleep in.

But, Malcolm soon realized how serious the issue was.

How could Megan meet Murray in the middle of the night? It was obviously not right.

With that in mind, Malcolm Clench went and made a phone call to Melissa.

Soon, Melissa answered.

&34;Mr Malcolm, what&39;s wrong?&34; Melissa asked.

&34;Melissa,&34; Malcolm muttered.

He was embarrassed, to say the least.

&34;Megan just said that she met Mr.Gibson earlier. I don&39;t know, what happened between them?&34; Malcolm

&34;What?&34; Melissa yelped, raised an eyebrow, and looked at Murray beside her.

&34;Uh, Mr.Malcolm,&34; she muttered in confusion.

She was a little worried that Malcolm Clench would be unbearable, after all, they were in the restaurant
not long ago, and Murray and Megan seemed so affectionate.

&34;Oh! You don&39;t know her, she is usually like this, with such an impulsive personality,&34; Malcolm said.

&34;Really?&34; Melissa asked with a frown.

&34;Have you known each other for a long time?&34; she asked Malcolm.

&34;Certainly,&34; Malcolm said and thought about the past with nostalgia.

&34;It took me a lot of effort to catch her. After thinking about it, it has been several years,&34; Malcolm said.

&34;Several years?&34; Melissa asked with her eyes widened.

&34;So, she is your first love?&34; She added.

&34;Oh, yes,&34; Malcolm replied.

&34;Later, she traveled abroad for various reasons, and we lost contact, but it was a blessing for me to
meet her again recently, which is really my source of glowing happiness.!&34; he explained.

Melissa concluded that Malcolm Clench was hopelessly in love.

Blinded by such a woman, it was obvious that Megan was not a good woman.

&34;Uh, Mr Malcolm, have you ever thought about what purpose she is approaching you for?&34;

Melissa asked, but Malcolm had another reason for denial.

&34;What purpose can she possibly have? I&39;ve known her for so many years, is that not enough?&34; He

Melissa shook her head.

It seemed like Malcolm Clench wouldn&39;t believe her no matter what she said.

But judging from Megan&39;s behavior, something was obviously wrong with her.

After disappearing for so many years, why did she come back to find Malcolm Clench? She shook her
head and decided not to say more.

&34;By the way, even if it&39;s her fault tonight, I know that Mr.Gibson&39;s temper is not very good.How about
asking her to apologize to Mr.Gibson tomorrow? Then I&39;ll let you be.Please,&34; Malcolm suggested.

&34;Ah,&34; Melissa said and raised an eyebrow.

&34;That&39;s not good.&34; she said.

&34;What&39;s wrong with that?&34; Malcolm asked.

He became feisty, and told Melissa off.

&34;That&39;s it, good night!&34; he said and hung up the phone.

And then went to Megan&39;s room next door to apologize.

The following day, Melissa and Murray came to the address Malcolm Clench posted last night.

This was a big mountain, and it was only Malcolm Clench who could think of them climbing the
mountain together.

Soon, Megan arrived with Malcolm Clench, looking at Melissa and Murray, she showed embarrassment
for a while.

&34;Alright, alright, let&39;s get to it,&34; Malcolm said.

He was in charge of being a peacemaker between the two fighting individuals, holding Megan&39;s hand
and climbing the mountain step by step.

Soon, Malcolm Clench and Murray climbed up so fast that Melissa couldn&39;t catch up.

Megan also kept calling from behind, but the men just stopped and waited for a while, but the two
ladies still couldn&39;t catch up.

In the end, the ladies had no choice but to give up and sit on the mountainside to rest.

&34;What happened last night?&34; Melissa asked Megan when the atmosphere between them quieted down
and became peaceful.

&34;Forget it!&34;

Megan abruptly said with a feisty tone that took Melissa aback.

&34;You...&34; Melissa started to say.

She raised her brows and looked at Megan fiercely, and her aura was completely different from the
friendly aura she had a while ago.

&34;Melissa, you&39;re damned.&34;

Megan dared to say to Melissa immediately.

&34;What&39;s the meaning of that?&34; Melissa asked.

She frowned, and as soon as she looked up, she saw a knife stabbing at him.

Fortunately, Melissa had some skills before, so she slanted and ducked.

&34;What are you doing?&34; Melissa asked, and held the hand that Megan was holding the knife with.

&34;Go to hell,&34; Megan yelped.

Her eyes widened, and she raised the knife vigorously, and stabbed Melissa.

Melissa, who was already physically weak, didn&39;t react for a while, her eyes widened, she fell to the
side, and was accidentally scratched by Megan on her arm.

Soon, blood flowed slowly from Melissa&39;s body, soaking the mountainside red.

&34;Megan! What are you doing?&34; Melissa asked in horror.

She shouted and dodged Megan&39;s attack, and then snatched the knife from Megan&39;s hand.

&34;Give it back to me,&34; Megan roared and ran towards Melissa fiercely, but because Melissa held a knife,
Megan did not dare to attack her.

&34;Who are you?&34; Melissa asked.

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