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Chapter 732

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“Why is she calling me and that too at this time?” Jill wondered as she knew that it wasn’t good news.

A few hours ago, Jennifer accused her on Twitter and now she came forward to talk to her. That was
more than surprising for her.

“What’s wrong?”

Jill said, her voice was barely above the whisper. She was indeed tired as she had already done her
utmost part for the Wilson family.

On the other hand Jennifer didn’t say a word, she was silently listening and it started making Jill more

“I’ll hang up if you have nothing to say.”

“Wait.” Jennifer stopped her, “Now things on the Internet have taken an ugly turn and the matter is
becoming more and more serious, and it’s not good for either of us.”

She initially hesitated, but Jill was trying to see behind her words. ” “What do you want me to do?”

Jill sternly asked and waited for her reply.. Over the years, Jennifer had always been on guard against
Jill because of this matter, but now she was willing to take the initiative.

“If you do not say it now, I am afraid that it will ruin the lives of both of us.” Jennifer said in a low tone.

Jill was already in the entertainment industry for a while, and she was very well aware about how things
will take an ugly turn if this will continue.

“Fine!” Jill answered in a short and concise way.

“Since you have agreed, then I have nothing more to say.” Jennifer muttured.

Jill agreed that this matter was not a shame for her.

It’s just that Jennifer always felt that it would affect her reputation and was reluctant to bring it up.

While thinking that, Jill looked at her college diploma that was placed beside her bed, and the scene of
that year gradually flashed in front of her eyes..

The two Wilson sisters were twins. They both took the college entrance examination together and that
too in the same year. Fortunately both of them were admitted to the top universities.

But at that time the financial position of their family was not good and they all could afford to support
one of them.

So, she voluntarily gave up the opportunity and went out to work to support her family.

But for some unknown reason, Jennifer had always been reluctant to mention this matter in front of
anyone, and had repeatedly asked everyone to keep it a secret.

Neither of the two confided in each other, so that the estrangement grew, and it evolved to where it is

Unfortunately neither of them had ever trusted each other regarding anything, that’s why they were
alienated from each other’s life.This was one of the reasons that they reached this unavoidable

Meanwhile Jennifer kept waiting for Jill to say something but when no sounds came for a long time, she
hung up the call.

On the other hand Jill’s eyes were still fixed on that photo frame and happy face. But that smile while
watching that picture changed into an expression of sadness and sorrow.

The words of Mrs. and Mr. Wilson were echoing in her ears, “Don’t worry! You are our daughter, Jill.
You can help us send your little sister to college.”

“To the utter dismay, Mrs. And Mr. Wilson hid this from Jennifer and she thought that Jill was also
attending her college.

When the years passed, the truth came in front of her and she felt guilty and blamed herself for
becoming the reason for Jill’s miseries.

“I had impersonated her.” Jennifer shook her head.

Although she wanted to tell this to everyone and come out of this guilt. But the government made some
strict standards and changes in the education system so Jennifer or anyone else never dared to
mention that.

Meanwhile Jennifer used to think about what went wrong with her parents. So she gave them a benefit
of doubt and hid this secret away from Jill.

Communication is indeed the best remedy. But without it and due to the clash of egos and
misunderstanding, they didn’t know how ten years had already passed.

Her eyes stopped at the display screen of her phone and her heart skipped a beat as whatever she
was going to do was going to change her whole life. Jennifer revealed that she regretted and blamed
herself as she was not able to take care of her family. Blaming Jill for everything alone wasn’t a right
thing so she was there to tell everyone the truth behind the whole incident.Generally speaking, Jill was
admitted to university, but her parents favored her and because of that Jill lost the opportunity..

Soon, this tweet and issue attracted the attention of a large number of netizens.

Jill also retweeted Jennifer’s tweet for the first time, and apologized for her behavior once again.

Then she quoted the tweet and added that Jennifer had the misunderstanding over the past years.

“Jennifer and I are twin sisters, who were kidnapped and sold by

Mrs. and Mr. Wilson.. Both of us were admitted to university at the beginning, but our family’s financial
position was not very good or stable so I willingly dropped out of the university.”.”

In the last few days these two sisters and their family were the hot topic and mostly everyone was
talking about them.

The truth of the matter was exposed in front of netizens. The main motive to expose everything was to
bring the truth in front of them and to stop being the bait in the hands of Wilson’s. More serious things
were exposed like child abduction, which instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

On the other side, reporters found out the location of Mrs. and Mr. Wilson and a huge group of people
came outside their house with cameras and microphones.

“Mr. Wilson, what do you think about your two daughters?”

“We want to know the real reason why you didn’t let Jill go to university?”

They bombarded them with lots of questions.

Various questions from the past emerged one after another, and the interview sight was chaotic for a

But Mrs. And Mr. Wilson had some other plans which didn’t include leaving.. They answered the
reporters’ questions one by one, and every sentence was filled with their injustice and prejudice against
the two sisters who were victims of their cruelty. The reporters can also feel the emotions of Wilson’s
father and Wilson’s mother, but this is the matter of the Wilson family, and he can’t control so much for
a while.

The reporters after hearing the story of Mrs. and Mr. Wilson also felt sympathy towards them

But this was the internal matter of their family and they couldn’t do anything regarding that.

Soon, more and more revelations were done by their parents and every sentence was extremely

At the same time, Star Entertainment also received a notice that Mrs. and Mr. Wilson were being

Melissa frowned upon hearing the news, which is really confusing for her. “Now that Jennifer and Jill’s
image is getting better, their parents have started taking interviews. Isn’t this a conspiracy by the couple
to prevent their two daughters from having a better life?” Melissa thought.

But they couldn’t expect anything from them as if they were capable enough to differentiate between
right and wrong they wouldn’t have abducted them in the first place.

As a result, Melissa decided to go there in person.

She brought a few assistants and tall security guards directly from the company and rushed to the
interview site.

As soon as they arrived at the interview site, Melissa heard someone yelling consistently, their every
word was very harsh.

Melissa suppressed her inner dissatisfaction and rushed into the interview scene with people.

Although Melissa had to be very careful as Mrs. and Mr. Wilson, surrounded by a group of reporters at
that time, could say anything vicious about them. “It was Jennifer, our baby girl who had taken care of
us all these past years. She never thought about herself but for us.”

Mrs. Wilson wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes as she spoke, making those reporters believe
what she said.

“What more should I say about that girl Jill, you have seen that with your own eyes. I went to talk to her
and she kicked me out.”

Both of them said in unison.

“Give me a side. Let me go there.” Melissa interrupted and moved back and forth from the crowd, and
finally came to Mrs.and Mr Wilson and stood beside them. At this time, the Wilson duo was still
criticizing Jill for not being the ideal daughter, and the wind Mrs. Wilson kept wiping the tears from the
corners of her eyes.

“what happened?” Melissa frowned, not expecting that both of them were so disgusted with their
daughters, and they were talking nonsense here.

“Don’t you know that my eldest daughter Jill can’t see her sister doing better in her life since she was a
child, and she has to snatch something from her. This time, it’s the same thing, she put nonsense in
Jennifer’s mind that’s why she was saying nonsense things like abduction and selling things.” “Are they
really kidnapped by you?” One of the reporters asked them. “What kind of kidnapping, it’s all nonsense,
if it wasn’t for this ungrateful child, this time things wouldn’t be like this!”

By the passing time Mrs. And Mr Wilson became more and more outrageous, and what they said
further made Melissa confused.

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