Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 692

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You Are My Woman

Keon asked no more questions since Murray had his plan.

Keon left Murray alone soon after he finished his oral report.

Murray intended to confront Robert face to face after his trick failed.

Thanks to this trap, Murray knew how much money Robert had now.

Murray thought, that amount of money is nothing to a company. However, Robert withdrew suddenly,
so doesn’t that mean that the sum of money is his bottom line?

If so, that means Robert does not have much money left.

Therefore, Murray concluded that the Tacke Group didn’t have many circulating funds left now.

In this way, Murray got to know Robert’s situation better.

Murray curled his lips. He held a meeting with his employees before Robert figured the trap out. After
that meeting, the Gibson Corporation launched an all-out assault against the Tacke Group.

Star Entertainment tried to crack the Tacke Group down all the time. Not long ago, Robert had ganged
up with the Segar Group to attack the Gibson Corporation. Now, things had changed. Robert was
under attack.

The programmers of the Gibson Corporation attacked the firewalls of the Tacke Group fiercely. The
stock price of the Tacke Group slumped. The Tacke Group was cracking under pressure.

The Gibson Corporation peaked in its development while the Tacke Group was forced into a corner

A few days later, Murray relaxed his attack on the Tacke Group.

Murray had something important at hand today.

Upon her arrival at the company, Melissa found that the atmosphere of the company was different from

There were a few balloons with the words “Happy birthday” on the wall.

There were pink balloons everywhere. Melissa felt confused.

Melissa was serious about her work, so she forbade her employees to do things irrelevant to work in
the company. Therefore, her employees seemed to have gone too far today.

Snorting, Melissa walked to her employees to criticize them, but those girls beamed at Melissa, which
made Melissa feel too embarrassed to criticize them.

“What are you doing?”

Melissa pointed to the balloons on the wall and the colored eggs in the hands of each employee.


Those girls giggled, so Melissa remained confused. Then, the sound of the door opening came from
behind Melissa.

“Meli, happy birthday!”

Shayna winked at her colleagues and then went to Melissa with a cup. “Meli, this is your birthday
present from me!”

Smiling, the other girls stood up with their gifts. “Meli, happy birthday to you!”

Melissa opened her mouth. Then, she checked the date and confirmed that today was indeed her

Melissa hadn’t celebrated her birthday for years after she worked.

It took Melissa by surprise that her employees remembered her birthday and celebrated it.

“Thank you…”

Melissa grinned. “How did you know that today is my birthday?”

Hearing this question, those girls covered their mouths and laughed.

“Because you have a husband who loves you.”

Right then, a bang came from behind Melissa. Murray appeared amid the smoke. He held a bouquet of
roses in his hand with several employees behind him.

Behind the crowd, Vivian pushed a big cake into the room for Melissa.

Melissa contracted her pupils and looked at the people, who were laughing to celebrate her birthday.

“Honey, happy birthday.”

Murray handed the flower to Melissa with unprecedented tenderness in his eyes.

Melissa blushed. Hearing Murray call her honey, Melissa punched Murray in the chest. “What are you
talking about? There are people around.”

“You are shy, aren’t you?”

Murray grinned and then laughed at the sight of the shyness Melissa showed. Right then, Vivian
brought the cake over.

The crowd found both Melissa and Murray out of sight when they were ready to divide the cake.

Not long ago, Murray pulled Melissa by the hand and ran out of the room. Murray thought of something
on the way, so he suddenly stopped, bent down, and lifted Melissa by the waist.

Melissa was caught off guard. Immediately, she wrapped her hands around Murray’s neck and said
with blushes, “People are watching. What are you doing?”

“I want them to know that you are my woman.”

Domineering, Murray carried Melissa up to a helicopter.

The helicopter took the couple to a beach. The beach was usually full of people, but it was quiet today.

Melissa looked down from the helicopter and saw a large group of seagulls forming her portrait on the

This scene astonished Melissa. She looked at Murray next to her and thought, how attentive he is!

The helicopter descended. Murray strolled along the beach hand in hand with Melissa.

The sea breeze came. Melissa felt great when stepping on the soft sand.


When Melissa was enjoying the sea breeze, Murray’s voice came from behind.

Melissa looked back for the call and saw Murray kneeling on one knee with a small ring box in his

“You have been with me for years. I wanted to provide you with a peaceful life, but many things
happened. Sorry.”

With tears in her eyes, Melissa didn’t dare to interrupt the affectionate Murray.

“It seems I have never formally proposed to you.”

Murray smiled at Melissa and raised the ring in his hand. “Beautiful Melissa, on this day of your
birthday, will you marry me?”

Melissa covered her face and kept looking up. In the end, she sniffed and stretched out her hand.

The couple embraced each other tightly by the sea while Murray kept telling Melissa how important she
was to him.

On the other hand, when Robert was under attack, Julia kept encouraging him.

Robert didn’t want to get entangled with Julia and felt helpless.

Robert told his assistant to put one copy of fake documents in one drawer of his office and then took
Julia there.

Halfway through their conversation in the office, Robert suddenly told Julia to stay in his office because
he had a meeting.

Julia agreed with pleasure. After Robert left, Julia searched around his office.

In the end, Julia found the fake documents that Robert had prepared beforehand. Looking at those
documents, Julia was thrilled. She took pictures of the contents of those documents with her phone.

The Segar Group soon received the information about Robert and then joined in the fight against the
Tacke Group.

This marked the beginning of the fight between the Tacke Group and the Segar Group. The two
families changed from allies to enemies.

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