Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 717

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The internal energy of the tire is unstable

All the servants that were around, ran to the pier quickly and reported the issue to the security guards.
The security guards immediately searched around them, and soon, several of them boarded the ship.

Melissa’s heart was pounding. The footsteps of the security guards behind her were getting closer, and
she curled her petite body under the cockpit control table, covering herself with a chair.

However, this position she was in, made her very uncomfortable, and her lower abdomen began to

Melissa fought back and continued to hide in the cockpit.

Soon, the security guards came to the cockpit. Melissa was well hidden, but she was suffocating, which
quickly attracted the attention of the security guards.

‘’I’ve found her. Mrs Melissa is here” one of the guards said. He reported that her heart was beating
very fast, Several security guards searched back and forth in the cockpit, and soon came to the
operating table..

They found a woman’s hair on the seat. The captain of the ship was a male, so there was no way that
that would have been his hair. There was no doubt, tha the hair was that of Melissa.

Melissa closed her eyes tightly, and the next second, the security guard pulled the chair away and saw
her curled up under the table at a glance.

“Mrs.Melissa,” he yelped.

He hurriedly helped Melissa up, but at this time Melissa was emotional and quickly dodged, trying to
avoid the security guard’s touch.

“Do not touch me!” she said.

During the struggle, Melissa’s knee slammed into the table next to her. Melissa cried out in pain, when
she was curled up inside, she had some pain in her lower abdomen. For a while, the stinging pain from
her lower abdomen became more intense.

Melissa clutched her lower abdomen, and there was a little cold sweat on her forehead. The security
guards panicked and immediately helped Melissa out of the boat, and called a doctor.

Soon, Melissa was sent back to her room again, she was lying on the bed, and the cold sweat on her
forehead kept coming out.

The doctor sat on the side to check Melissa’s pulse, and his color was also extremely nervous. On the
way, Mr. Marc kept telling himself that if Melissa really made a mistake, he was afraid that it would not
end well for her.

“How’s it going?” Mr Marc asked anxiously.

He pushed the door of Melissa’s room and entered. He was awakened by the anxious servant outside
the door when Melissa ran away., when he heard that Melissa was gone, he was completely drowsy,
and rushed to her room immediately.

While the doctor was concentrating on diagnosing Melissa, several servants went outside and poured
some water in a basin, wiping the sweat that kept flowing out of Melissa.

In the end, the doctor diagnosed that the baby was stressed and reacting to the stress that his mother
was undergoing, which made Mr. Marc very angry.

Originally, the child was not very stable, and now there was such a commotion. Mr Marc hoped that the
child was okay, regardless.

Do you want you and your child to die? This is your child we are speaking of here. Are you worthy of
being his mother after acting like this?” Mr Marc asked Melissa.

Melissa gronned sarcastically, and sneered at Mr Marc.

“You know this is my child, so why are you doing this to me?” she asked.

Melissa had never felt so bad in her life. Seeing that Mr Marc had the upper hand, she walked away,
but he caught her up with another conversation.

Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Mr. Marc tried to calm down.

“I’m doing this for your own good. You are pregnant with the Gibson family’s child, so naturally you
need to take care of the baby.” he said.

The next second, Melissa’s eyes widened, her eyes were full of pessimism and disappointment.

“Don’t use this excuse to prevaricate me, this place will only make me more and more depressed.” she

“I advise you to take good care of your baby here, otherwise, if something goes wrong with my
grandchild of the Gibson family, I will definitely punish you severely.” Mr Marc said.

Mr. Marc’s words were not only for Melissa, but also for the servants and doctors beside him.

As soon as these words came out, everyone around lowered their heads, only Melissa opened her
mouth wide and smiled coldly.

“Here, I don’t feel at ease at all. I will not raise this child with peace of mind.” she told Mr Marc.

As soon as Melissa said these words, she felt pale and instantly looked uninterested in life.

Mr. Marc shook his head, as the Melissa in front of him was completely different from the confident and
beautiful lady she had been at star Entertainment before.

But now things are different. Melissa was pregnant, and he naturally had to do his possible best to take
care of her.

Soon, Mr. Marc left the room. He knew that if he continued to argue with her like this, the child in her
womb would suffer even more.

Mr. Marc’s eyes were cold, and he glanced at the servant beside him. The emotions of a pregnant
woman also had a great impact on the child. If Melissa continued like this, it would be detrimental to the

Soon, Mr. Marc returned home and asked a psychiatrist.

This psychiatrist had been working with Murray, and his medical skills were superb o the extent that
even Mr Marc approved of him..

It’s just that this matter had happened a long time ago, and Mr Marc had forgotten that the doctor was
Murray’s bosom friend. Soon, the psychiatrist received a notice from Mr. Marc, and then he took this
text message to Murray’s office.

‘Mr. Murray,” the psychiatrist muttered.

Murray was massaging his forehead, thinking about Melissa and her baby.

If Melissa found out about the child, her emotions will be worse, and her body will deteriorate..

These days, he couldn’t get in touch with Melissa. Thinking of the letter that she supposedly wrote,
Murray imagined that Melissa found out about the fetus in her womb and left by herself.

Thinking of this, Murray was even more anxious, but he also wanted to see what Mr Marc was up to.

He made dozens of calls to Mr. Marc, but Mr. Marc did not answer any..

As a result, it deepened the confusion in Murray’s heart.

Soon, the psychiatrist came with the text and showed it to Murray.

Murray went through the text messages and realized that something was wrong and needed to take a
private jet.

Soon, Murray’s eyes widened in realization. No wonder he couldn’t be contacted, so it seemed that Mr.
Marc took Melissa away.

Murray blinked furiously, closed his eyes and went to Mr. Marc’s house. The servant told him that Mr.
Marc was not at home.

It seemed that he had gone to take care of Melissa.

Murray lowered his eyes, and soon, he found Ruby standing beside him.

Ruby had always been a highly valued servant of Mr. Marc, she didn’t go with Melissa when she was

Murray called Ruby to the study.

“Where is my grandfather?” Murray asked.

Murray got straight to the point, and Ruby kept her head down the whole time.

“I don’t know where the old man is.” Ruby replied.

“You better tell the truth.” Murray said.

Murray squinted, he gave the assistant next to him a knowing look, and quickly, the assistant took a
check and handed it to Lai Ruby.

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