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Chapter 751

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Forcing a smile

Melissa slowly opened her eyes, rubbed them, and saw Murray carrying breakfast towards her.She
looked at the wall clock in the room, it was half past nine.She was a little surprised

“Isn’t it Monday? Why haven’t you gone to work yet?” She asked Murray

Murray raised his eyebrows and placed the food in front of Melissa.

“It doesn’t matter,” he replied..

Melissa twitched the corners of her lips to reveal a feisty smile. She scoffed in disbelief.

“The boss is not supposed to break any rules. You are late for work,” Melissa said to Murray. However,
she remembered that she was also the boss of her company, yet she was still in bed, so she came to
her senses.

Looking at the food in front of her, Melissa’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It had been a while since she ate a meal from the local food vendors. She remembered how famous
they were back when she used to patronize them a lot. It used to take forever to get a meal on queue.

“When did you buy it?” Melissa asked, taking the meal from Murray, and starting to eat it.

“Don’t worry about it,” Murray replied, and smiled softly. Seeing Melissa eating the meal heartily, he felt

At this time, Melissa was wearing a patient’s uniform, with no makeup on her face, giving a very pure

After eating and drinking, she touched her belly with satisfaction.

Murray had been by her side these days, and he made sure that all the meals that Melissa ate were
well balanced.

After all, after these days of staying in bed throughout the day and night without exercise, Melissa’s thin
face added some weight, and her stomach started to bulge as well.

Seeing this, Melissa puffed up her cheeks.

“It’s all your fault, you have made me fat!” she said to Murray.

“You are still so thin, you should have eaten more,” he replied.

Murray smiled and stroked Melissa’s plump forehead.

Soon, Murray brought out the remaining food and sat in the ward, with no sign of leaving..

Melissa felt a little unwell. Murray would usually go out to deal with some company affairs at this time.
But it was so late today and he still hadn’t left.

“You…” Melissa said and pointed at Murray’s phone.

“Aren’t you going to have a video conference today?” She asked.

“Huh?” Murray asked, he was stunned.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t go to work, the most important thing

for me right now is to be with you,” he said.

Speaking of which, Melissa was not used to this new development.

Until evening, Murray remained in the ward and did not leave for half a second.

Originally, both of them had their own work to do. Now Murray was with her all day, and Melissa was a
little uncomfortable.

After all, she was not the kind of person who had a brain for love. She felt that falling in love did not
require two people to stick together all day long. Now that she had achieved so much in life, it made
her a little uncomfortable.

But worried that Murray would think too much, Melissa didn’t say anything, and lay on the bed, thinking
about what happened in the flower shop the previous day..

For days in a row, Murray spent more time with Melissa, as if he was worried that she would run away.

Melissa didn’t say much while she was sick.. From time to time, she

would go to the flower shop to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but Murray was worried that she was too
weak to be there, and he would take her back indoors after two or three hours.

The next day, at Star Entertainment, the two trainees came back to the company after the competition.
After Melissa had talked business deals with the organizers of the competition, they returned
everything that belonged to the Star Entertainment company, alongside their gorgeous trainees.

The two trainees were now known on the internet, having achieved

this small win. Now, they had returned to the company, and requested from the front desk that they
wanted to see Melissa. “It was Meli who helped us win the competition, so that we can have our current
life. Speaking of which, Meli can be regarded as our benefactor.” the trainees said.

One of the trainees said that she had been thinking about coming to thank Melissa for a while, but her
schedule was so packed that she never had the chance to come.

“Now that I have some time, I hurried down here,” the trainee said.

“Meli is occupied with some other commitments, and is not in the company at the moment,” the front
desk staff replied. Calvin had instructed her earlier that she should not tell anybody where Melissa was
until she heard otherwise from him.

Although the fact that Melissa was ill was well known, Murray had instructed that nobody should disturb
her, so the only person that had visited Melissa from the Star Entertainment company at this time, was

“Ah? Where did she go?” The trainee asked.

The front desk staff kept her mouth shut, unable to answer the question.

“What’s wrong?” The trainees asked.

Just then, Calvin came over.

He saw the two trainees from a distance, and knowing that Melissa

had assisted them to achieve a worthy goal recently, it seemed that they had come to thank her.

Thinking of Murray’s words, Calvin could only step forward and ask them what they wanted.

“We came to see Meli. I heard that she was ill, and she helped us a lot last time. We came here to
thank her,” one of the trainees said.

“Yes, Meli has helped us so much. After what she did for us, our resources have also improved a lot,
and we are grateful,” another of the trainees said.

Calvin nodded in approval of their positive words towards Melissa..

“Melissa still needs a good rest. I’ll let you know when she comes back to the company,” he said.

Seeing the disappointed eyes of the trainees, Calvin explained again. “She needs to rest now and can’t
see too many people, but she should be better soon, and I will inform you later,” he added.

“Okay,” the trainees replied. They had no choice than to nod in agreement.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Melissa just came back from the flower shop. She didn’t like the smell of the
disinfectant at the hospital, but she was getting used to it.

She slumped on the bed, the business at the flower shop was surprisingly good today, and she was
busy there for a long time.

Because she was still ill, the staff in the flower shop took good care of her, so she only did some light

Occasionally repairing barbs, and those tedious jobs of moving flower pots around, were all done by
the employees. Even so, with the florist’s order flooding out today, Melissa couldn’t prune.

Seeing that Melissa was a little tired, Murray was very distressed.

“Tired?” He asked her.

“Um?” Melissa replied with a groan, which made Murray’s heart turn to mush.

Soon, Murray called the masseuse.

In order to make Melissa feel at ease in the hospital, and make his work of staying with her easier for
him, Murray specially invited a few masseuses over.

At first, it was to help Melissa relax, but now it had another effect.

Melissa was lying on the bed, and the masseuse did some series of massages for her, which felt very

After the massage, Melissa was very satisfied, and the fatigue in her body had disappeared

“How do you feel now?” He asked her with a grin.

Murray laughed, and when Melissa wasn’t paying attention, he secretly switched with the masseuse,
and started massaging Melissa.

“Well, use some force.” Melissa said.

Melissa enjoyed it very much, and it took her a long time to realize that something was wrong.

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