Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 731

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The bridge goes straight to the bow naturally

Melissa frowned, analyzing the ins and outs of the current situation.

Although Jill was not involved in the entertainment industry, she was aware of the rules of this industry..
Looking at the maliciousness towards Jennifer on Twitter, she probably knew the seriousness of the

However, Jennifer came to threaten her a while ago. Still if she wouldn’t tell Melissa the truth now, then
she definitely won’t be able to peacefully eat and walk around, when she goes back.

Jill frowned, not knowing what to do for a while.

“You can think about it. Take your time. But be wise.”

Seeing the situation of Jill, Melissa did not insist more, and left the place with the documents.

Jill was a little tired by then. Looking at the cats and dogs in front of her that were coquettish she
immediately lost interest.

When she returned home, she saw her father and mother, Mrs. and Mr Wilson wandering around the
door restlessly.

Jill took a deep breath of sigh and relief as it seemed that they also knew what was going on on Twitter,
otherwise they wouldn’t have come there so soon.

Her steps were heavy, and calculative soon, her parents came forward and stopped her in her tracks.
“Well, you damn girl, how dare you not tell us about what happened to your sister? Do you want her to
suffer alone?

Mrs. Wilson, their mother started criticizing Jill as soon as she came in her sight which made Jill very
helpless and tired.

Although Jill had been accustomed to her parents’ partiality and indifference of behavior towards her, it
still hurts her.

To be honest Mrs. And Mr. Wilson were not their biological parents. In fact she and Jennifer used to
stay in the alley but they were kidnapped and sold by the people there.

In that incident Jennifer lost her memory and she started thinking that Mrs. and Mr. Wilson were her
biological parents and Jill was adopted.

That was the reason that both of them were partial towards her from childhood to adulthood.

Jill closed her eyes in deep anticipation when Mrs. And Mr Wilson were accusing her about something
that she didn’t know.” “Just ignore me. Moreover, you never took me seriously. Have you?” She

Listening to her question which baffled them for a second, Mr Wilson came forward and started
criticizing Jill again.

Even in the early morning he came to her door and did the same.

“Tell me what’s happening with Jennifer?” They asked her.

“I have no idea.”

She said those words in a low tone. The casual act made her parents angry.

“”How could you be so selfish, Jill? How could you be so unaware about your sister?Do you want this
matter to cause stress and ruin our peace?”

Mrs Wilson shouted and slapped Jill. Within no time she dragged Jill to her room.

“You should ask her, not me.”

Jill pitched higher, since she was a child, she had been bait to her parents since childhood, whenever
anything wrong happened to Jennifer they deliberately put blame on her head. Just to make her suffer
more and more.

“I am getting irked at being your parent. How could I raise such an evil witch?” Her mother shouted on
the top of her lungs.

However, all she wanted at that moment was to move forward and slap Jill once more. But something
unexpected happened. She didn’t know that she would be stopped by the security guard behind her.

“Try repeating this once more, we think you don’t want to stay in this house anymore.”

Mrs. and Mr. Wilson said that in unison and just in a few words Jill was accused of one more thing.


When she heard that word, she was shocked..

“Have I paid less for this family since I started working? No one has the right to say that I am freebie.”

Jill said coldly, and then gave the security guard beside her a meaningful look.

The security guard immediately knew what Jill meant, and took Mrs. and Mr. Wilson out.

“Your conscience is dead Jill, we gave you everything and made you this capable. And you abandoned
us, your parents. Didn’t you?

As Mrs. Wilson walked out, she kept accusing Jill there, and her voice suddenly attracted a large
number of passers-by to watch.

” “Look everyone, this is my ungrateful daughter. Now when she is doing great in her career, she
abandoned us, her parents and kicked out of her house.”

When Mrs. and Mr. Wilson saw that alot of people had started gathering there. They decided to
exaggerate things more. They actually started speaking ill about Jill on the streets to ruin her reputation

“We came from the countryside and didn’t understand anything. Now that my daughter has the ability,
she dislikes us and asks the security to kick us out.”

The two of them spoke together and instantly attracted the attention of a large number of people there.

“She also has a younger sister. Now that something bad happened to her, she doesn’t care. It’s okay!
We will bear this.”

Mrs. Wilson wiped her crocodile tears while sewing lies. Meanwhile

Mr. Wilson acted to comfort his wife..

“You are my wife, you don’t need to be sad, it’s not a big deal, we will live our own life.”

Mr. Wilson sternly said in front of so many people. Soon, his words were photographed and spread on
the Internet.

“I can’t think of someone who treats their parents like this, it’s really unbearable to look directly at them.
I pity them!”

Some people began to criticize Jill below, and many people went to dig up the black material of Jill.

Jennifer was the first person to see it on the Internet and directly retweeted it on Twitter, accusing Jill,
“How could someone do such a miserable thing, the girl has actually abandoned her parents!”

As a result, the popularity of this matter started getting higher and higher, and more and more people
started indulging in the family war. Although some of them sided with Jill, most of them just criticized

Soon, Melissa also received the message.

“What’s wrong?”

Just as she was thinking and trying to comprehend the whole matter, she felt the tender touch on her
waist. A curve adorned her lips when she felt the hold get tightened..

Then Melissa turned her eyes and locked her eyes with Murray.

“What happened?” He whispered in her ears.

“It’s work related.. An entertainer under me really brings trouble for me.”

At this time, Melissa was frustrated and stressed, and Murray was also a little distressed.

He took a deep breath and patted Melissa’s shoulder, “It’s okay! They don’t have enough so it’s normal
to get into trouble.” Then Murray stroked Melissa’s frown. “Just take some rest, don’t get tired again.”

“I don’t want to either.”

Melissa shook her head helplessly, and then typed a line on Twitter.

“After all,family is life and you are Jill Wilson., so don’t fight with your life. Harmony and happiness are
the key to a family.”

She tried to reconcile them and played cupid. Meanwhile Murray retweeted Melissa’s tweet directly.

“Just like me and my wife.” he commented over there.

After this gesture, they had successfully allowed many netizens to see the love between the two. full
tonight, and Melissa blushed a little when he saw what Murray

Everyone below said that they were in awe after witnessing that,

Melissa’s cheeks turned crimson red after reading Murray’s comments there..

“Well!!, I’m working.” Melissa tried to grab Murray’s attention.

“Well, then work.”

Murray said lightly, listening to him Melissa gave a serious look. For a moment she couldn’t find words
to say anything.

“It’s bad.”

She finally spoke two words, and then Murray uplifted his face a little and rose his mouth slightly.

Soon, after the mediation of Melissa and Murray, more netizens began to notice this matter.

There were a lot of media houses that started digging deep into the relationship between the two
people, and there were more and more revelations on the Internet, and the whole matter went
irreversible for a while.

“Why didn’t Jill go to college? No wonder she would do such a thing as abandoning her parents. Here
it’s proved again, Education plays a major role in a person’s life. It turns out that her education was not
in place.”

Someone posted the academic qualifications of Jill, which attracted the attention of many people there.

“No wonder Jennifer came out to criticize her so early. I heard that

Jennifer is the biological daughter of Mrs. and Mr. Wilson and Jill was adopted!”

Various behind-the-scenes things were dug up by more and more people. For a while, the whole
Wilson family stood at the pedestal in front of the public as if they were transparent.

Jill fell into contemplation when she saw more and more abuses against herself on the Internet.

At that time Melissa’s words echoed in her ears, and she even began to wonder what if what Melissa
said was correct.

At this moment, Jill’s phone rang. She looked down and saw that it was Jennifer’s phone number…

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