Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 671

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What a Scheme!

Those websites received the news immediately and posted pictures and videos of Melissa winning the
award on the website. For a time, Melissa became the focus of various websites.

When this award went to Melissa, the netizens who did not think highly of Melissa all regretted what
they had said. For a time, no one dared to say whether Melissa winning the carving competition was a
coincidence or not on websites.

Just then, another public opinion was secretly posted and attracted the attention of everyone.

‘You know what? Melissa went to participate in the painting field competition as a judge a few days
ago. I just received the latest news, saying that Leticia refused to be the judge of the competition. This
is good proof that Leticia’s painting is far better than Melissa’s. It’s amazing!”

As soon as this was said, it undoubtedly attracted the attention of many netizens, and the direction of
public opinion suddenly changed.

Seeing the comments on the Internet, Melissa simply ignored them. The public opinion kept changing,
which was out of Melissa’s control.

When Melissa was about to ignore it, Leticia released a “clarification” on Twitter.

Melissa frowned, clicked in, and checked it out.

‘Everyone, please don’t take me wrong. Melissa and I both learned painting from the same mentor.
Please stop comparing us. It doesn’t matter who is stronger or who is weaker. It is not good for either of

Seeing this “clarification”, Melissa stroked her temples. She could finally figure out Leticia’s scheme.

Leticia didn’t want to admit that she was not as good as Melissa, and she didn’t admit whether she
refused to be the judge of the painting field or not, either. In this case, it misled the netizens to believe it
was true that Leticia did refuse to be the judge of the painting field.

Leticia’s clarification caused the netizens to take advantage of this matter and made it bigger.

More and more public opinions were posted online. “I just knew it. How could Melissa become so
outstanding all of a sudden? It turned out that she took what Leticia didn’t want, while some people
here are bragging about her. Shame on her!”

All kinds of unpleasant words came at Melissa. This matter hadn’t been noticed by so many people, but
with Leticia’s “clarification”, Melissa was pushed to the forefront.

Melissa shook her head and put her phone aside. She would find a way to deal with Leticia later.

Meanwhile, Murray also saw public opinion on Twitter.

At first, Murray did not take it seriously. He didn’t realize that something was wrong until Leticia’s
“clarification” was released.

Even Murray could tell that Leticia was belittling Melissa. Murray didn’t know whether Leticia refused to
be the judge or not. However, just her saying not to compare Melissa with her would cause enough
imagination for netizens.

This undoubtedly misled many netizens. The netizens’ logic followed public opinion. Now that this
matter had happened, it was even more unrestrained for those big mouths, giving them a chance to
insult Melissa.

Murray frowned and found it was not tense yet, so he told someone to find Leticia’s contact information.

Soon, Murray got the contact information, and he asked his assistant to call Leticia.

“Hello, is that Ms. Boyd speaking? Our president wants to meet you.”

Leticia frowned on the other side of the line. “President? I have no idea what you are talking about.“

“It’s Mr. Gibson of the Gibson Corporation. He is waiting for you at the coffee shop nearby.”

Before Leticia replied, the assistant hung up the phone quickly.

Leticia looked at the dimming screen of her phone and became nervous.

Leticia thought, Murray, what a big shot he is! He must have seen through the clues of my Twitter post.
That is why he wants to see me.

If I don’t go to see him, what will be the consequences?

Leticia hardly dared to imagine it. In a moment of desperation, she packed up her clothes and rushed
to the designated coffee shop.

Leticia was very nervous on the way, worrying that Murray would do something to her, so she called the
paparazzi in advance.

Leticia revealed Murray’s name. As expected, when the paparazzo heard it, he immediately became

Leticia told him the location of the coffee shop, and she particularly told him to hide well and not be

The paparazzo repeatedly promised that he would not be discovered. After all, he had been doing this
work for so long.

When Leticia hung up the phone, the car stopped in front of the coffee shop.

With the paparazzo behind her, Leticia was a little relieved. However, she was not sure what Murray
would do. Leticia still felt a little restless.

Leticia walked into the coffee shop nervously. When she gently opened the door, at a glance, she saw
Murray with a gloomy face, and the aura around him was very oppressive.

Leticia took a deep breath and gingerly approached Murray. “Mr. Gibson, I am here.”

When Murray heard this, he looked up with his sharp eyes. Leticia did not dare to look into his eyes.

‘Have a seat.”

Murray pointed to the chair in front of him. Leticia was very obedient. She pulled out the chair and sat

‘Are you close with my wife?”

Murray went straight to the point, which made Leticia stunned.

Her pupils shrank slightly. Murray was telling her that if she was not familiar with Melissa, she should
not have had so many intersections with Melissa.

‘No, we are not acquaintances.”

Leticia pretended not to understand and answered Murray’s question partially.

Murray narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at Leticia up and down.

The reason Murray asked Leticia to come over was to find out whether it was true or false. If Leticia
didn’t even understand this question, she might not have posted the “clarification” on Twitter.

“Didn’t you learn from the same mentor?” Murray asked again, mentioning what Leticia had said on
Twitter. “Or do you think you are stronger than my wife?”

“No, how could I dare to…”

Leticia’s voice grew lower and lower. She lowered her head slightly. In the face of Murray’s question,
Leticia did not even dare to breathe.


Murray narrowed his eyes slightly, got up, and leaned over his body in the direction of Leticia. “Tell me
the truth.”

Leticia closed her eyes. Feeling Murray leaning over, she did not dare to move but had to sit still.

After a while, Leticia felt the shadow in front of her fade. She opened her eyes and found Murray had

Leticia panted heavily and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

Just then, the paparazzo walked out of the corner.

“Pretty good, Ms. Boyd. Thank you for bringing me such shocking news!’

Leticia pretended to smile calmly and nodded. She didn’t even take a look at the photo taken by the
paparazzo, and she left without looking back.

The paparazzo just ignored her. He looked at the photo of Murray “forcibly kissing” Leticia and felt

‘I’ll have a headline today.’

He went back to his studio without stopping. Then he typed a line of words on the title of Twitter,
“Murray is suspected of cheating.”, edited the content, and uploaded the photo online delightedly.

All of a sudden, the gossip about Murray spread throughout the websites.

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