Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 758

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Openly digging people

&34;We are investigating,&34; the police said and pointed at the doctors next to him. Melissa nodded in

Then she pointed to Marcia and Nora.

“These two are from my company. I have been looking for good resources for them these days. In
order not to delay their work, the doctors will check them quickly,&34; Melissa said.

On hearing this, Marcia and Nora were shocked.

Not to mention they were members of the girl group that were accused of doing drugs. They had been
together for a long time, and it was inevitable that some residues in the system would remain.

The situation was cringey.

The policeman was a little embarrassed. Seeing that Melissa was giving preferential treatment to them.

Melissa naturally thought of the fact that there could be some form of foul play while the test was going
on, so she decided to bring her own doctor. She was skeptical.

&34;This is the old doctor of the Gibson family. He has been working for the family for more than ten years.
I want you to trust his medical expertise.. Let him check them,&34; Melissa suggested.

As Melissa had said so, it was difficult for the police to refuse.

After all, a global family like the Gibson family used nothing but the doctors with the highest medical

&34;In this way, for the sake of fairness, let&39;s randomly select two people.” Melissa suggested.

She raised an eyebrow, worried that her purpose would be too obvious, so she took the initiative to
make this request.

The police reluctantly agreed, and then proceeded to draw lots, and it fell on Marcia and one other of
the members of a budding girl group.

After a while of testing, the report came out.

&34;It says that there may be residual drugs in the other girl, but not Marcia,” the doctor announced.

Melissa frowned.

&34;It seems that someone wanted to play a fast one on them.. I think the police comrades should know
this truth?”

Melissa asked and the police nodded.

&34;We&39;ll investigate carefully,” the police said.

Melissa nodded with a smile, and then pointed at Nora who was beside her, suggesting for her to do
her own test..

&34;Since Marcia is fine, Nora and Marcia came from your company, then they can leave already. We trust
that Nora is negative as well,&34; the police suddenly suggested, and Melissa agreed.

Soon, the two trainees quickly got out of the police station with the help of Melissa.

After they were free, they kept on thanking Melissa at the gate of the police station.

“Thank you so much, Meli, you always come to help us out.&34; Nora said to Melissa and grabbed her
hand, looking as emotional as possible.

&34;Yeah, if it weren&39;t for you, we wouldn&39;t know what to do.” Marcia said.

She was crying. If she was checked by the doctor at the police station, as long as there was some
amount found in her, she would be taken to the drug rehabilitation center.

&34;It&39;s okay, you are among the company&39;s entertainers, so I should help you,” Melissa replied.

She smiled and patted their shoulders.

&34;You lot were frightened today, go back and have a good rest.&34;

Melissa suggested.

“Hmm! Thank you Meli,”

They bowed and thanked Melissa again, and Melissa called a taxi and sent them both back.

Melissa watched the vehicle go away, and her heart slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

In the car, Marcia and Nora received the same text message on their different phones, at the same

They looked at each other, and then asked the driver to turn around and take them somewhere else.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a cafe.

They took a deep breath, and then strode into the cafe.

&34;I have been expecting you people,” Quentin said as he came to greet them.

Since Quentin was a senior in the entertainment industry, they had to bow and say hello when they saw

&34;You don&39;t have to be so stuck up and official to me, besides there is no one else here,” Quentin told
them. He grinned and showed them to a seat..

&34;I wonder why you called us here?&34; Nora asked.

Quentin and Melissa were well known, and they also knew what Melissa could do for them with his

But Marcia and Nora were newcomers after all. If they refuse to adhere to Quentin calling them over,
they will be offending a big name.

&34;It&39;s nothing. I just wanted to invite you guys to have afternoon coffee,&34; Quentin said.

He raised his eyebrows with an indifferent expression, as if he didn&39;t take Melissa seriously at all.
Marcia and Nora were a little puzzled. There were so many videos of Quentin entangled with Melissa
on the internet. Now it seemed that Quentin&39;s feelings for Melissa were not necessarily true.

“It&39;s alright,&34; they replied with a nod, and then took the coffee in front of them and started to sip it.

&34;I heard that you were just called to the police station, what&39;s the matter?&34; Quentin suddenly asked.

The ladies were a little stunned. They wanted to know why a character like Quentin could focus on their
newly debuted girl group.

&34;Uh...&34; Marcia hummed and smiled awkwardly. &34;Mr. Tacke, you can find out information about it online,”
she said.

Knowing the truth, the ladies couldn&39;t say anything, and Quentin didn&39;t continue to ask.

“Then why did you come out so soon?&34; He asked casually.

&34;Meli helped us out,&34; The ladies chorused in unison.

&34;Meli?&34; Quentin asked in surprise. He didn&39;t expect that Melissa would concern herself with something
nearly too frivolous as this.

“Looks like she&39;s been nice to you,&34; he said.

&34;Yeah, we all appreciate Meli.&34; the ladies said. At the mention of Melissa, one could easily see the
excitement in their eyes. If it weren&39;t for Melissa, they wouldn&39;t be where they were now.

“Really?” Quentin asked and put his hands on his chin.

&34;How come I heard that she prefers Shayna from her company, and gives her all the resources?&34;
Quentin asked.

After the ladies heard this, they appeared a little hesitant.

&34;Shayna joined the company early. We only joined after her, yet Meli has helped us a lot,” the pair said,
quickly recovering from their shock.

&34;Is that so?&34; Quentin asked with a smile. &34;How has she helped you?&34; he added.

&34;Just recently, she found a good variety show for both of us,&34;

Marcia replied urgently, as Quentin let out a throaty laughter.

&34;Silly girls, that&39;s a gig that Shayna didn&39;t want. Melissa saw that throw it away, so she thought of you
guys,” Quentin told the pair. she couldn&39;t

When Marcia and Nora heard what Quentin said, they became uncomfortably silent.

The theme of that variety show had been on fire in recent years.

How could someone refuse such a good gig? They wondered.

&34;How did you know?&34; Nora asked. Judging from Quentin&39;s reputation evaluation on the internet, she
only had a three-point confidence in what he just said.

“And Meli is always so good to us, so you may not be right,” Marcia also said.

“I&39;m an investor in that variety show, why wouldn&39;t I know?&34; Quentin asked, and then gave the pair a
closer look.

&34;My guess is that when you start the show, Melissa would no longer support you from the background,
and then you will be bare for everyone to see your idiosyncrasies,&34; Quentin explained.

Although their hearts trembled, the pair still had some disbelief in what Quentin said.

&34;Well, if you join my company, since I am an investor of that variety show, when the time comes, I will
tell the photographer to concentrate the camera on the both of you,&34; Quentin said. He quickly brought
up this benefit, and it was clearly hard not to be tempted.

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