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Chapter 734

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The police intervene in the investigation

Netizens quickly divided into two camps, one was on Jennifer’s parent’s side and the other was on Jill’s
side, and that created more chaos and soon the social media site turned into a virtual battling ground.

Jennifer didn’t expect things to take this ugly turn.. She held her head and thought, and the scenes of
that year kept appearing in her mind.

Soon, the official Twitter of Star Entertainment posted a blog, and the situation was under control for a

“Thank you for your attention these days, and please think rationally. This matter is suspected of
human ethics. Whether it is abducting and selling children or going to college by different t names, it
has raised a major issue and an issue of concern in today’s society. This matter is no longer
entertainment. A dispute in the family and revelations has violated the interests of society, and any
forces that resist the law will eventually be punished. We have called the police, and the truth of the
matter is waiting to be confirmed. Rest we will keep you people posted. Thanks for your

Melissa took to twitter and spoke on behalf of the company, and her words somewhere convinced

Now that the police have begun the matter in its hand and intervened, netizens have nothing to say. No
one can escape the punishment of the law. Next, in order to know the truth they just need to wait for the
law’s views and measures on Wilson’s family.

Soon, the police started their investigation, and they came to Star Entertainment. The company had
scheduled Mrs. and Mr. Wilson’s interview in the morning, so Melissa temporarily controlled the whole
situation. The moment police saw Wilson couple there, they took them with them for the investigation.

Melissa followed them for two reasons. One to know the actual truth behind the incident and secondly,
to prevent them from creating another problem.

These days, Melissa isn’t able to deal with the company’s affairs. After all, the entertainer under her is
also involved. If it is not solved properly, it will affect the company’s credibility in the future.

As a result, Melissa’s health started deteriorating as she had even more headaches. After a while, the
police officer asked her to make a witness recording. The moment she came back, she had to find
some information about the university, as well as the admission score of the year they got the
admission there and the score of the Wilson sisters..

It’s just that many years have passed since the incident happened, and there are countless college
students every year. If suddenly anyone wants to find a record of ten years back, it was definitely a
troublesome task.

Meanwhile during the day, Melissa was in the police station to see how the police interrogated Mrs and
Mr Wilson and to see the development in the case.

But the old couple had little knowledge about the legal affairs. That’s why they came out of the chaos
and police didn’t ask many things there.

In the afternoon, Melissa stayed in the Education Bureau, as she was trying very hard to find out the
truth of that year.

“Was it an imposter or she had voluntarily given up?” The question kept roaming in her mind.

Just because of that incident, Murray sent a few security guards to guard Jennifer and Jill, in case
anything or anyone would try to harm the twin sisters.

Meanwhile Melissa also changed the password of Jennifer’s Twitter account, it was a precautionary
move in case she once again goes there and tweets something that will create problems for herself or
the company. By the way, for a long time the company managed Entertainer’s’ Twitter accounts
themselves. w

Now if Jennifer will go t out and speak nonsense then they are sure that no one will pay attention to

Jennifer’s side got temporarily stabilized, and Melissa devoted her full time to find out the truth behind
this matter. These days, she keeps running behind so that she might get a clue..

Sleeping no more than five hours a day, heavy workload and investigation, consumes too much energy
and time for Melissa.

This started making Murray more worried about her. The moment he saw Melissa’s dark circles, he got
very distressed. That’s when he moved a little forward and then his arms were around her. That was
the moment Melissa stopped her work.

Her heart exploded as those strong arms pulled her against his chest. She was frozen by the sudden
movement and then her arms swept around his neck. She moved a little closer as she inhaled the
lingering trace of after shave.

Today his hug was different-stronger and tighter. At that moment she felt a deeper sense of security
and protectiveness.

“No clue yet?”

The magnetic voice of Murray came, he rubbed his hands up and down, warming her.

“This matter still has to be sorted out. So many truths have not been made public, and this time
netizens aren’t going to let it go.”

Melissa stepped back and took a deep breath and began to sit on the desk and read the documents

“You’ve just recovered from your illness, and you’re so busy again, don’t ignore your health. Take
proper rest.”

Murray mumbled when he worriedly looked at the thick stack of documents in Melissa’s hand. He had
no clue when it would be finished.

“Looking at this, it’s very inefficient.”

Murray handed over the information to Melissa: “So many words, people’s memory is limited, it is
impossible to remember so many things in a short time.”

Melissa was also very helpless. When she held the document she thought that the date mentioned
there was a week back before the college entrance examination, and she could watch as much as she

“Come! Let me teach you.”

Murray leaned over, and after he glanced at the document, he began to analyze it for Melissaand soon,
a document was read by two people.

With so much information, they did not know where to start and where to end. Then Murray thought
something and then took out his cell phone and asked people to go to the Education Bureau to find a
few more capable staff members to investigate which students were admitted but did not go to school.

As a result, the work was reduced and Melissa’s work got a lot lighter.

Unexpectedly, this time Murray took the initiative to help her, and Melissa’s mood was much happier to
see this.

“I am very fortunate that I have you, otherwise I don’t know how to get through it.”

She stretched, then got up, ready to rush to the police station.

So many days had already passed since the investigation started but the Wilson couple was playing
vaguely and did not give much information to the police and that’s why they did not reach any

Melissa was also very helpless. For the elderly couple without education, she does not have much

It’s just that the abduction and trafficking of children really needs to be investigated.

Through these days of investigation, Melissa was sure that someone had instigated Mrs. and Mr.
Wilson to do such things as child abduction but who it was still a question..

For old people with little legal awareness, they are the best targets for those people.

Soon, Murray’s people also went to the Education Bureau to help with the investigation. The
investigation from the Education Bureau also came out. Jennifer and Jill indeed enter the university

The truth gradually came to light, and events began to come in front of them.

However, the investigation by the police fell into a bottleneck period. They found that a group of people
did walk in the mountain area, and after they left, it was when Jill and Jennifer came to Wilson’s house.

Undoubtedly, it was that group of people who had persuaded the parents of the Wilson family to abduct
and sell children.

But why did they abduct and sell a pair of twins and then leave the valley. The more suspicious thing
was the fact that no one had found out about it for so many years. If even now they didn’t have
discovered that then, normal people would have continued to do it. Soon, after the investigation the
police s found out that the group of people involved there was very influential. Moreover, ten years
have already passed and the matter has been delayed for a long time. In order not to delay, the police
hurriedly extended their hands to the group.

The group was already doing this crime for so many years, it was not a lie that they had many
connections in the police itself. They had already figured out the way to come out of this chaos as soon
as possible Over the years, in order to abduct and sell children, they have placed a lot of people in the
police. Now the truth is about to be exposed. In order to protect their own interests, they have to make
a move and take advantage of their connections.

At the meeting, as expected their people began to interfere with the police investigation and due to their
continued efforts they began to obstruct the police’s actions. As a result the incident could not be
further investigated, and it soon became a deadlock.

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