Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 708

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Disgusting Man

Finnegan naturally agreed, and before he could say more, the phone hung up.

Soon, Melissa came to the cafe that Finnegan had suggested for them to meet at, and saw Finnegan
sitting there, waiting for her.

Finnegan waved at Melissa, and whistled to attract her attention, which made Melissa even more

‘You are here so early. I wasn’t expecting you to show up so early, Finnegan said as soon as Melissa
sat down.

Melissa didn’t pay any attention to Finnegan’s thoughts at all. she crossed her hands and eyed him
with her beautiful eyes: “What have you done wrong recently, do you know?” Melissa asked.

As soon as Melissa asked the question, Finnegan knew what she was talking about, and frowned to
show how uncomfortable he suddenly became.

I was hoping you wanted to meet with me for something else, instead, it turned out to be the obvious,”
Finnegan replied.

“Oh, so, you know?” Melissa asked.

She had become even more blunt and obviously angry that Finnegan didn’t have the guts to explain
himself just yet.

‘ ’Wow. Your eyes are so sharp for you to know that it was me, Finnegan replied.

Finnegan didn’t hide it, he admitted it immediately and generously, and looked complacent: ‘Yes, I did
it. What? Did it have anything to do with you directly? Did it bother you?” He asked.

Looking at Finnegan’s gloating expression, Melissa’s face sank again.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked him.

“It’s fun.” Finnegan replied.

Finnegan curled his lips and caressed his chin the next second, with his eyes twirling on Melissa’s
pretty face: “However, it’s still not as fun as you,” he added.

Melissa sneered and sat up straight:

“Sir, please don’t look at me like that.” she said abruptly.

Are you angry?” He asked Melissa.

Finnegan smiled, still Melissa didn’t budge, she kept a straight face.

“Tsk tsk tsk, beautiful women shouldn’t get angry, otherwise, they won’t be beautiful.” Finnegan said.

He didn’t care about Melissa’s feelings at all, and even wanted to reach out and touch her face, but
within a second, she slapped his hand off.

“Sir, please respect yourself.”

Melissa’s eyes were dark as night, if it weren’t for this incident, she would never have pulled Finnegan
out of the blacklist in her life.

“You have done such a thing, and now you can still talk to me as if you did nothing?, I can’t do this with
you.” Melissa said angrily.

Upon the way Melissa expressed how angry she was, Finnegan still didn’t take it seriously.

“You know what kind of person I am, why would I pretend to be a good person in front of you?”
Finnegan asked.. ”

He cast an admiring look at Melissa: “However, beautiful and smart women like you are indeed rare.”
he said.

“Although, you are not all that smart. You waited for your husband to cheat in broad daylight before you
noticed it. How boring,” Finnegan said as he cast a serious look at Melissa.

“Watch your words.” Melissa said.

Melissa’s face contoured to show that she was upset. She hated Finnegan’s crazy talk, she hated the
fact that she had to revive him from the blacklist on her phone and in her life, just because of the recent
incidents on and offline.

Yo, you are still upset,” Finnegan said.

He grinned and fiddled with Melissa’s skirt under the table.

“What are you doing?” Melissa barked. ”

She impatiently kicked Finnegan’s outstretched leg and glared at him fiercely.

“Women can’t be so fierce, they will disgust men.” Finnegan said.

The playfulness in Finnegan’s eyes gave Melissa goosebumps.

The next second, Finnegan got up, came to Melissa’s side, leaned down, and whispered fiercely into
her ears.: “However, I like a woman like you, you are very attractive to men.

The desire to conquer.”

Hearing these words, Melissa couldn’t help but vomit inside her stomach. If not that many people were
present, I’m afraid that the meal she ate last night would have been vomited out. But, Finnegan still
looked indifferent, laughing behind Melissa.

“What? This is unbearable? What will we do in the future?” He asked.

Finnegan’s words got quieter and quieter, and by the end of it, his entire mouth was almost pressed
against Melissa’s ear.

Melissa only felt a shiver all over her body, and she reached out and pushed Finnegan away from

“Go away, get away from me.” she yelped.

Oh, you are very angry. It’s so explosive and seductive,” Finnegan said.

Seeing Melissa’s protesting expression only made him even more interested.

He rushed forward with a fast pace, towards her, wrapped his arms around Melissa, and instantly his
breath was filled with the milky fragrance that Melissa knew him for..

‘’What?” Melissa yelped.

Melissa was shocked. This was unbearable, she fought hard to shove Finnegan away from her body,
but her anger could not be compared to his, so all her attempts failed after she tried long enough, and
she became motionless.

‘Woman, you are doing it so well. Are you trying to seduce me? He asked with a mocking tone.

Finnegan’s disgusting words rang in her ears, making Melissa even more sinister.

“You let me go,’’Melissa said.

She thumped Finnegan’s arm hard, but he still showed no sign of letting go.

“You don’t have to trick me like this, as long as you are obedient, of course I will treat you well.”
Finnegan said.

Rogue,” Melissa muttered.

Melissa gave Finnegan a vicious look, which made him even more excited.

“You woman, your anger only excites me to the fullest, and I’m sure you know that. Don’t act ignorant,”
Finnegan said.

Finnegan held her tighter in his arm, and the next second, an unprecedented pain came from his feet.

‘’Fuck,” Finnegan yelped.

He snorted in pain, as Melissa stomped him hard.

He looked at the cold woman in front of him, and his heart suddenly burst into anger:

“You woman, do you know what you are doing! ” he asked.

‘You are a pervert. Of course, I’m trying to get away from you, Melissa replied.

Her gentle voice rang in Finnegan’s ears, and she walked towards him, step by step.

“What, do you regret it?” she asked him with a sneer.

Finnegan smiled wantonly, and was about to shout out Melissa, when the next second, he felt a
burning pain on his face.

With only a “pop”, Melissa’s slap landed heavily on Finnegan’s face.

“You dare to hit me! ” Finnegan barked.

Finnegan gritted his teeth and tried to charge at Melissa fiercely.

But she still had a calm expression on her face, her curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and a violent
flame burst out from her icy eyes.

‘ ’With a scum like you, I will fight if I want,” she said.

Her voice was stern, surprising and hesitant to a somewhat exasperated Finnegan.

Unexpectedly, Melissa still had such a fight in her..

The next second, Melissa directly picked up her belongings and turned to leave.

Looking at Melissa’s slender back, Finnegan’s eyes were dazed. He never thought that the look he
received just now came from a woman’s eyes.

After returning to the company, Melissa hurriedly changed her clothes, and the scent was covered with
the offensive smell of Finnegan, which disgusted the hell out of her.

Then, Melissa blacklisted Finnegan again, hoping that she would never have any interaction with him
from now on.

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