Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 693

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The Tacke Group was in the fight against both the Segar Group and the Gibson Corporation now.

The Tacke Group seemed unable to cope with this dilemma. To make things worse, it lacked money
recently. The Tacke Group was in danger.

Looking at those awful figures on the screen, Robert gritted his teeth. Never had Robert imagined such
a terrible situation.

Why does the Segar Group have those documents? Robert wondered.

However, the Segar Group didn’t know that the information it had in hand was fake.

Anyway, I can’t beat two enemies at the same time. Robert thought.

In the end, the programmers of the Tacke Group had to bow their heads under pressure.

No doubt, the Segar Group won this business war.

The Tacke Group was in an abyss of despair under the fierce attack of both the Tacke Group and the
Segar Group.

Robert was mad at the Segar Group, which had attacked the Gibson Corporation with him a few days
ago and turned on him all of a sudden.

Robert watched his stock price plummet to an all-time low. Indignant, Robert had to find another way

In desperation, Robert thought of Keon!

A few days ago, Keon refunded me my money in full. Moreover, the receptionist of Star Entertainment
called Keon a big client. Robert thought. Given the information mentioned above, Robert had faith in

Apart from Keon, nobody can help the Tacke Group now. Robert thought.

Robert had sought help from the commercial street, but nobody dared to lend a hand to him after
learning that his rival was the Gibson Corporation. Therefore, the Tacke Group fell into a state of

Robert thought, at this critical moment, only Keon is willing to cooperate with me.

Although this man doesn’t seem reliable, I have no choice now.

Gritting his teeth, Robert called Keon.

“Mr. Tacke,’ Keon answered the call quickly. “Did you change your mind?”

Robert looked a little embarrassed. He had no choice but to ask Keon for help. “Yes.”

“Great! Mr. Tacke, what a wise decision!’

Keon laughed. He didn’t expect that people like Robert would have an awful moment like this.

“Well, Mr. Tacke, what do you think? You know what to do for our cooperation.’

Robert got the hint.

Robert had studied the information on this project online and confirmed that this project needed a lot of
money. What puzzled Robert was why Keon asked for so much money since he was a big client of Star

However, Robert didn’t have the gall to ask this question.

Keon is my last hope in this dilemma. Robert thought.


Robert said, “I’ll get the money transferred into your bank account later. Mr. Titus, I sincerely hope that
you won’t let me down. It will do both of us well if the project goes on the market as soon as possible.’

Robert was in urgent need of money. It was said that one could get a higher return if he was willing to
take more risks. Therefore, Robert handed out all his capital for a generous return.

“Alright, Mr. Tacke. I like your candor.”

Robert laughed and then hung up the phone.

Soon, Keon received the money from Robert. Robert didn’t know that the owner of that bank account
was Murray.

He was too anxious about success to pay attention to the details. Robert had transferred all his money
to Keon.

Keon immediately informed Murray after receiving the money.

This twist took Murray by surprise. Murray did not expect Robert to completely believe Keon and take
out all his money.

With a faint smile, Murray looked at the money received in his bank account and thought, Robert had
some savings, and it wasn’t a small sum.

Robert became penniless. He was anxiously waiting for the profits from the project Keon talked about.

Right then, the Gibson Corporation and the Segar Group started another violent attack. This caught
Robert, who had no money, off guard.

Robert gritted his teeth and thought, the Segar Group and the Gibson Corporation started a violent
attack at this subtle timing. They must have sniffed out something.

At the thought of the information the Segar Group had, Robert fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, Julia came up to his mind.

Yes, Julia is Sidney’s daughter. It is clear why she kept staying around me recently. Robert thought.

Robert remembered that he had left Julia and one copy of fake documents in his office during his last
meeting with Julia.

Those documents disappeared after Robert came back to his office after a meeting.

Alert, Robert went to check the surveillance video that day. It turned out that Julia did have taken those
fake documents away.

From that day onwards, the Segar Group began to attack me. Robert thought.

Robert gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He didn’t expect Julia to betray him!

Robert was exasperated. He rushed to Julia’s apartment.

Robert kicked the door open and saw Julia sitting inside.

“Why are you here…”

Julia opened her mouth in surprise. She instantly knew what the problem was after meeting Robert’s
angry eyes.

Robert dashed toward Julia and asked, “Did you take away my documents?’

Julia had never seen Robert like this before. She shook her head in fear.

“What documents? I don’t know.”

“Don’t play dumb with me!” Robert roared. “I was wondering why I couldn’t find those documents. It
turned out that you set me up. No wonder I ran into you on the street that day. Did you set a trap for me
from the beginning?”

Julia shook her head with wide-open eyes. ’No, I didn’t. You got the wrong person.”

“I am very disappointed in you.” There was a cold light in Robert’s eyes, and Julia became perplexed.

“I didn’t…”

With a few drops of tears around the corners of her eyes, Julia grabbed Robert by the hand and tried to

Robert closed his eyes and handed the surveillance video to Julia. “I wanted to preserve your dignity. I
didn’t expect that you would deny what you did. I was wrong about you.”

Looking at herself in the surveillance video, Julia opened her mouth.

“You did so on purpose, didn’t you?”

Julia hadn’t seen any cameras in the office that day, so Robert must have hidden the surveillance
cameras deliberately.

“How could I know what you were up to if I didn’t do so?”

This candid confession from Robert was a terrible blow for Julia.

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