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Chapter 687

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“Alright.” Robert had no choice but to force Julia to look at him. “I am sorry. I didn’t consider your
feelings. Please don’t be angry with me.”

Hearing this, Julia said, “Alright, but you can’t do this anymore. Otherwise, I won’t talk to you.”

“OK.” Robert smiled and hugged Julia. “Now that you have left the Gibson Corporation and have
nothing to do, why don’t you come to my company?”

Hearing this, Julia frowned. “I’m so tired at work. I don’t want to do that.”

“Ah? Then, my company missed a good employee. Ms. Wright, you must compensate me for this.”

Looking at Robert’s regretful look, Julia covered her mouth and laughed. She thought for a moment.
“Then, I’ll ask my dad to help you. Is it good compensation?”

Robert had been waiting for Julia to say this. He quickly agreed. “However, what Murray did this time is
hateful. I have to teach him a lesson and let him suffer.”

Hearing Robert’s words, Julia lowered her head secretly. She thought, Murray had embarrassed me in
front of everyone. I will not let it go easily!

“I must teach him a lesson. Just wait. My dad won’t let me be bullied like this.”

Looking at Julia’s determined look, Robert grinned. It seemed that Robert had achieved his goal.

The next day, Murray arrived at the company.

Murray had just arrived at the company when he noticed that the employees around him were all
flustered. When they saw Murray, they hurriedly greeted Murray.

This made Murray feel a little strange. When Murray returned to his office, he found that the stock price
of the Gibson Corporation was rapidly descending.

Murray performed a series of operations through his computer. The stock price just increased a little.

Just a while, the stock price began to fall again.

Murray frowned. He opened the company’s website and found that two companies were attacking the
Gibson Corporation’s website.

Murray called the assistant over and asked what was going on.

The assistant broke out in a cold sweat and handed a document to Murray. “Since last night, the Segar
Group and the Tacke Group have been fiercely attacking our company’s website. At that time, the
programmers were already off work. For a time, the company’s firewall was almost broken by them.”

The Segar Group and the Tacke Group?

Hearing this, Murray became serious. He immediately held a meeting for all the members. All the
employees of each department came to the meeting.

During this period, the company had a lot of things to do. Employees were already tired.

“Tonight, each head of the department should go back and organize your employees to prepare a
rescue plan as soon as possible. Everyone should submit the plan this week.”

Murray gave the order, and several department heads had to agree.

It was difficult for them to submit a plan to restore the company’s economy this week.

After the meeting, Murray returned to the office and found that the attack was fiercer. The two
companies joined together to launch a commercial war against the Gibson Corporation.

Murray operated on the computer and barely managed to save the company’s situation. However, this
was not a long-term solution. Both the Segar Group and the Tacke Group were famous companies in
the business circle. If the two companies worked together to attack any company, Murray was afraid
that even the Gibson Corporation would not be able to resist one day.

It was just a start and Murray felt it was difficult to deal with it. Later, the attack would be fiercer, which
worried Murray.

Soon, the news that the Segar Group and the Tacke Group had joined together to fight against the
Gibson Corporation spread throughout the business circle. Even Star Entertainment received the news.

Now, the bosses who originally wanted to curry favor with the Gibson Corporation all avoided having a
relationship with it. No matter how large the Gibson Corporation’s scale was, it would not be able to
withstand the combined attacks of the Segar Group and the Tacke Group.

Melissa looked at the rapidly decreasing stock price of the Gibson Corporation online, which made her
worry about the situation of Murray.

Melissa called her assistant over and asked about the Gibson Corporation’s situation.

The assistant had just received the news and knew that Melissa would be asking questions. So, he
went to check the information.

“Yesterday, the Gibson Corporation fired Julia. The Segar family seemed to be angry. So, they worked
together with the Tacke Group to attack the Gibson Corporation. Now the Gibson Corporation seems to
be in a bad situation.”

These words caused Melissa to fall into deep thought.

Melissa didn’t expect that the Segar family would do such a thing. Melissa had also heard about what
Julia had done. The Segar family didn’t care about how to teach their daughter but blamed Murray

Thinking of this, Melissa was so angry that she immediately called the head of the finance department.
Melissa transferred all the company’s funds to the Gibson Corporation.

Besides, Melissa asked entertainers of her company to help the Gibson Corporation. Melissa decided
to let Star Entertainment and the Gibson Corporation face the attack of the Segar Group and the Tacke
Group together.

With the help of Melissa, Murray felt much more relaxed and became more serious.

During the whole day, both the Gibson Corporation and Star Entertainment were doing their best to
deal with this matter. It was only late at night that the crisis was reversed.

Seeing that the stock price of the Gibson Corporation had returned to normal, Melissa heaved a sigh of

This time, the Segar Group was truly despicable. They had made mistakes but blamed others. The
Segar Group had lost business ethics.

Just then, Melissa received a call from the Paul family.

The Paul family was the family that had been working with the Segar family recently. The Paul family
didn’t participate in the war of attacking the Gibson Corporation, because the heir of the Paul family
paid attention to morality, unlike those businessmen who cared about their own company.

In the past few days, when the cooperation between the Paul family and the Segar family was about to
begin, the Paul family suddenly found out that the Segar family was attacking the Gibson Corporation

with all their strength, making the Paul family fall into deep thought.

The Paul family had never liked to fight for resources commercially. Because of this, the Paul family
had a bad impression of the Segar Group.

Thus, Melissa contacted the Paul family and told them about what the Segar Group did.

Sure enough, the Paul family was furious. Originally, the remuneration given by the Segar Group was
much lower than the market price. If not for the many years of friendship, the Paul family would not
accept it.

However, at this time, Melissa said that she could buy the resources of the Paul family at a higher price
than the market price. Melissa claimed that it deserved the high price and praised the Paul family,
making the Paul family very happy.

In the end, the Paul family decisively removed their cooperation with the Segar Group and established
cooperation with Melissa.

This time, not only did the crisis be solved, but Melissa also took the resources from the Segar Group.
In this round, the Gibson Corporation and Star Entertainment won.

On the other side, when the Segar Group was about to take the contract to talk about cooperation with
the Paul family, the front desk told a lie that their boss was not in the company. So, people from the
Segar Group waited in the company for an entire morning.

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