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Chapter 695

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Melissa Arrives in Time

Soon, the video was sent to the Internet, causing a sensation.

Melissa was once again in the spotlight. What made her feel strange was that the netizens did not
attack Quentin, but scolded Melissa.

She looked at the video on the Internet and was lost in thought.

She didn’t expect these people would just alter her actions.

Everyone knew about Melissa and Murray’s marriage. And news of Melissa’s “cheating on Murray” and
“second marriage” spread all over the Internet.

Melissa was once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. She clenched her fists. She did not expect
Quentin to do this to ruin her reputation.

No wonder he used Robert as an excuse. Robert would not be able to hold on, so he asked Quentin to
help attack her.

Just then, Melissa received a call.

It was a strange call, and Melissa was upset about the rumors about her online and did not answer the

After she hung up the phone, the phone rang again.

Melissa looked at it and saw that it was the strange number again. She frowned and answered the
phone, saying impatiently, “Who is it?”

“Go to the Crown Hotel now! You’re running out of time.’*

Melissa was confused. “What? Why should I go there?”

“If you don’t go, Murray will end up like you.”

Hearing this, Melissa fell into deep thought.

She wondered, end up like me? What does he mean?

“Who are you? How do you know about that?”

“You don’t need to know who I am.” The person said in a hoarse voice, “It’s Room 0613. Go quickly.”

The mysterious man had just finished speaking when the phone hung up.

Melissa looked at the curse on the Internet and immediately widened her eyes and ran out.

Melissa came to Crown Hotel, and sure enough, Murray’s car was parked outside the hotel.

She frowned and wondered why Murray was there.

Melissa hurried to the hotel and pressed the elevator on the sixth floor. As soon as the elevator arrived
on the sixth floor, she saw Murray at a glance.

She wanted to walk up to him, but a woman was standing beside Murray.

Melissa shuddered. The woman was Julia.

Julia supported Murray, who was swaying left and right. Perhaps the effect of the medicine was too
great, and Murray was too heavy, so she was struggling to support him.

“Leave me alone,” Murray said.

He tried to break free from Julia, but she was unwilling to give up such an opportunity to stay with
Murray. Taking advantage of Murray’s unconsciousness, she grabbed Murray’s arm.

“You are drunk. Let me help you get back to rest.”

Murray was dissatisfied when he heard Julia’s voice.

The smell of her perfume was extremely pungent, making Murray, who was dizzy, feel disgusted.

“No, I have to go back to the company.”

Murray tried his best to break free from Julia, but he was getting weaker. In the end, he didn’t even
have the strength to push her away.

“You’re so weak. It’s dangerous to go back to the company like this.”

Julia smiled. She hugged Murray and enjoyed every second she stayed with him.

“Go away,” Murray growled.

His eyes became more and more blurry, and he was about to faint.

“Look at you. You can’t even stand still. If I didn’t support you, you would fall.”

“Let go of him!”

Just as Julia thought she was going to succeed, Melissa’s voice came from behind her.

Julia widened her eyes and looked at the aggressive woman in front of her. For a moment, Julia was at
a loss.

“Do you think it’s fun to hug someone else’s husband?”

Melissa emitted an oppressive aura that made Julia feel cold.

“Why… Why are you here?”

Julia blushed in embarrassment. She never expected that she would be caught in public by Melissa
and let go of Murray.

Seeing that Murray was about to faint from exhaustion, Melissa hurriedly went up to support him.

The familiar smell spread to Murray’s nose, making him feel much more at ease.

“Of course I’m here to find my husband. What are you doing with my husband?”

Melissa glared at Julia. Julia felt so ashamed that she did not dare to look straight into Melissa’s eyes.

Seeing Melissa put her hand on Murray’s arm, Julia was a little angry. It was not easy for her to have a
chance to be alone with Murray, but Melissa ruined it again.

“Hurry up and get lost. Otherwise, don’t blame me for embarrassing you,” Melissa growled.

Julia felt embarrassed. She had missed such a good opportunity again. She lowered her head and
refused to leave.

Feeling frustrated, Melissa punched Julia hard on the back, and the latter fainted immediately.

Melissa carried Julia into the room the latter had arranged, then returned to the corridor and helped
Murray up.

Melissa supported Murray by the arm. She helped him downstairs and carried him into the car while
she sat in the driver’s seat.

Melissa heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Murray sleepy.

If she was a bit late, Julia would have succeeded.

The Segar family was really hateful. They actually did such shameless things in broad daylight. It
seemed that they had to be careful in the future, Melissa thought.

Reporters were ambushing at the hotel.

They looked at the photo in their hands and felt that the woman in the photo was very familiar. She was
not like Julia, in terms of figure and clothes.

However, Murray was lying comfortably on the woman, which was enough for them to make a

Unfortunately, they didn’t see the woman’s face. But no matter whether that woman was Julia or not, as
long as she had a relationship with Murray, the news would definitely make the headlines today.

But they felt strange that Murray looked so relaxed in the woman’s arms.

They didn’t know that the woman in the photo was Melissa.

The next day, Julia woke up from her room and found herself lying in the hotel.

Thinking of yesterday’s plan, she smiled evilly. She turned over and hugged the man beside her, but
she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The shape of the man beside her was different from that of Murray.

Julia widened her eyes and hurriedly got up. When she found that she was naked, she immediately
picked up the quilt and covered herself. The pain in her lower body woke her up in an instant.

She looked at the familiar man in front of her, and he was Robert! She was so scared that she quickly
got up.


Julia’s tragic cry spread throughout the room, and soon, Robert was awakened.

He opened his mouth wide when he found that the woman sleeping next to him was Julia. Looking at
Julia’s panicked eyes, he didn’t know what to say.

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