Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 744

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The Truth

Meanwhile Murray was relaxed for a while as he had completed Melissa’s work so she won’t worry
about it much for the time being.

Even if he agreed and let her go back to work then also she won’t be having much in her hands. He
thought and then the memory of a few minutes back brought a smile on his face.

“If I wouldn’t have completed her work, then it would be very difficult for me to give in to her
demands.”He whispered as the constant fear of Melissa overworking again never left his mind.

Meanwhile Melissa was constantly blushing. Her face was crimson red and her fingers themselves
touched her lower lip.

“Already missing it?” Murray whispered in a very low tone. His breath, warm and measured, hit her

“What?” Melissa closed her eyes and swallowed as she never thought Murray can be this blunt when it
comes to romance.

“Forgotten, this early? Let me remind you again then,” He raised his left eyebrow.

Meanwhile Melissa couldn’t move, couldn’t think. She was lost in his stormy gray eyes, he slowly
lowered his head towards her. She automatically closed her eyes but nothing happened.

When she opened them again, she saw him picking up a tissue from behind her and wiped Choco Lava
Cake which was smudged at the corner of her lips. Murray laughed after seeing Melissa’s frustration.

“Were you expecting something else?” He deliberately teased her.

Melissa knew that he was trying to play with her so she thought,” Game is on,.”

This time she smirked in her mind and then innocently grabbed hold of his shoulder. Her bold move
had already stunned Murray.

“Come closer and I will tell you.” She touched his lower lips.

The moment he came closer, she turned her face in the other direction and she laid down hurriedly and
said in a teasing tone, “I am sleepy now, let me sleep.”

“Melissa…”Murray raked his fingers through his hair frustedly.

Melissa laughed hard after seeing the scene in front of her and then she closed her eyes.

To be honest, Melissa wasn’t able to sleep due to her argument with Murray. Now when everything was
pretty much fine in between then she finally got some sleep.

“This isn’t over. But for now you can rest.”

Murray laughed and stroked Melissa’s back. It was so long when he saw Melissa smiling that carefree
like the way she was giggling right then.In the chaos of work and responsibility, they were losing
themselves. Murray thought., Now when she isn’t well and needed rest, he decided to make this time
more memorable for each other.

“I am feeling better now.”

Melissa tried to ease Murray’s worry as she stretched loose while Murray watched her fall asleep.

Soon, Melissa fell asleep. In the deep slumber she saw a dream.

In the dream, she saw a child who was standing at a distance from her. His face was blurred but he
opened his arms for Melissa and kept calling her towards him. “Hold me, mumma.” The little prince

kept calling her. She ran in his direction to hold those small hands. But the more she tried to lessen the
distance between them, the child kept running further and further, in the mere darkness.

“Come back to your mumma,” Melissa almost cried, and ran faster but the moment she was about to
reach the child, he fell down.

“No…..” She shouted but the child fell down in the deep pit.

Melissa’s heart was aching and she was taking deep and shallow breaths.


“Don’t leave your mumma alone, come back child!!”

Beads of sweat covered Melissa’s forehead, and then she woke up.

Her breath was uneven and it seemed like she had seen some nightmare.

Murray rubbed her back worriedly. What happened?” Murray moved closer to her and tried to calm her
down. He wiped the sweat from her forehead and rubbed her back to breathe evenly.

Meanwhile Melissa turned her head slowly and faced Murray. She choked up at the pained expression
on his face. She could see that his eyes were moist and red-rimmed. For a moment she thought
something and then she inched towards him and didn’t stop until she was pressed against his broad

Murray’s strong arms came around Melissa and he squeezed her hard.”

“I am alright…” Melissa murmured in an attempt to ease him from worrying about her.

“Everything will be fine.” Murray paused and then continued, “Very soon.”

At that moment Melissa looked out from the window and saw the sky was already dark. She had slept
in the afternoon and now it was already night so she was wondering about the number of hours she
had slept already.

“It seems like I have been sleeping for so long.” Melissa jokingly said to enlighten the atmosphere.

Murray moved back a little and then tapped at his wrist watch.

“It’s already one in the morning. An hour passed at midnight.”Murray gave her a teasing smile.

“Stop teasing me now. I am hungry.” She pouted and stroked her belly..

Seeing her funny expression and petite look, Murray laughed.

“Tell me what do you want to eat?” Murray sternly asked her. But before Melissa could say anything he
stopped her, “But it should be something healthy.”

“I was going to ask you for a sandwich only. By the way, since when have you started being so mean?”
Melissa had a very funny expression on her face.

“I am always very sweet. By the way let me bring a sandwich for you,” Murray pouted to which Melissa
laughed hysterically. Before leaving, he did not forget to instruct the security guard standing outside the
ward, “Stay alerted, Mrs. Gibson is inside and I will be back soon.”

The bodyguard nodded in agreement, and Murray left the hospital.

