Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 759

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What kind of person am I

But isn&39;t this just naked digging?

&34;It&39;s not good Mr. Tacke, we are already entertainers under Star Entertainment. If we change jobs like
this, we will have to pay liquidated damages,&34; Nora politely declined, but Quentin was persistent.

&34;It&39;s okay, isn&39;t it just the liquidated damages, I will pay it for you,” Quentin said.

Hearing this, the pair were silent for a long time, and they still had some doubts about what Quentin
brought up concerning Melissa giving them the gig because it had been turned down already...

If Melissa really didn&39;t regard them, why would she bring the doctor to the police station so quickly to
save them?

&34;Quentin, what are you doing here?&34; Melissa&39;s voice suddenly sounded from behind while the pair were
trying to meander away from Quentin&39;s persistence.

They looked behind them one after another. Melissa was wearing a white hollow sweater, with her
beautiful curly hair scattered around her waist, and every move she made exuded a charming aura.

Melissa was the one that booked Marcia and Nora&39;s taxi, so, seeing that they suddenly changed
direction to go to the cafe, Melissa realized that something was wrong.

Quickly, she arrived at the cafe.

&34;How did you know where to find us?&34; Quentin asked in shock.

He glared at the two trainees next to him, thinking that they had called Melissa.

&34;If I didn&39;t show up, you would have succeeded in poaching my entertainers,&34; Melissa said as she
strode towards the pair, and pulled them.,

&34;I just wanted to invite them for an afternoon coffee. How do you manage so much as the boss?&34;
Quentin asked.

As soon as Quentin said these words, the pair wanted to shake their heads to distance themselves
from Quentin, but Quentin&39;s eyes intimidated them, making them afraid to speak.

&34;I don&39;t care who they drink afternoon coffee with, but drinking with you is absolutely not acceptable,&34;
Melissa said.

Melissa immediately forbade Quentin from meeting with them, and her voice was loud enough for
onlookers to look at her direction.

Originally, they were a little curious that such a handsome man brought two girls to drink coffee with
him, but due to the chattering in the cafe, no one could hear what they were talking about.

Also when Melissa came, she accused Quentin of poaching, so everyone couldn&39;t help but watch.

“What do you mean?&34;Quentin asked.

He suddenly felt embarrassed. He noticed that the people in front of him had already started
whispering to each other. Definitely about him.

&34;I can&39;t think of a big man bullying three women, and I wonder if he is not ashamed,&34; one of the
onlookers said to another.

The strange gazes of the people around him suddenly made

Quentin feel a burning pain on his face.

&34;Ms. Melissa, I don&39;t hold any grudges against you, do I? Why do you slander me like this?&34; Quentin

Quentin directly denied what he just said to Marcia and Nora, Melissa sneered.

&34;I heard and recorded everything you said just now, Mr. Tacke, think about it,&34; Melissa yelped. &34;

She gave him a vicious look, and then went away with the two trainees.

&34;Meili...&34; Nora chirped.

She felt a little guilty. Melissa was so interested in them, yet they almost believed Quentin&39;s nonsense

&34;Are you alright? Did he do anything to you?” Melissa asked.

She pulled the pair and spun them around several times, inspecting them. After confirming that
everything was fine, she slowly let go of the anxiety she felt.

&34;Quentin doesn&39;t think about anything when he starts talking.

After watching the video on the internet about him, you should always be on guard against him,&34;
Melissa reminded the pair, and they nodded in agreement.

Soon, Melissa personally drove them home.

Then Melissa returned to the company, and she frowned intensely. Quentin&39;s poaching behavior had
always been unacceptable, and he had to be punished.

Moreover, he had done something like this before, making everyone skeptical about him.

With that in mind, Melissa took to Twitter.

She navigated to her official account, and typed a line on it.

&34;It&39;s appalling that Mr. Quentin Tacke ran right under my nose and poached my trainees!&34; she simply
said. After that she uploaded the audio recording she had and sent the tweet.

Soon, everyone that knew her on the internet would follow this new controversial topic she just

Those present at the cafe in the morning were also blaming Quentin, claiming they saw Quentin do
what Melissa accused him of, with their own eyes.

There were also many big names in the industry who jumped out to accuse Quentin of the same crime
against them, and it was too infuriating to ignore.

Everyone was fighting for Melissa, and Quentin&39;s reputation greatly reduced after this time.

On the other hand, another big controversy broke out on twitter.

Alice, a close disciple of Malcolm Clench, was found to be a suspect of plagiarizing others.

Someone took out his work and compared it with a very popular painting on the internet, and found out
that not only was the theme similar, but even the colors and brushwork were not quite different.

It was the appearance of peony flowers from a bud to death old age. Just after Alice released this work,
it was sought after by a large number of people.

This painting spread, and in the end, the netizens found out that the painting seemed to be familiar, as
if they had seen it somewhere.

Soon, some netizens found a similar painting on the internet. The picture was a little bit blurry,
indicating that it was painted years ago, yet, Alice painting was just released this week.

For a while, people on the internet suggested that it was Alice who copied someone else, but, as a
disciple of Malcolm Clench, he couldn&39;t do such a thing.

Plagiarism was not a trivial matter, and relevant people in the circle began to search for the original
author of this painting with all of their needed resources.

Soon, a netizen discovered that Melissa&39;s twitter account had posted this painting before, and carried
out a series of interpretations on it.

However, Melissa&39;s tweet was a few days ago, when Alice&39;s work had already been posted, so, many
people began to turn their heads, asking questions.

Maybe Melissa copied Alice? No one could say for sure about this issue, and the public opinion on the
internet fell into a dilemma for a while.

But soon, another netizen came out to say that the original author of the painting was Melissa, which
Alice copied. Everyone knew what kind of person Melissa was. She had billions of wealth. These works
were not the only way for her to make money. Analyzing pictures was just her hobby.

Maybe Melissa&39;s work had been released a long time ago, and it was only just being spread on the
internet, and twitter.

And Alice specialized in one line of work. It was hard not to be suspicious of him doing such a thing.

For a while, people on the internet began to confirm that it was

Melissa who was plagiarized by Alice. Although there was no accurate evidence, many netizens began
to believe this public opinion.

Soon, Alice was scolded by everyone on the hot search, and

Malcolm Clench, as an elder in the industry, must not have anything to do with a disciple who
plagiarized. Malcolm Clench was also pushed to the top of public opinion by everyone.

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