Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 699

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The Tacke Group’s Bankruptcy

At the same time, the news of the Tacke Group’s bankruptcy quickly spread.

Everyone was shocked. The Tacke Group was one of the top 500 companies in the world, but it
suddenly went bankrupt.

The Tacke Group was just a short-lived thing for everyone. The Tacke Group canceled its contract with
the Segar Group and became enemies with the Gibson Corporation. In the end, the Tacke Group had
no choice but to try to take in customers to support the company.

At that time, it showed that the Tacke Group was about to go bankrupt.

Soon, after Robert left, a new president appeared in the Tacke Group.

The man was Keon.

Originally, the employees of the company were in disbelief. To their surprise, Keon didn’t leave with the
money. He wanted more than money!

Keon became the major shareholder of the company because he had the funds that Robert had given
him. Money talked.

It gave Keon power. Besides, he had the support of the Gibson Corporation.

The employees of the Tacke Group didn’t expect that the one who would save the company was
actually sent by the Gibson Corporation.

After Keon became the company’s major shareholder, he realized how important the Gibson
Corporation was. He had been an employee of the Gibson Corporation, but he became a major

shareholder, thanks to the help of the Gibson Corporation.

Therefore, Keon was very grateful to Murray.

In this case, the Tacke Group became a subsidiary company of the Gibson Corporation. No matter
what major decision they made, they had to ask the Gibson Corporation for permission.

Today was the first day since Keon had taken office.

On the first day, he held a big meeting of former employees. In the meeting room, the employees were
in a complicated mood.

They didn’t expect Keon, a small employee of the Gibson Corporation, to be able to become the CEO
of the Tacke Group. Thinking of this, they were a little jealous.

But no one dared to show it. They could only lower their heads as Keon sat in the middle.

“From now on, this is no longer the Tacke Group, but the Murrissa Group.”

Keon’s words attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Everyone knew what “Murrissa” meant at once.

It must be Murray’s idea. He wanted to mock Robert by doing so.

How ridiculous it was that Robert’s painstaking effort was turned into a tool for demonstrating Murray’s
love for Melissa.

“Therefore, you are no longer employees of the Tacke Group. Instead, you are from the Murrissa
Group. You are related to the Gibson Corporation.”

Keon’s words undoubtedly made many people chicken out.

“Since you are working for the Murrissa Group, you should behave yourself. Now that Robert has left, I
am the only boss here. And the boss of the Murrissa Group is the Gibson Corporation.”

The surrounding employees could only nod in agreement. They looked at Keon’s proud face and did
not dare to refute it.

After all, Keon was the only major shareholder of the company, and they were just working in the
company. It was not good to offend their boss.

Soon, the meeting ended, and all the employees were in a panic.

Many newcomers appeared in the company. They were all transferred over from the Gibson
Corporation to better control the Murrissa Group.

But now, the Murrissa Group only had an empty shell, and the assets had been shared by the Gibson
Corporation and the Segar Group.

On the other hand, Robert had nothing after he lost his company.

Because of his company, Robert gained fame and money. But the company had fallen into the hands of
the Gibson Corporation. Robert knew Murray’s character well. He would definitely cut off Robert.

In this case, he couldn’t return to the Tacke Group.

Robert squatted on the side of the road, staring blankly at the lights in front of him. After the company
was taken away by Keon, even his house was taken away.

Robert had become a homeless person with no money on him. His life became miserable immediately.


At that moment, a familiar voice sounded in Robert’s ears.

He raised his head and saw Julia.

Robert opened his mouth, but he didn’t expect to meet Julia here. The last time he saw Julia was in the

Thinking of what he had said that day, Robert lowered his head, unwilling to look into Julia’s eyes.

“Why are you here?”

Julia had got the news about the Murrissa Group online. She knew that Robert may be homeless, so
she hurried out to find him.

What Robert didn’t know was that Julia had fallen in love with Robert during the days spent with him.

But what Robert had said in the hotel that day was too much, so Julia suppressed her inner feelings
and scolded him with a black face.

Since then, Julia had never seen Robert.

Looking at Robert’s upset look, Julia felt sorry for him.

There were several times when she wanted to persuade Sidney to stop, but when she thought of
Robert’s words in the hotel, she bit her tongue.

Robert looked completely different from what he used to be. He was no longer the confident man she
first met.

Now, Robert had nothing, and the only thing he could rely on was Julia’s sympathy.

Thinking about this, Robert stood up and pulled Julia into his embrace.

Julia’s heart was pounding, she was at a loss for what to do about Robert’s actions.

“You…” Julia said, “You have nowhere to go?”

Robert nodded awkwardly at this question.

“Then come with me.”

Julia held Robert’s hand. “The Tacke Group is gone. My parents won’t make things difficult for you.”

Robert was stunned. Looking at Julia’s red eyes, he nodded.

Unexpectedly, he could not go anywhere but the Wright’s house.

Soon, Robert was taken to the Wright’s house by Julia, and as expected, neither her mother nor her
father was happy.

“Why did you bring him back? Didn’t you know about our relationship with him?”

Sidney blamed Julia for her unreasonable decision.

The Gibson Corporation had taken over the Tacke Group. But Julia brought Robert back. It would be a
slap in the face of the Gibson Corporation.

“He has nothing left now. He can no longer pose any threat to the Gibson Corporation. If I didn’t bring
him home, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Julia insisted on bringing Robert home.

Robert’s parents didn’t agree, but with Julia’s persuasion, Robert finally married into the Segar family.

A few days later, the Segar family secretly held their wedding in a restaurant. Robert became the
matrilocal son-in-law of the Segar family.

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Chapter 699

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