When Melissa was alone, her eyes stopped at the window and she looked outside, the moonlight was
enlightening the room and it was extremely beautiful and resonant.

She was busy enjoying the beauty of night, when she noticed something strange. For a moment, she
doubted herself but then a shadow reappeared in the bright moonlight.

Before she could comprehend the real situation, a man climbed into the room from the window.

She instantly widened her eyes in fear, and subconsciously blurted out, “Prom…”

Unexpectedly, the man moved quickly and immediately blocked her mouth.

Melissa tried her best to break free from his hard grip, but she couldn’t get out of that man’s hold. She
was not well and she clearly didn’t have the strength to fight back. At that moment, she had the energy
of a three years old, clearly at the mercy of the man standing in front of her.

“Don’t dare to speak a word.”

A familiar yet dangerous voice filled the air. It was Jacky, Jacky Knight.

Listening to his voice, Melissa panicked even more, but at that time, she could only force herself to
calm down.

“If I try to do anything against him right now, then he can do anything. I can’t risk that.” She whispered

“Don’t be so scared, I am not going to harm you. Just come here to see you.”

The corners of Jacky’s mouth rose slightly, and he leaned over to

Melissa’s ear, “Look, you’re dying, and I have come to meet you for the last time. Certainly I have
known you for so many years, so it’s my responsibility, isn’t it?”


Melissa wanted to speak, but Finnegan’s Jacky’s hand was firmly pressing her mouth.

“It looks like you don’t know about it yet.”

Seeing Melissa’s desperation to speak, Jacky traced the outline of her face, she flinched at his touch.
He looked at her face keenly and then shook his head, “It’s no wonder that Murray loves you so much
and is reluctant to tell you, and I can understand it now.” Melissa was so clueless about what Jacky

“What is Murray hiding from me? Why does he say that I am dying…” So many questions clouded her

However, Melissa quickly regained her senses, if she would have to choose between Jacky and
Murray, of course, she chose to trust Murray.

When Jacky saw that Melissa was silent, then he gave her a stern look and laughed again, his
expression was gradually like a lunatic.

Melissa closed her eyes, as right now she was worried that Jacky might not do something bad to her..

“Fortunately, I didn’t really kill you that time. That would be no fun then.. But now I’m going to make you
suffer from more pain…”

Melissa couldn’t understand what Jacky was saying. She kept her eyes tightly closed, as she was
unable to move due to shock.

“Who is there?”

The voice of the bodyguard came from outside, andJacky realized that it’s not safe to stay there
anymore. No matter how cautious he will be, security guards will get to know about his presence. He
immediately let go of her hand and ran to the window from where he just climbed up, a few minutes

“Catch him!” ”

The moment he released her, Melissa used all her strength and shouted while pointed towards the
window where Jacky ran.

The security guards ran there quickly, and they jumped down almost without thinking. As there was a
well built platform below, most of the security guards jumped and ran behind Jacky without hurting
themselves. The ward was on the second floor of the hospital so it was no wonder that Jacky climbed
in her room so easily without catching the attention of the security guards there.

Melissa gritted her teeth and stood up, trying to catch Jacky, even though the drip was in her hand but
she didn’t care much.

Moreover, Melissa was shaking by being threatened by Jacky, she was already sick and now his words
were echoing in her mind.

The next second, Melissa felt that her eyes got blurred and she fainted.

Meanwhile Murray was at the entrance of the hospital when saw the security guards were running out
one after another, he instantly realized that something was wrong, and he rushed to the ward.

He quickly opened the door of the ward and saw Melissa, barefooted laying, on the cold floor.

In an instant, the sandwich In Murray’s hand fell down on the floor. He trembled and hurriedly ran to
pick Melissa up from the floor.


Murray lowered his head and kept calling out her name, but no matter how much time he called,
Melissa did not wake up.

The next second, Murray raised his fist and slammed the table placed at the bedside and then gritted
his teeth.

He shouldn’t have left Melissa alone in the ward alone there, he scolded himself, and for a split second,
Murray began to hate his own existence..

When the doctors and nurses heard the news, they rushed over and gave Melissa a general

A night had passed, Melissa was still unconscious, Murray froze aside, and began to regret his
decision to leave her alone there.

“I thought that Melissa would get better with more rest, but unexpectedly, this has given someone a
chance to fulfill their evil intentions.”

Murray thought as he was standing in the corner, holding his head. During the examination, the doctor
said that Melissa was frightened, and unfortunately he didn’t even know who the man was and what he
told her?

Soon, several bodyguards came back, and they all shook their heads in disappointment.

But they told Murray that although they hadn’t seen the face of the man but from his back and figure,
they were certain that it was Jacky.

Murray’s eyes darkened even at the mention of Jacky..

He didn’t even settle his score earlier when he almost killed

Melissa and here he came again. Murray gritted his teeth. Murray disclosed the news to the police, and
the police started looking for traces of the remaining members of the abduction gang without a delay.
Now they had made some progress and received a few more clues from him.

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