Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 702

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Murray and Melissa stood aside, quietly waiting for Mr. Marc’s surgery.

On the other hand, because it was the wedding of Melissa and Murray, the Gibson family had called
many media live broadcasters early in the morning.

The story of the woman was naturally photographed by the media and posted on the Internet. For a
while, netizens rushed out to make trouble for and against the woman.

Soon, many netizens found out that the woman’s name was Sally, and they poured into her twitter

“I can’t believe that Murray is such a person. He got someone pregnant out of wedlock and then
married Melissa. Who knows? There might be another woman out there,”.”

“It’s not about the mistress, it’s about Murray, who knows what he is capable of?”

Things got intense online, and remarks against Murray tended to get worse for a while.

Soon, things fermented more on the internet, and many netizens tried to find out the real relationship
between Murray and Sally, but in the end it was still fruitless.

At this time, both Murray and Melissa were taking care of Mr. Marc in the hospital, and they were not
able to manage those remarks on the internet for the time being.

Because neither of them responded to the fracass in time, the matter grew popular among netizens.

Some people even went as far as tracking hotel records, in a bid to gather evidence of Murray and
Melissa’s relationship.

There were also many people who accused Melissa of greatly belittling a pregnant woman at the
wedding. If this hurts the heart of the pregnant woman, it would be very unfavorable for the child.

Therefore, many netizens accused Melissa of being jealous of Sally’s pregnancy, threatening her

Now netizens were waiting for a response from Melissa and Murray, but a day had passed and there
was still no news from them.

Looking at the couple’s latest tweets, the last one was the official announcement that the two of them
got their licenses a few days ago. Originally, netizens were envious, but now they were all abusive.

But Melissa didn’t have so much time to manage the outrage. Mr. Marc was still in a coma, and she
didn’t care about the comments of the netizens.

Soon, a video of Mr Marc accusing Sally, appeared on the internet, and the netizens took Sally’s side,
feeling pity for her.

Murray had done such a thing, and he was still unwilling to admit it, and Mr. Marc, who was his
grandfather,, not only failed to rebuke him on time, but also accused the pregnant woman as well,
which was a big taboo as far as a wealthy aristocrat family was concerned.

After all, she was pregnant and was undergoing such an inconsiderate accusation.. For a while, many
people poured into Sally’s twitter page to comfort her not to be sad.

There were even netizens who were going to raise funds to help Sally raise her child. Currently, the
Gibson family was overwhelmed by the thoughtlessness of the netizens.

Just as everyone was waiting for Melissa and Murray to clarify and reply, Sally sent a tweet.

“I didn’t expect this to happen to me.” she wrote, and attached a video to it..

When the netizens saw her tweet, it attracted a ton of followers to her account, and supporters who felt
pity for her as they watched the video. In the video, Sally was crying under the rain, and supporting her
supposed pregnant stomach, she said that the time she regretted the most in her life was when she
met Murray.

In the video, Sally described how she met Murray to the end. So far, many girls and netizens came
forward to stand up for Sally’s justice.

After a while, Sally started a live broadcast on the Internet, using the excuse of being ready to answer
the netizens’ many questions, many netizens entered the live broadcast room one after another.

Regarding the wealthy and noble families like the Gibson family, netizens raised their interest one after
another, and some even gave Sally gifts.

In this way, Sally not only belittled the Murray family, but also got a lot of benefits.

As soon as they entered the live broadcast room, they found Sally crying her eyes out and complaining
to netizens about Murray’s crimes.

“He…he was drunk six months ago, and I was on the side of the road. He forcibly dragged me into the
hotel and forced himself on me…”

Sally cried fiercely. She rubbed her red eyes and accused Murray of such illicit behavior.

For a time, many netizens scolded Murray, and many blogs started to send tweets and videos to report
Murray’s crimes.

At that time, the fact that Murray was a scumbag was engraved in the hearts of netizens, and everyone
began to feel distressed about Sally.

“Everyone knows that it’s mainly girls that suffer from this kind of thing, and after Murray slept with me,
he didn’t even acknowledge it, instead, he accused me of being after his money,” Sally said in the

These accusations against Murray, aroused the annoyance of the netizens..

“A person like him does not deserve to be the heir of Mr Gibson’s company. It’s bound to go bankrupt
sooner or later! ”

“It’s a shame that I always liked him and Melissa Eugen before. I didn’t expect them to be such

In the eyes of netizens, Sally was vulnerable, not only was she pregnant, but she also had no power
over Murray. At this point in time , everyone was blinded by her.

“I thought that incident would become the worst stain on my life, but to my surprise, I was diagnosed
with pregnancy two months later,” Sally continued to say.

When sheSally said this, she touched her stomach subconsciously, with a very helpless expression: “I
originally wanted to abort it, but I felt that this little life was growing in my stomach day by day. In the
end, I couldn’t abort it anymore.”

Sally shook her head, expressing her helplessness to Murray and the child.

This aroused the anger of the netizens even more. Murray gave her a child and ignored it. This was a
manifestation of contempt and disregard for life!

Netizens came out one after another to stand up for Sally’s justice, and at the same time sent gifts to
her, saying that they wanted to help herSally get through the difficulty of raising a child.

There was a lot of uproar about this incident, and more people joined the live broadcast room.

“After Murray caused me to become pregnant, I tried to go to the Gibson Corporation several times to
find him, but I was stopped by security all the time, and I don’t know if they were working on Murray’s
advance notice or not. The biological father of the child has not seen found for months.” Sally continued
to spill.

This sentence undoubtedly caused public outrage among netizens. It was unbelievable that Murray had
evaded responsibility to this point.

Netizens said they were furious, and some started demonstrations against Murray.. In just one day, the
hot searches on twitter changed round after round, all about Murray and Sally.

The next day, after Melissa settled Mr. Marc, she opened twitter and found out that it was all about
Sally and Murray.

She frowned, not expecting things to have evolved to this point. For a while, she knew that even if she
came out to respond and clarify, it would only attract netizens to dislike it.

She calmed down and sent a private message to Sally.

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