Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 690

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Bring Down the Tacke Group

After the man heard Murray’s words, he was brought to a locker room by Murray’s assistant.

The assistant chose a few suits for the man to make him look like a president. The man also put on a
fake beard on his face, looking like a big client. The man was called Keon Titus.

Murray looked at Keon’s appearance and nodded in satisfaction. Then, Murray faked a new identity for
Keon and created a fake company as well.

The fake company was presented to be on a huge scale by Murray. It was said to be back from abroad
for business development. In that way, Robert had no way to verify it.

Soon, Keon returned to his “company”. He asked his “secretary” who was sent by Murray, to call


Soon, Robert picked up the phone. He had announced a lot of news in the past few days, but there
was never a reply. Few people were willing to actively communicate with Robert.

It was all because Robert had turned down the Segar Group’s request for help and became enemies
with the Gibson Corporation. At that moment, the Gibson Corporation was very powerful, so everyone
tried their best to stay away from Robert and the Tacke Group.

For several days, Robert did not manage to find any clients and was currently worrying in his office.

At that time, Robert received a call, but he held little hope.

“Hello, is this Mr. Tacke? We met at a party before.”

Keon’s words instantly made Robert sit upright. “Yes, I am. Speaking is?” “This is Keon Titus. We met
last time, and you told me about your company.”

“Mr. Titus. I remember now.”

Robert nodded his head in agreement. In fact, the two of them had not even seen each other before. It
was because Robert had communicated with countless people these days that he couldn’t clearly
remember everyone’s name. He thought that he had forgotten about it.

“I was just a little interested in the project you mentioned to me last time. I want to talk to you about it in
detail. What do you think?”

Keon had undoubtedly attracted Robert’s attention.

Moreover, Robert had never heard of Keon before. It made Robert even more suspicious.

But now that there weren’t many clients, Robert could only agree.

“Okay, then I’ll meet you at a nearby coffee shop.”

Robert offered an address and then researched Keon’s identity on the Internet.

Keon’s introduction appeared on the screen. It talked about Keon’s intelligence, company management
principles, and his company situations.

Robert still held a doubtful attitude against Keon.

But Robert decided to go and meet Keon anyway.

“Mr. Titus.”

The two of them shook hands to show their respect after they met each other. And then Keon directly
mentioned his thoughts.

“I think Mr. Tacke is indeed a rare talent. I never thought that I would be

able to talk to you one day. It is my honor.”

As Keon praised Robert, Robert’s suspicion grew stronger.

Robert looked Keon up and down, always feeling that he had seen Keon before.

However, Robert had no choice but to agree to Keon’s request for cooperation and temporarily transfer
some of his funds to Keon.

Keon naturally felt Robert’s defensiveness as well. Keon smiled and said, “Mr. Tacke, you don’t have to
be so nervous. I think you have also investigated my background. I also did the same. I will investigate
every client and decide whether the cooperation is necessary or not.”

Keon’s sincere look didn’t change Robert’s mind. Instead, Robert only put on a smile. “Why would you
think so? I just keep looking at you because you’re so handsome.”

Likewise, Keon knew that Robert still didn’t trust him. Therefore, Keon didn’t continue the topic and just
nodded. “Okay, then I wish us great cooperation.”

The two of them picked up their glasses and toasted each other before Keon walked away.

Noticing Keon’s gentle and refined manner, Robert narrowed his eyes.

After returning to the company, Keon went straight to Murray’s office.

“Mr. Gibson.”

Keon removed his beard, and his fair face was neat and clean. “Just as Mr. Gibson expected, Robert
still suspects me, but he has already signed some contracts with me.”

Murray sipped the red wine in his hand, nodded, and asked Keon to go back.

Robert had always been a cautious person. Otherwise, he would not have made his way out of the
business circle.

Therefore, it would still take some time for Keon to gain Robert’s trust.

Meanwhile, Murray told Melissa about the whole situation.

When Melissa heard this, she just laughed a few times and then offered a suggestion.

Everyone knew that Robert had been trying to find clients for the past two days, and Melissa had heard
about it too.

After Melissa hung up the phone, she informed the entire company to bring down the Tacke Group.

Robert was already having a difficult time. Now that he was under attack by Star Entertainment, Robert
found it difficult to survive.

When Robert left his company to take revenge on Melissa, he came to Star Entertainment and
immediately saw Keon at a glance.

Robert lowered his gaze and suddenly heard the conversation between Keon and the worker from the

“It would be our honor to cooperate with Mr. Titus. We look forward to your response.”

A big client?

The words instantly attracted Robert’s attention. Robert wondered if it was all his suspicion and Keon
was a big client indeed.

Robert hid in a corner and wanted to hear how Keon replied.

“It’s just that I’m still waiting for another client’s reply. Their company is very good too, but the client
seems a little unwilling.”

Keon’s words instantly lit Robert up. Robert thought Keon must be talking about him.

The receptionist was surprised. She covered her mouth and widened her eyes. “Is there someone who
will give up the opportunity to cooperate with you? That would be a huge loss.”

Robert wavered again.

After all, it was Star Entertainment who ruined the cooperation between the Segar family and the Paul
family last time. Then Star Entertainment took advantage of that opportunity. That was why the Segar
family had no choice but to ask for help from Robert.

Robert wondered if Star Entertainment was going to use its old tricks again and snatch the opportunity
from him.

Eventually, Robert made his decision after careful consideration. He returned to the company and
found that their stocks were skyrocketing.

The receptionist noticed that Robert had left. She signaled Melissa, and then Melissa walked out from

Melissa looked at Robert’s back and grinned. It seemed that Robert had fallen into her trap.

Melissa figured that she had to thank the Segar family for this. If she had not robbed the Paul family of
their resources and caused Robert to be confused, Robert would not have believed the “cooperation”
so quickly.

Robert, on the other hand, thought of the receptionist’s words in Star Entertainment and had no choice
but to call Keon.

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