Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 736

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Without a delay Melissa brought the sketch to the head of the investigating team, she handed it over to
him and told him everything that Mrs. and Mr.

Wilson told her about it.

“Thank you Ms. Eugen.”

The police officer showed her gratitude for her hard work and gave her a satisfied nod, then he took the
sketch from her, and then searched the Internet for a while.

Soon, he discovered a company where employees had to wear wristbands given by them, and the logo
on the wristband was very similar to the one that was drawn by Mrs.and Mr. Wilson.

Although that company seems very simple I, the salary was surprisingly high, three or four times what
the usual company offers.

That was enough evidence for the police team to start the investigation in that company.

Meanwhile in the Timothy Group.

Reid Timothy, the CEO of Timothy Group was in a lot of trouble because of the company’s affairs.
Recently, because of the trafficking and abduction case of Mrs and Mr. Wilson, the police have
inspected various companies, and finally found that the Timothy Group was affiliated with some black

This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Timothy Group, and the stock price started falling rapidly.

Having no clue about what to do further Reid Timothy was sitting in his cabin for a long time, and finally
concluded that he had no choice but to call Mollie Timothy.

Although once he had asked her to discuss and take major decisions regarding the company with him
but due to some other work, she turned it down. So he decided to make a move again. After two hours

“What do you need?”

Mollie Timothy barged into his cabin with an irritated face.

“You should know, the company has had some difficulties recently…”

Reid Timothy ignored her rude behavior as he thought that he needed to hold back his dissatisfaction
for the time being and then he asked Mollie Timothy for help: “After all, the Timothy family has raised
you for so many years, you can’t ignore family issues like this?”

Mollie Timothy raised her eyebrows, not expecting that from her ignorant and strict father.

“What do you want me to do?”

Seeing that Mollie Timothy was a little moved so she asked him straightforwardly.,

Her father laughed and finally revealed his intentions for calling her there,” I remembered that you had
a good relationship with Jacky. Don’t you? Although he is not that powerful I think…”

Listening to her father mentioning Jacky, Mollie almost yelled, “Impossible, don’t you remember, what
he had done to your daughter before. Leaving it aside he was in prison and I don’t know where he is

After saying that, she didn’t wait for her father’s reply, Mollie carried her bag and left.

Meanwhile her father kept sitting there, he stomped his foot in irritation but something caught his
attention, “Jacky is in prison.”

This immediately gave him an idea. If he will find Jacky and he will get

ready to help her,then this matter would not be so difficult to handle. He thought.

Thinking of this, Reid Timothy called someone and instructed them to go to the Public Security Bureau
to let him know that if Jacky Knight was arrested because of Thomas Lamp, and when he was in prison
they investigated a lot but. the police couldn’t find any breakthrough but he was still in prison.

And now, the Timothy family decided to come in Jacky’s rescue and were willing to help Jacky to come
out of prison on bail. As Reid Timothy was also a prominent figure here, so it took not much effort to get
Jacky released on bail.

“Mr. Knight”

The Timothy family butler stepped forward, rubbed his hands, and smiled, “I wonder if Mr. Knight is
feeling better now?”

Jacky hardly ever looked at the housekeeper, seeing him now was not pleasant either.

When he was at the police station, he heard that the Timothy family was being investigated as they
were suspected of being affiliated with black and illegal business.

As a result, Jacky was even more disdainful.

“It’s nothing, I’m tired of being there, I’m going home now.”

Jacky said in a low tone, and then he just walked away.

The housekeeper there wanted to stop him afterward, but Jacky was walking so fast that the
housekeeper couldn’t catch up.

The moment he went away, the housekeeper got utterly disappointed and angry. Strangely, even
though they helped Jacky to release on bail, they still failed to please him.

On the other side, Jacky had left from there as he went directly to the headquarters of the group.

He remembered when he was sitting there waiting for the police to release him from prison, he heard
someone talking about a kidnapping gang, which immediately caught his attention.

It seems that this time, something severe happened to the group. He thought.

At the moment he returned to the headquarters, he was ready to contact employees who had been
working there for a long time.

He realized that something was wrong, and then he noticed something regarding the bracelet that
every employee was wearing and he decided to check the situation through it.

The bracelets that each employee was wearing had monitoring effects, and just as he connected it, the
sound of police interrogation came from there.

“Who is the gang behind you?”

Listening to that Jacky gritted his teeth, as it looked like the police had started investigating on their

But fortunately, the location of the headquarters was already changed, and the staff there had no idea
where the new headquarters was..

Thinking about that, he was temporarily relaxed.

However, in order to avoid the trouble, it was necessary to take extra precautions.

Just as Jacky was on his way to the company, he found some suspicious activities by a few people
there as they were sneaking from behind the building wall, and was clicking pictures of the activities
happening there through their mobile phones.

This immediately caught the attention of Jacky and asked security guards to kick those suspicious
people out, but soon enough, a man among them gave the company’s headquarters address to the

Meanwhile Jacky looked at the monitor and found that there were more and more suspicious people
around, which immediately caught his Attention.

It looks like thisAs a result they decided that it was unsafe to stay in that place so the only way out was
to vacate it and move out immediately.

Jacky’s speed was very fast. He asked the employees in the headquarters to immediately save the
data to a USB flash drive, and then quickly vacate the office.. Dozens of employees walked out of the
company in a flash, and the police department who was keeping an eye on them were caught off

For a moment they didn’t know who to follow, and in the whole mess Jacky slipped out of their sight.

Soon, he found the next location to avoid being discovered by the police officer. He walked in with a
few documents first, and then informed the other employees one after another.

This time they moved very fast and were very careful to avoid any troubles..

On the other hand, the police found that all the employees in the company were scattered. They
searched around for a long time and only ended up getting to know that the original employees had

been fired.

As a result, the documents in the hands of those who were originally investigated there were invalid.

On the other hand, they came to the police station with the original documents. Fortunately, the efforts
of those days were not left in vain, and the police found another lead in it.

When they get to see more dedicatedly they notice the number of people entering and leaving the
company was a certain way and fixed number,, until the last time, when all the employees came out

Last time when they were being investigated, they clearly knew that these employees were up to

The police investigated that the wages of the employees inside were generally very high. It was quite
evident that they also knew that they were a part of a trafficking gang. Otherwise, how could they
evacuate so quickly when they knew that they were discovered by the police authorities..

The police sent people to the original building, which was empty for a long time. Tere they started by
checking the data of computers placed there but unfortunately they found out that all the files in it had
been cleaned up already. They went to the Internet to investigate who registered the company, but
Jacky was very smart and he acted very quickly and immediately erased all the company’s
information., That’s why they could not find any clues. After all the hard work and efforts they took a
deep breath and sighed disappointedly as this time also the investigation did not reach anywhere.

In Star Entertainment.

Melissa received the information from the police station. Seeing that things were once again reaching
nowhere, she had to take a break..

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