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Chapter 723

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Taking care of stray cats

Calvin gritted his teeth and immediately called an emergency PR, in a bid to deal with the issue once
and for all.
Although there was no complete evidence to prove that Jennifer was innocent, with the company’s
handling, the issue was temporarily suppressed.

Jennifer sat blankly in her office.. She couldn’t accept the way her colleagues were looking at her, so
she stayed away and sat by herself in a daze.

Now that her dirty past had been dug up, the company could not bring her forward for endorsements
and other commitments, in order to manage the situation..

As a result of this, Jennifer was idle.

Fortunately, the previously released songs brought a certain amount of income to the company, so it
served as an outlet to make the scandal hovering around her stick less. Also, there was no heavy loss
facing the company’s pocket.

It’s just that Jennifer continued to receive all sorts of abuse from netizens on her twitter page, so she
was forced to disable the comments.

Meanwhile, at the villa, Melissa’s illness had almost recovered, and her outward appearance had
become bright and rosy. She was no longer pale.

Compared to the previous weakness, her limbs had now returned to normal, and she could get out of
bed and walk casually.

Only that, sometimes, she will stroke her flat belly, thinking of his unborn child.

Mr. Marc was sent abroad so that his life would be more peaceful.

Melissa took good care of herself, and Murray was determined not to stay at the villa any longer, so he
took Melissa and a group of servants back to the city..

Looking at the familiar environment, Melissa heaved a deep sigh of relief and smiled euphemistically.

Thinking of the depressing life at the beach before, she was overwhelmed by relief and happiness.

Now that she has returned home, all difficulties could be solved easily.

Just after returning, Melissa was ready to return to the company, but she had a lot of work to do to
recover. This time, instead of driving, she took a walk and watched the surrounding scenery.

Usually she was in a hurry to go to work, so she didn’t have time to stop and take a look around her,
but now she stopped and took a closer look, it was really a different scenario..

She found it pleasing to the eye, and in the end, she stopped in front of a small alley.

She frowned. In her memory, this small alley was never there.

Out of curiosity, Melissa poked her head inside, and saw a kitten lying on the ground basking in the sun
at a glance.

This instantly piqued her interest, as she leaned into the kitten to pat its head.

The kitten had a very good spleen.. Melissa kneaded it, and it would close its eyes, and occasionally
purr comfortably. “Little orange, it’s time to eat!” came a sweet female voice from behind.

. Melissa looked for where the voice came from, and saw a petite little girl with the sun on her back.
The golden beam traced her outline, and her body exuded a charming burst of light.

Melissa looked a little dazed, only to see the girl walking towards her, smiling.

“Hello.” The girl greeted Melissa, and Melissa froze for a moment, and then smiled at the girl leisurely.

Then, the little girl gently lifted the kitten’s neck with a doting face:

“Are you running around again? Do you want to eat?” The girl said to the kitten.

Melissa was attracted by the cute and sunny girl in front of her, her voice overflowing like clear water in
the mountains:

“Is this your cat?” She asked the girl. ”

“Ah, no.” The girl shook her head.

“I just see them roaming and take care of them in my spare time.”

she replied.

This moment aroused Melissa’s interest, and her eyes suddenly lit up:

“Are there any more of them?” Melissa asked.

“Of course.” The girl replied, and nodded with a smile, then assessed Melissa: “I don’t think you look
like a bad person, come with me.” she said.

Then, she turned around and walked away.

Melissa hurriedly followed her back, and finally came to a corner, and saw a litter of kittens and puppies
scattered around..

“Wow.” Melissa cooed.

Her eyes lit up, and she squatted gently, stroking the backs of these little animals one by one.

“Don’t worry, they are very good and won’t bite.” The girl said.

She pouted and called out to the small animals..

The little animals were very well-behaved, and stood up one after another, rubbing against Melissa’s

“You raise such a big litter by yourself.” Melissa asked.

She was amused by these kittens and puppies, and from time to time she would turn around and talk to
the girl.

Melissa noticed that this girl was also very good-looking, with a pair of big watery eyes that flickered
and made people notice her at a glance.

“Where did you learn such great abilities? I’ll come and see when I’m free. If I come more often, I’ll
naturally get to know them.”

Melissa said.

She bowed in respect of the girl’s abilities, and took the orange cat from the girl’s hand.

This was the first cat she saw when she entered the alley.

“I heard you called it Xiaoju just now, is that its name?” Melissa asked, and kept making playful sounds
at the kitten, which made it keep looking at her.

“Yeah.” The little girl said and nodded, and then started to address all the animals by their names, so
that Melissa would get to know them.

She read the names of the little animals one by one, and Melissa covered her mouth and smiled.

“There are so many, did you name each of them?”

She asked, only to see the girl’s proud face.

“Of course, they are my ‘sons’.” The girl replied.

Melissa giggled a few more times, never expecting to meet such a caring girl in this era.

“Didn’t you say they were going to eat? Let me help you.” Melissa said.

She took several bags of cat food and dog food from the girl and poured them into their bowls.

She was really attentive, worried that they would chase after her because of the food. She prepared the
bowls and placed them in front of the animals one after the other.

These small animals were also very well-behaved. They sat in their respective positions and quietly
waited for their food.

Looking at this warm sight in front of her, Melissa couldn’t help sighing.

These small animals were really spiritual, and they had to survive there because of the compulsion of

And the girl wasn’t idle either, she took very good care of them.

“Seeing that you are also very caring, why don’t you take care of them with me in the future.” The girl
suddenly asked Melissa.

Melissa hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Okay then. I will.”

“My name is Jill, what’s your name?” The girl asked.

As she spoke, she wrote down her phone number to Melissa.

“Melissa Eugen.” Melissa replied, and then left her contact details for the girl as well.

Soon, Melissa left the alley and returned to the company. “Melissa,” the employees cooed from
different parts of the company, and gathered around her.

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