Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 750

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What disease does she have

“Stop behaving like kids.”

Melissa sat up straight, she had never thought that the medicine which she had poured in plants would
be in front of her in a few minutes.

“They are truly in front of me.” She sighed.

Under the gaze of Murray, Melissa pinched her nose helplessly and drank the bowl of the same

“From now onwards, I am not going to believe you with the medicine again.I will go out after you eat it.”

The seriousness in Murray’s voice Melissa burst into tears.

“I’ve finished the medicine now, I want to sleep, go out and do some work.” Melissa lay on the bed, she
wasn’t looking at him and kept her eyes fixed at the ceiling.

Murray glanced in her direction, and this time he was more worried about her.

“Melissa, look at me.” He called her but she ignored his presence. When she felt him standing at her
side she pulled the quilt up, covered her head and hid herself inside it. But Murray had his tricks, he
smiled a little and pulled her towards him.

“I can’t go if you will stay angry like this.” He laughed at her childish behavior and then kissed her

She kept her eyes closed, when she heard footsteps going away from her and the door of the ward
being gently closed, she put the quilt aside, glanced at a few pieces of paper by the bed, and grabbed

them to check.

Those were just some medical test reports, and nothing was wrong in them.

But from Murray’s reaction when she talks about her health, it seems otherwise. She was sure that
nothing ordinary had happened to her. But what’s the disease that was stopping her from living an
ordinary and peaceful life? She wondered.

The more Melissa thought about it, the more annoyed she got. She always felt that there were
countless bugs crawling around her body, which were extremely itchy.

When she was engrossed in her own thoughts and was standing by the window alone, Jill surprised
her with her visit. She instantly ran in her direction as it was after so many days when she was seeing

“What’s wrong Meli?” Jill asked her.

The corner of Melissa’s mouth twitched slightly, revealing a smile, “I am getting bored. I want to go
outside and breathe fresh air.”

Hearing this, Jill took a sigh of relief as she thought that Melissa knew that she was ill, so she changed
her clothes and went directly to the cats and dogs they had treated in the alley and visited them..

Melissa looked at the cats and dogs in front of her and felt relieved.

In the warm sunshine, those small animals rolled on the dry floor, and from time to time they stretched
out their jelly-like pink claws, which made people very happy and comfortable.

Melissa bent down, stretched out her hand gently, and stroked the necks of those cats and dogs.

Soon, the kitten closed its eyes and purred comfortably.

Melissa was amused by the scene, kept pouting and stroking the kitten’s head.

“She will get bald if you keep rubbing her hair.”

Jill playfully said when she watched Melissa from the side, grinning and smiling.

“A kitty won’t be bald.”

Melissa rubbed the back of the cat again, and the kitten meows as if it understood human words.

“Okay, I won’t rub your backs anymore.”

Jill shook her head helplessly at the conversation that Melissa had with those cats and dogs. Melissa
and Jill spent an afternoon in the alley.

Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Melissa stood up and wiped the dirt from her clothes, “We should
head back to the hospital, it’s getting late.”

Melissa’s eyes softened again as she looked at the tumbling and coquettish kitten on the ground.

Seeing Melissa like this, Jill felt relieved, but fortunately, what

Murray explained to her was still making her worried. It seemed like Melissa was no longer angry, and
Jill felt a relief in her heart after seeing a smiling Melissa.

“Let’s go back now.”

Jill mumbled and poured down some food for several cats and dogs, and then walked out of the alley
after holding Melissa’s hand.

At first Melissa was not habitual of being supported, but this was what Murray wanted and had asked
for, and that’s why she half heartedly let Jill hold her hand.

Melissa helplessly shook her head, as she had no choice but to let Jill support her.

Meanwhile Jill’s support wasn’t helping her fully. As Melissa felt that her energy was drained out, her
feets were not able to walk at the previous speed but she felt relief when she thought that she could still
walk for a while.

Thinking about everything, Melissa shook her his head in disappointment. “I used to be a trained
martial art student but now see how weak my body become after that miscarriage. It’s really not worth
the loss. But whatever is happening to me, it’s my own mistake as she didn’t pay attention to her health
before.” she thought.

Melissa came to the end of the alley, and suddenly a Land Rover stopped in front of her..

The car was very familiar and it didn’t take her a second more to realize who it was.

“Murray,” She called his name in a very low tone.

Meanwhile Murray moved the car window down. He had OCD,that’s why he was never interested in
cats and dogs, so he has been waiting there for Melissa to come out all that while.

“Come inside,” Murray muttured.

Melissa yawned slightly and nodded, then she said goodbye to Jill, opened the car door and sat down.

“Are you happy now?” Murray asked her excitedly as from a distance, he noticed the expression on
Melissa’s face which was much more relaxed than before.

“Yeah.” Melissa smiled and nodded, “By the way you could have met those cute cats and dogs, they
wouldn’t have harmed you.

“Heh…” Murray squinted and smiled, then he stepped on the accelerator, and the car started slowly.

Melissa sat in the passenger seat with her eyes closed and drifted into the melody of music, played by

Today was different from the usual time in the hospital. In the

hospital, she ate, slept and then repeated. Today, she felt a little better than previous days. By now, she
even started feeling sleepy. Murray parked the car in the hospital and gently picked up Melissa who
was already asleep. His movements were very light and did not wake her up.

It was quite evident that Melissa was really tired and it seemed like he was feeling the same after
helping in the flower shop the whole day.

Murray was distressed but he was relaxed that Melissa was feeling better and calm lately.

While thinking that Murray reached the ward and gently placed

Melissa on the bed and covered her with the quilt.

Then he went to the bathroom, filled a tub of hot water for Melissa, and wiped her cheeks and limbs

After cleaning her, Murray went to the doctor’s office.

“Mr. Gibson.”

Doctor stood up when he saw Murray standing there.

“Well.” Murray nodded slightly and said, “She is relaxed after going out today but a bit tired and she is
already asleep. So, I think you were right.”:

This suggestion was also made to him by the doctor, saying that

Melissa would be depressed if she kept staying in the ward all the time, and it was best for her to go
out for a walk so that her health would improve.

“It’s also good to go out for a walk more, and it will restore the patient’s psychology to a certain extent.”

The doctor nodded. When he was diagnosing Melissa, she had a stern face all day, which seemed to
be the effect of the miscarriage on the patient.

“Anything else to watch out for?” Murray asked.

“It’s best if you spend more time with your wife and often take her out for a walk. As per my observation
of her in the past few days she didn’t look very happy so there is a tendency of anxiety in her.’

Doctor told him truthfully to which Murray frowned.


When I met Melissa, she was a very lively and talkative girl, and now she has such symptoms. Murray

“Yes.” The doctor nodded heavily,” So now we can’t risk her health. Moreover, today’s decision of
taking her out turned out to be a good one so you can try this more often from now onwards.

“You are right. She was happy and calm today.” Murray nodded, and he went back to the room just to
see Melissa who was still asleep.

He gently stroked her cheek, and promised himself that this time, he wouldn’t let anyone hurt Melissa
again. The next morning, the first rays of sunlight shone through the screen and scattered around

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Chapter 750

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