Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 715

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People are gone

The police sorted out what happened between Sally and Melissa in the past few days and found out
that Finnegan was also involved.

Piece by piece, Finnegan’s motives for committing these crimes were further confirmed.

Meanwhile, in star Entertainment, it had been a few days since Melissa left, and the company was
starting to be found lacking and lagging. If Melissa was not on ground, nearly everything would go
wrong, if not everything.

And shayna could not sit still. Her family had been on her neck for money these days. Now she had no
drama to film, because Melissa was not around to start one, and naturally no income.

She sat on the sofa and pondered for a long time, and after a while, the phone suddenly rang.

It was Mr. Lynn, whom Shayna had contacted before. Melissa was away these days, so she had to go
out and find resources on her own.

After looking around, she didn’t have any guidance from Renita and the company, only Mr. Titus took
the initiative to contact her.

It’s just that Mr. Lynn was a man with a big belly. He wore a pair of glasses, and he always looked lewd.

But Shayna also looked up information about Mr. Lynn on the Internet in advance, and found out that
the movies he made were basically profitable, and the actors he hired were all famous shayna was a
little puzzled because she was just a little star, and for some reason she was attracted to Mr. Lynn.

But in this situation, there was no stalling between them. It was either they kicked it off together on the
right foot at once, or they didn’t. It could only be a dead horse or a living horse doctor.

Soon, shayna sorted it out, and then came to the place designated by Mr. Lynn to wait for him.

Strange to say, the place Mr. Lynn booked was not a restaurant, but a large bar. As soon as shayna
walked in, she was frightened by the men and women who were reveling as loudly as possible…

Soon, Mr. Lynn’s voice came from behind, shayna turned around nervously, and found that Mr. Lynn
was whisking the glass in his hand, obviously a little drunk.

“Miss shayna, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Mr Lynn said.

Mr. Lynn flashed a sinister smile, that fat hand was about to pat on Shayna’s shoulder, shayna
swallowed hard, and subconsciously avoided it.

“Mr. Lynn, you’re drunk, we’ll talk about it next time.” shayna said.

Seeing that he didn’t get on it, Mr. Lynn immediately showed a dissatisfied look.: “What? °Miss Shayna,
you dislike me? You don’t want to do business with me?” he asked.

Seeing the wronged expression on Mr. Lynn’s face, Shayna suppressed the fear in her heart and shook
her head, denying his claims of her dismissing him.:

No. It’s because I got here so late and had you waiting for me, so I feel ashamed,” she lied.


Mr. Lynn snorted coldly, and then put his hand on Shayna’s shoulder. The odor of the wine he had
drunk, splashed on the tip of Shayna’s nose, causing her to subconsciously frown.

The loud music and conversations in the bar was too loud for shayna to get used to.

This was the first time she was stepping into such a place.

Mr. Lynn looked around, and saw that everyone was already getting ecstatic, some people even
stripped naked and danced on the stage.

Ye Xi didn’t dare to look over, and closed his eyes tightly, but this scene made Director Wang laugh.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent, it’s a bit noisy here, come with me.” shayna was a little dissatisfied, but
still nodded on the spaghetti, thinking that Mr. Lynn was going to leave this place, but he grabbed his
arm and walked inside the bar.

shayna was afraid to be there because the crowd inside there was full of queer people. And they had
all noticed her..

While Mr. Lynn wasn’t paying attention, shayna secretly sent a text message to Melissa, begging her to
come to her rescue sooner.

Soon, Mr. Lynn took her into an inner chamber, and when he got to a secluded bedroom, he pulled
shayna in by force.

Shayna’s arm was so scratched that two red marks appeared on it.

“Mr. Lynn…” Shayna muttered.

shayna saw Mr. Lynn’s drunken appearance, and how his expression became more and more
obscene, and it made her even more afraid..

“Come here and sit beside me,” he said.

Mr. Lynn waved to shayna and patted the seat next to him.

But Shayna’s feet seemed to be fixed, no matter how much Mr. Lynn shouted, she didn’t dare to take a

Her intuition already told her that it was dangerous here.

I said come and sit here,” My Lynn yelped.

Mr. Lynn suddenly shouted so loudly that Shayna got so scared!

She almost cried and had to sit down beside Mr. Lynn.

“Very good, only good girls will be famous.” he said with satisfaction.

Mr. Lynn’s voice suddenly became softened again, he gently stroked Shayna’s arm, and kept sniffing
her body, you could tell how much he enjoyed it from the expression on his face..

“Don’t do this…” shayna muttered.

shayna was frightened by Mr. Lynn’s appearance and wanted to step back, but he pulled her towards

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked.?”

Mr. Lynn showed a vicious look again, sniffing Shayna’s fear that he intended to turn to shame.

”We will talk about the business another day, please. I suddenly remembered that the company has to
clear up a certain schedule first.

Shayna tried to find an excuse to run away, and got up abruptly, but Mr. Lynn grabbed her again.

“Come here, don’t even think about leaving.” he said.

Mr. Lynn suddenly showed a wretched smile, and he grabbed Shayna’s delicate arm: “Don’t you know
that the only way out for an I8th-tier star like you is to be attracted by directors like US…” Mr Lynn
boasted, and ridiculed shayna.

The next second, he threw her on the bed, and the desire in his eyes could no longer be hidden.

Let me go,” shayna barked feistily.

She struggled hard, but couldn’t resist the man’s strength and determination.

“You’re still pretending to be reserved. Let’s see if you’re actually reserved.” Mr Lynn yelped.

Seeing the man’s huge and greasy face swooping down, shayna subconsciously dodged to the side.

Just when Mr. Lynn was about to seize her, the door behind him was suddenly kicked open, and the
next second, shayna felt the man in front of her being pushed away.

She opened her eyes abruptly, as if she had been redeemed, and when she realized it was Calvin, she
immediately hid behind him.

“You, brat, what are you doing?” Mr Lyn bellowed.

He was furious and wanted to smash the bottle on Calvin’s head, but Calvin pushed him away.

Mr Lynn rolled away in his drunken state.

Calvin tightly guarded shayna behind him. It was so painful to see that fat man forcing himself on

Mr. Lynn saw that Calvin had company follow him into the room, so he could only endure his anger,
pointed at Calvin, and then left the private room.


Seeing that Mr. Lynn had left, shayna couldn’t take it any longer and cried on his shoulder..

Calvin couldn’t bear it, his hands were hanging in the air, not knowing what to do for a while.

They tried to contact Melissa one more time, and when they could not reach her, they decided to go to
her house.

It was unusual to see Murray answer the door..

“What’s wrong?” He asked them.

Murray raised an eyebrow, saw Shayna sobbing, and let them into the house.

“Where’s Melissa? ? We have something to tell her.” Calvin said. He glanced at shayna to confirm if it
was okay for him to tow that line, and she nodded in agreement.

“Didn’t she go abroad to talk business?” Murray asked with a perplexed look.

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