Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 709

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Back at the office, Melissa opened twitter, copied the video from her phone, and edited a long post.

“I’m really sorry for taking up everyone’s time these days. For this, I just hope that Ms. Sally will stop
spreading rumors about the Gibson family, and calling a man who is not Mr Murray in any way, Mr
Murray. Please, Miss Sally, give me and everyone following this issue a satisfactory explanation,”
Melissa wrote.,

Then, she uploaded the video of her and Finnegan in the milk coffee shop together, confirming that the
man in the video was not Murray.

Soon, Melissa’s long articles and videos spread everywhere, and for a while, the direction of public
opinion was restored.

Just as Melissa relaxed and was about to take a good rest, another surveillance video appeared out of

She saw the person’s back, and there was no doubt that it was Mollie Timothy.

Melissa frowned, then clicked on the video.

Mollie Timothy’s voice came from a cafe in the video, and she asked the staff to record a video, and
offered to pay her 16 thousand dollars. Such a large sum undoubtedly caught the attention of netizens.

As we all know, Mollie Timothy was the person that helped Melissa find out that the man in the video
was not Murray..

For just one video, a reward of 16 thousand dollars was given. Such a large amount made netizens
gossip and criticize what was going on, as if they had nothing else to do with their lives..

“A video was worth so much money. Could it be that she, Melissa, had done something shameful and
was so eager to give money to hide it?”

The gossip in the comments section was hot, and for a while, Melissa was on the cusp.

“Please ask Miss. Melissa to explain. A video costs 16,000 dollars. Did you do something wrong? Or
did you spend 16,000 dollars to find a scapegoat and let others take the blame?” a netizen asked.

Unexpectedly, the surveillance video in the store leaked, and seeing the rumors on the Internet
becoming more and more uncontrollable, Melissa had a headache again.

This year’s netizens were indeed too sensitive, it took just a short video for their opinions to be

After a while, the surveillance video of Finnegan and Melissa in the coffee shop came out on the

In the video, you could see Finnegan holding Melissa in both hands and both of them were looking at
each other’s eyes lovingly.

Melissa’s eyes widened, as this was a malicious edit by Finnegan.

Soon, someone under the comment started to attack Melissa, comparing the relationship between
Melissa and Finnegan.

“While having a private meeting with Finnegan, Melissa said that the man in the video is Finnegan, and
she is so contradictory. Could it be that she has made Finnegan the top culprit to clarify herself and
Murray?” A netizen asked.

The comments got sharper, and soon, the public opinion tilted towards Finnegan’s side in a positive

“Melissa made an outrageous transaction by herself, and asked others to take the blame. Such a serial
scheme, such a mind, this is really unthinkable,” Yet another netizen said.

Melissa had a headache. She never thought that Finnegan would actually make such a sinister trick. In
the video, Melissa’s face was very satisfied, and it was obviously edited by Finnegan maliciously.

She clenched her fist in anger, and for a while, the rumors on the Internet became more and more out
of control.

On the other hand, Murray saw the rumors about Melissa on the Internet.

His face sank as he found out that Finnegan and Sally would do such a thing, conniving so hard
against Melissa, so that there would be no space for her to breathe freely.

It’s been so many days, it’s time to deal with this by myself, Murray muttered.

Soon, he arrived at Sally’s house with two men.

For the past few days, Murray had been busy with Mr Marc and his mother, Mrs Gibson, so he had no
time to take care of the trending issue, but now he was ready to deal with it.

As soon as Sally opened the door, she saw Murray’s heavy face, and the panic on her face was
undoubtedly revealed.

“You, what are you doing here?” she yelped.

This was the first sentence Sally said to Murray. She had never seen Murray since the wedding that
day. Unexpectedly, this time, Murray actually came to find her.

Murray photographed Sally’s expression, which was not the expression that one would have of meeting
a lover at all. This was the first time that the two of them had ever met.

“You have posted so many rumors about me on the Internet, shouldn’t I come to you?” Murray asked

Murray gave a signal, and then two strong men appeared behind him..

“You, what are you doing?” Sally cried out in panic, watching these strong men bundle her hands and
feet, making her unable to move. Sally was so frightened that tears rolled down her cheeks..

“Let go of me, I’m pregnant, you can’t do this to me.” she cried.

Murray ignored Sally’s yelling. He glanced at herSally lightly, and then took her into the car.

Soon, the car stopped at the hospital.

Sally’s eyes widened, trying to break free, but she couldn’t resist the strength of the two men, so she
was dragged into the hospital abruptly.

“What are you going to do? Kill my child?” She asked.

HerSally eyes were full of fear, as she didn’t expect Murray to be so decisive.

Murray didn’t say a word, and silently brought Sally to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

“Doctor, make a parent-child report,” he said to the doctor.

The doctor glanced at Sally. He was the most famous obstetrician and gynecologist in the city. Even if
the fetus was still in the womb, he could accurately detect who the father of the fetus was.

This technique was very difficult, and the chance of success was very small, but in the hands of this
doctor, the success rate could be greatly improved.

“Sorry to bother you.” Murray told the doctor.

He brought Sally to the doctor and waited outside the ward.

The doctor used a non-invasive paternity test, which did no harm to the fetus. In this way, even if Sally
went out to talk about it, it would be difficult for anyone to believe her..

Soon, the test report came out, and it clearly said: “Confirmed, no blood relationship”

Murray glanced coldly at the woman beside him, and then let the two men take her back.

Sally was already trembling with fright, and after returning home, it took a long time before she

Soon, Murray tweeted the results of the paternity test, confirming the fact that he had done nothing.

And this incident had caused quite a stir. For so many days, Sally had been talking about her
relationship with Murray openly and secretly on twitter. But now, nobody knew who the father of Sally’s
child was. This was really ridiculous..

The men who went to Sally’s house with Murray posted Sally’s expression on seeing Murray, on the
Internet, and asked.

“Is this the expression a woman should have when she sees her lover?”

Sally’s panicked and uncanny expression was engraved in the minds of netizens, and they felt very
disgusted by what Sally did.

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Chapter 709

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