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Chapter 762

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Prove Innocence


He had been watching Melissa and Malcolm hook up, and if not because Malcolm was Melissa&39;s senior
colleague, he would have been thrown out long ago.

Melissa took a few steps back in embarrassment.

“I&39;m sorry, he is always like this,&34;&34; she said with a smile on her face.

She was being very honest.

Malcolm also knew about Murray&39;s spleen temper, so he didn’t pursue it any further. He scratched his
head nervously.

&34;I don&39;t know how to thank you for all this. Why don&39;t I treat you to a meal later,” he suggested.

Realizing that Murray was next to him, he glanced at Murray.

&34;You can join us as well,&34; Malcolm said.

Murray&39;s pupils shrank.He had already disturbed their privacy, and now he wants to eat with them?

Murray was about to have a seizure when Melissa swung in to help save the day..

&34;Next time, next time, don&39;t worry. I&39;m just doing my job,&34; she said. Then she pointed at a batch of
documents in front of her

&34;Look, I still have to review these documents, so I don&39;t have time to go out to eat,” she added.

Malcolm, knowing that Murray was displeased and was getting impatient.

&34;In that case, I&39;ll go back and tell Alice and ask him to always remember your kindness,” Malcolm said.

&34;No, I said this is my job,&34; Melissa insisted.

&34;It&39;s alright. I&39;ll be on my way then. We would have a meal together when you have time,&34; Malcolm said
as he walked towards the office door.

He waved her thanks, and Melissa nodded.

With a bang, Malcolm left the office.

The surrounding aura instantly quieted down, and Melissa looked at Murray beside her.

&34;Okay, don&39;t get upset. He is my senior colleague. This is nothing,&34; she said.,

She massaged Murray&39;s ego, as he had been somewhat dissatisfied since she locked him outside the
office door a while ago.

“Come on, I&39;ll invite you to dinner!” Melissa said.

She took Murray&39;s hand, and Murray followed her down the stairs.

On the other hand, Alice was proven innocent, and everyone scolded Dark night on the hot search
because of plagiarism.

Alice was very excited when he saw that his innocence had been proven.

&34;Alice, have you seen the news? Your colleague has helped you prove your innocence,” Malcolm
Clench hurriedly told Alice as soon as he got home.

&34;I saw it a while ago. I really need to thank her. This is beyond me. I was really confused these past few
days,&34; Alice replied.

Alice was full of excitement and knew that Melissa would be currently busy so he came to Star
Entertainment to look for her when Melissa got off work in the afternoon.

After waiting at the door for a while, Alice recognized Melissa at a glance.


Seeing Melissa, Alice yelped. He waved and stopped her.

&34;It was the first time they were seeing each other after a while, and Melissa didn&39;t immediately
recognise Alice.

&34;You are?&34; Melissa asked, displaying difficulty in remembering who the man standing in front of her
was. She narrowed her eyes slightly.

“I&39;m Alice. You helped me prove my innocence this afternoon,&34; Alice replied with glee.

&34;This is my painting,” he quickly said and displayed his work to Melissa.

Melissa looked at it, and suddenly remembered.

&34;Oh, it&39;s you. Greta. Why are you looking for me? I hope there are no more issues lingering,” Melissa

She rolled her eyes casually..

“I&39;m just very grateful to you for helping me out of this predicament. These days, because of this matter,
I thought I would die of worry,&34; Alice said.

He pouted sheepishly, and it made Melissa laugh.

&34;Really, I have heard you, Alice,&34; she said and looked at him up and down.

&34;You don&39;t look like you have been in a bad mood though,” she said.

Alice scratched his head. &34;Don&39;t even go there. Don&39;t laugh at me.

If not for you helping me, I don&39;t know what I would have done about this issue,” Alice said. He raised
his eyebrows slightly, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

&34;So, you really like my work?&34; He asked.

&34;Well, yes,” Melissa said, and nodded. “They are rough and fine, you have only studied for a while, and
you have already achieved

such results. Obviously, it is not easy,” Melissa said.

Hearing Melissa&39;s praise, Alice was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, even Melissa admired his works.

&34;I read the notes you sent to me, and I studied your previous works. I could understand your notes
better by the time I understood your previous works,&34; Alice said.

&34;Oh, yeah?&34; Melissa asked rhetorically.

&34;You should study harder, and I am sure you know what that would result in if you study hard enough. I
don&39;t have much time to create any such works for now,” Melissa said.

Thinking back to the days when she was engulfed in creating these paintings,, she realized that she
still had some yearning for it.

&34;I know, I will practice a lot more in the future,&34; she added. ”

Alice nodded, then took out one of his works.

&34;Well, I heard that you like this work, so I will give it to you,” he said and showed a sincere smile.

Melissa was stunned.

&34;How can this be possible? Didn&39;t you put a lot of effort into it?&34; She asked.

Melissa shook her head and refused, but Alice insisted on letting

Melissa accept it.

&34;You helped me so much. If it wasn&39;t for your help, I&39;m afraid I won&39;t be able to create new works in the
future,” Alice said.

Thinking of this, Alice felt a little frustrated.

Melissa was a little embarrassed, but after listening to Alice&39;s determination, she finally accepted it.

&34;Okay, then thank you,” she said and patted Alice on his shoulder.

&34;When it is time, I would also give you something that means as much as this means to you,&34; Melissa

Alice nodded heavily. After the two chatted for a while, Melissa went home.

Back home, the incident took a new turn.

Dark night denied plagiarism online, and even started accusing Melissa.

&34;This painting was created at the darkest time of my life. At that time, I had no intention of looking at my
phone. The outside world was noisy to me. Under such circumstances, I could only save myself by
painting. But now my painting is claimed to have been plagiarized. I see that a lot of you don&39;t
understand how dark the world of depression is,&34;Dark night typed and published a long epistle to

express how he spent that dark time of his life. He said he could only successfully live throughout the
day by painting so that he would not fall into extreme depression again.

&34;And at this time of my life, it is surprising that someone would still attack me online. That woman
named Melissa, why are you attacking me for no reason? This is my work, why are you accusing me of
plagiarism?” Dark night asked, mentioning Melissa&39;s name directly.

As soon as he published the article, netizens immediately sympathized with him.

How terrible depression is, it is difficult for many people to

imagine, and it is in such a situation that it will be more painful to be pointed out for plagiarism.

The weaker side always attracted more attention, and for a while,

Melissa was pushed to the forefront again.

Because of a plagiarism incident, the online violence against a depressed patient was even more

For a while, many people followed the tide and began to conduct moral criticism of Melissa.

&34;What will she gain by taking nasty shots at a depressed patient, just because of frivial interests?&34; The
netizens started to ask.

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