Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 772

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What are you doing here

&34;You&39;re Melissa, aren&39;t you?&34; Malcolm’s lady asked.

She said hello to Melissa.

&34;l often hear Malcolm mention you,&34; she added.

&34;Ah, is that so?&34; Melissa asked in confusion and scratched her head.

&34;Well, hello,&34; she added.

&34;Hello, my name is Megan,&34;

Malcolm&39;s lady introduced herself.

Melissa looked at Megan&39;s plump lips and could only describe her with two syllables, sexy.

&34;Eat vegetables, eat vegetables!&34;

Malcolm interrupted the awkward moment and served Megan some food.

Soon, they were chatting happily.

&34;I heard that you helped Malcolm solve a pressing issue before.

&34;I&39;m happy I am seeing you today.You are pretty cute,&34; Megan said.

Melissa smiled awkwardly, it was the first time someone told her she was cute in such a long time.

&34;Darling, don’t be blinded by her, how cute is she?&34;

Malcolm jokingly asked Megan, and Melissa gritted her teeth back at him.

&34;Your girlfriend is praising me, are you not happy?&34; She asked Malcolm.

&34;Well,&34; Malcolm said and laughed, but the next second, he saw Murray&39;s disapproving gaze and he
stopped feeling so light.He fell silent and ate in peace.

&34;Of course my wife is cute,&34; Murray commented.

&34;Pfft,&34; Melissa scorned.

Listening to what Murray said made her laugh.

They remained light hearted all night.

Melissa had not felt this relaxed in a long time.

&34;By the way, didn&39;t you say you wanted to buy a bag? I’ve already bought it for you,&34; Malcolm told his

Melissa clicked her tongue when she heard what Malcolm said.

&34;I can&39;t think of you sir, being so fond of your wife,&34; Melissa said.

Then, she looked at Megan.

&34;But Megan is such a charming person, you have to be lovely towards her,&34; Melissa said.

&34;I don’t agree with you,&34; Malcolm argued.

&34;Oh, you don&39;t need to buy it, I&39;ll just buy it myself,&34; Megan said to Malcolm about the bag.

She smiled haphazardly, accusing Malcolm of spending too much.

But Melissa could see beyond her facade.

Then, Megan looked at Murray again.She shook her head, looked at Melissa, and her eyes returned to

For a while, Melissa was lost in thought.She raised her eyebrows and intuitively told herself that
Megan’s purpose of approaching Murray was not ordinary.She raised an eyebrow, and lowered her
head, pretending not to be paying attention.

Suddenly, she saw Megan’s slender legs approaching Murray.

Melissa gave Murray a hint.

Murray realized that something was wrong, pulled his leg back, coughed lightly, and stood up.

&34;Have you finished eating? We&39;re going out for a walk, you guys have a good time out,&34; Murray abruptly
told Malcolm.He made it clear from his looks that something fishy was going on..&34;

Megan was a little embarrassed, but Malcolm didn’t think much of it.

&34;Okay, let&39;s go,&34; Murray said to Melissa.

He smiled, then took some food and put it in Megan&39;s bowl.

Melissa shook her head.

There was no concrete evidence yet.

If she brought this issue up with Malcolm, it would be counterproductive.

After they said their goodbyes, Melissa took Murray&39;s hand and walked out of the restaurant.

&34;Something is obviously wrong with Megan,&34; Melissa said.

She frowned and looked at Murray&39;s serious face.


Murray hummed and nodded.He made some phone calls and asked his workers to dig into Megan’s

&34;Mr.Gibson,&34; his aide greeted him over the phone.

Murray&39;s voice became more hoax and serious as he heard his aide’s voice.

&34;Go and investigate that woman named Megan.Malcolm Clench’s new girlfriend,&34;

Murray instructed, and his aide listened..

&34;How&39;s it going?&34; Melissa asked.

She raised an eyebrow, and tried to listen to Murray&39;s conversation.

&34;How can we know already?&34;Murray asked her back and grinned, then he continued to speak on the

&34;Send me her relationship and general life experience over the years, be quick,&34; he said to his aide,
and then he hung up soon after.

Then, Melissa recalled the scene in the restaurant a while ago.

Obviously, Megan’s expression towards Murray was not right, and the action she just made was

For a while, Melissa was lost in thought.

&34;Did you see it just now? Her actions obviously had ulterior motives,&34; she told Murray.

She pouted, trying to make sense of what Megan did.She was not happy about it at all.

&34;It&39;s okay, I&39;ll find out who she is soon,&34; Murray said and patted Melissa’s head as they headed back to
the hotel.

&34;I&39;ll go downstairs to get takeaway,&34; Melissa told Murray light- heartedly.

Murray nodded, and watched her walk away.

Soon, Murray walked into the room.But the next second, he felt someone hug him from behind.

&34;Why did you come back so soon?&34;

He said and laughed, but soon, he realized that something was wrong.

The pungent scent of the perfume from the woman behind him instantly made Murray frown.

This scent was familiar.He had perceived it in the restaurant a while ago.

&34;Let go of me,&34; Murray said with his eyes dark as the night, but it only made the woman hold him

And from time to time she rubbed her full body against Murray&39;s back.


Murray muttered angrily.

The repressed anger from the restaurant earlier, suddenly reared to the top of Murray&39;s emotions.He
was furious.

&34;Don&39;t you like it?&34;

A charming voice asked from behind.It was Megan.

&34;Mr.Gibson, I miss you,&34; Megan said, and winked at Murray, harassing him hopelessly.

Thinking of what Melissa said just now, Murray stretched out his hand and broke Megan&39;s hand.


Meghan cried tragically as Murray broke her delicate arm.

&34;What did you just do?&34; Megan asked as she cried out in pain.

Who knew that Murray was as angry as that, to the extent that he exhumed such violence against a

&34;What are you doing here?&34; He asked her.

His deep eyes gleamed with anger, and he looked terrifying at a glance.

&34;I, I...&34; Megan started to say. She was frightened, and broke out in a cold sweat on her forehead.

&34;I&39;ll just leave,&34; she opted.

&34;Say,&34; Murray commanded her.

Murray&39;s words and anger were so unbearable that Megan dared not look at him.

&34;Malcolm asked me to come, ah...&34; she cried.

She bit her lip, and the energy in Murray’s hand became more violent.

&34;Seriously?&34; He asked.

He found a rope and tied Megan in a variety of ways.

&34;I&39;m still Malcolm’s girlfriend.If you treat me like this, I’m afraid that Melissa will not be happy with you,&34;
Megan said.

&34;Ah,&34; Megan yelped in pain.

Murray snorted.

&34;Well, you just did this to yourself,&34;

Murray blurted.

But Megan continued to act as if she was acting out of her own instinct.

&34;What did you do?&34; She asked and stared at Murray with peach blossom eyes.

&34;What did you do to me now? Let me go!&34; she yelped.

She struggled desperately with the rope on her body, but her energy was too minimal, and the rope
remained motionless.

&34;Let go of you?&34;

Murray asked and raised his chin in disapproval.

&34;There is surveillance here, I need to post this online.I will fetch the video from security,&34; Murray

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